Saturday, January 31, 2009

caryn tagged me...

1.Do you think you're hot ??

the weather's hot..i'm not...i still don't really agree with describing people as "hot"..(no offence..hehe)

2.Upload your favourite picture of you

this is really a tough 1..i took some time browsing through my pictures cause i tink i have so many favourite here's one of them..

3.Why do you like that picture?

it's not really a favourite picture of myself but one of my favourite group pictures cause it was taken at my first and only birthday celebration with my close school buddies and ALMOST all of them managed to come...

4.When was the last time you ate pizza?

i actually checked the calendar cause i don't remember the should be 2nd january 2009 with irene, rachel, hun fern, yan lin, sue ean, alicia...and...and...sorry if i missed out anybody.. before watching bedtime stories..hehe..

5.The last song you listened to

ermm...theme song of an indonesian drama, "intan" i think...heard it on tv..

6.What name you prefer besides yours?

lol..i don't know..never thought of it..maybe i used to..but i like my name now =)

People to tag :-

a) irene (double tag =p)
b) joyce
c) sue ean
d) suk wai ( double tag for you too =p )
e) anyone besides the

8.Who is (a)

she's my really close whom i can share about anything at all..and a super duper encouraging friend...

9. (c) having relationship with ?

yeah, she's my sheephood lost sis..and she's definitely related to her family

10.Say something about (b)

she's a shopaholic i guess?? that makes a good shopping companion i think..hehe..she's my sexy colours especially purple..loves potatoes..always ready for me to flood her with messages..problems..anger.craps..lameness..excitement..but it's really hard to meet up with her >.<
hmm..what else? that's all i can think about for now..must do this ok? since i praised u =P

11.What about (d)

she's my "babi" friend..sporting yet shy..getting naughtier now..not the same babi as i used to know and she evolved into a penguin last year so she's now known as pingu..i love to tease her coz she won't mind..very helpful and caring indeed..

so that's about it...been some time since i last did something like this..decided to get it done now since i have nothing to update yet and i better do it before i forget about it..till then!

Monday, January 26, 2009

reunion dinner

as what most chinese had a few hours ago...i had mine too...

reunion dinner..

prepared by my sister and i..

fried turnip by me..i only cook this once a the forgetful me definitely had to refer to the special limited edition recipe written by my mum..hehe..

stir fried potatoes with minced chicken meat by my sister...

sambal belacan minced chicken meat aubergine??lol..don't know the my sister too...yummy..

sweet and sour chicken by me..

groundnut soup (okay, i thought it's called peanut by my sister too..

that's it...

guess what? we took about 4 hours to get everything done including the preparation of the ingredients..we only got to eat at about 9pm..anyone ate at home as late as i did?? lol..not that we were so slow but the food took time to get tender enough...

and guess what? 4 of us couldn't finish much more of fried turnip left and some aubergine..not that they weren't nice ok?lol.. we know those can be kept overnight so we finished the other 2 which can't be kept..
so.. next year, don't be so ambitious and cook so much..haha..

not forgetting our beloved's her dinner..

rice with the "soup stuffs"..chicken meat, groundnuts...
such luxurious meal for her yet she couldn't finish it..didn't eat much either because she was too distracted by the fire crackers far far away across the main gosh..she got so panicked that she didn't even bother to look at her meal..

evidence of her

*help help* to the left...

and to the right...sadly..if only she had short fur than probably she could win herself a chance to come in...

i hope she finishes the rice by tomorrow morning..

guess that's all for now and i hereby wish everyone


GREET, EAT, DRINK AND RECEIVE ANGPOWS..that's practically roughly what chinese new year mean to me..haha...
till then!

P/S. i'm still not done cleaning up!! hoping to get it done tomorrow morning...oh yeah, that's what cny mean to me too..clean ups..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

okay, i should...

it's final...i've decided to go for it ( refer to previous post )..registered and paid for it already..hehe..thanks everyone for your opinion and for encouraging me to go =) and i managed to grab a bunch of friends to go with me too..hehe..bout all the troublesome stuffs...worry later..

till then!

Friday, January 16, 2009

should i..?....or should i not??

i'm so in a dilemma right now..there'll be a prom night organised by my college on the 27th of february...i knew about it since the first day of class but nothing interest me so it was a definite no..dressing up, make up, heels ? that's so not me..

till today..after hearing how grand it sounded and it's the first prom night ever i think..and it's like a once in a lifetime opportunity?it did move me..then came someone who approached me and my friends to go..persuading us..sure took that person lots of guts to do it...when i just said, "no money"..haha..that wasn't the only reason friends who are going kept asking me to go..i even have friends who offered to lend me a dress cause i said i have no suitable outfit..blessed i am to have such great friends..but somehow, wearing people's dress is not so me either..

so now..hmm..still thinking..should i or should i not go??sigh..i really don't know..

till then!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

home's the best place to be...

feels like it's been a long time since i was at home at this time on a weekday...and indeed, it feels SO GREAT to be home at this very hour on a weekday...this is the only weekday i can be home so early cause there's a 5 hour- break in between classes...3 hours official break including lunch break plus 2hours of self-declared here i am using this opportunity to blog to get the nice "time stamp" at the end of my post..

this is really a new year for me..i got to drive every day last year till i got quite tired of it..yet this year, i'm actually grabbing every opportunity to drive to college cause i can rarely get to drive since i'm in college the whole of every day..will be back in college at 4pm later for another 1 and a half hours..

i have so much to do within these 5 hours..approximately 3 hours left actually...

- homework (if only i know how to do) maybe, hopefully.. ( i study better at home than in college somehow)
- laundry...
- lunch.. ( i'm seriously so sick of eating at the places near my college...! and whheeee...!!! i escape the miserable food there today..! hehe..)
- TV
- sleep...

i really doubt i'll have enough time..

that's all for now..till then!

p/s. i guess this semester is a lesson for me..teaching me to appreciate home more...appreciate my driving opportunities more (i quite love driving though)..appreciate food in other places more..appreciate having free timetables (i always did ).lol..and yeah, nowhere's better than home...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

He knows my name....

I have a Maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in His hands

I have a Father
He calls me His own
He'll never leave me
No matter where i go

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And He hears me when i call

p/s. this song strikes my heart each time i hear it..and as i was doing my daily devotion, i heard it on my cd player..and it's amazing how this track arrived as i was reading a chapter that was related to the song..indeed, God knows everything..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tired, sleepy, tired, sleepy...

it's been two days since classes started..attending those classes for two days feels as though it's been three or four days...can i really survive this? i feel so tired now..headache..sleepy..and i've got some homework too..questions i don't think i'll know how to do but i'll try...and for a few times, i wished my house was just next to my college so i can go home and rest even during the short breaks..every day is gonna be a long day..

most mentioned words these two days :
- so tired...
- so sleepy..
- i wanna go home...
- how to do?
- huh?what he talking??
- what's he doing??

the last three shows confusion when the lecturers gave us questions to do..

note to myself : hang on there! i can do it... =)

as i was walking my dog just now..i took her to the usual spots where she does her "business"..then as usual, she stopped and pee-ed at the grass area...then suddenly a lady who stays across the road from where were, shook her house gate and made an angry sound and said " so smelly, shit and pee there "(direct translation from cantonese)..goosebumps on my face came up the moment i heard her...i looked at her expressionless and slowly walked my dog away..and even after a few metres away, i still felt the goosebumps on my face..

what the heck is her problem?? even the owner of that compound didn't say anything.. in fact that area doesn't really belong to anyone so dogs are definitely free to pee there. and she who's staying across the road can smell my dog's pee and the small pile of dung?!? she must have got a bionic sense of smell..what a joke...but she really frightened me for a while cause she's well known for being the woman with a loose screw in her head so yeah...fine, i time don't let her see my dog pee opposite her house..

p/s. i wonder why i've been posting some posts here quite frequently nowadays...probably because i don't know where else to express my tiredness.l.but i should learn to be thankful and complain less cause there are friends who suffer from even more tiredness in college and outside college compared to me..till then!

Monday, January 05, 2009

GOD is good..ALL the time...!

i'm back from college!! hehe..there weren't really any lessons today...and the class from 3pm to 5pm was cancelled...not cancelled but the lecturer said "skip la"..haha..i was so overjoyed to hear that...he won't be teaching today why waste time? well, sometimes i really feel thankful to have some less hardworking lecturers when my timetable is so i was free after 1pm today..

then my friend came to me and said that there'll be a cf (christian fellowship) meeting at 2pm...*claps hands*...hehe..i'm really really happy that we finally have cf in college!!been longing for it as i've mentioned in my previous post..but too bad i missed the praise and worship session due to my blurness not knowing where it was held..the attendance today was not bad many more people than i expected..i'm so so looking forward to the next cf meeting next monday!

during the fellowship after the friend shared a story with my lecturer and i listened's a story about the pearl necklace...

once, there was a girl who loved a plastic pearl necklace so much that she used up all her savings and allowances to buy it..then one night, her dad came to her and asked the girl, "if you love me, can you give me ur pearl necklace?" the girl answered, "i love you daddy..i can give you EVERYTHING i have but not this plastic pearl necklace..."

the following night, the girl's dad asked the same thing and again she answered, "i love you daddy..u can take everything i have, all my barbie dolls...but not this necklace..."

the following night, again her dad asked the same question...this time, the girl gave it to him and her dad asked, "why?i thought you love the necklace very much?"

and the girl answered, " yes, but i love you more..."

then the girl's dad took out a beautiful purple velvet box from behind and gave it to her..and when she opened was a REAL pearl necklace..

the father in the story represents our Father in heaven..He will not give up asking us to surrender our everything to him...and when we do, He will bless us with so much more than we have...

i'm not sure if i've heard of this story before but it did strike my heart..i think i've not surrendered enough to Him...i really need to learn to really surrender EVERYTHING to GOD....then only i can receive the gifts He has in store for me...

p/s. i'm so very sleepy right now but i'm trying not to sleep cause i don't wanna waste it..i'm grabbing every opportunity to come home early...i'm too tired to do anything right now...blessed i am to be able to get all my text books today though there were insufficient books for everyone..must be God's blessing..4 thick books and i've just finished wrapping them...

till then!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

D-days begin tomorrow...

i still can't believe classes are starting tomorrow...i don't wanna attend classes!! it's gonna be so tiring cause i'll be having classes from about 9am to 5pm every day...some start at 10am and ends at's so sad that i can no longer sleep as "early" as 2.30 am..i seriously need enough sleep to have enough energy for the whole day...i have really low energy level...

the new timetable is pure insanity!!maybe i shall scan it and post it here some day..i'm too pampered by my last year's timetable..and i'll be studying 4 subjects together for the next 5 months and i'm not even bothered to find out what they are..i'll find out tomorrow anyway..i'm afraid my brain capacity is too small to fit so many...but yeah, have faith and i can...!

i received a super duper encouraging message from a friend which was:

"Those who joyfully leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything."
Worry ends where faith begins. Have a blastin awesome new sem...

to you who sent me this, thanks a lot!! it's so sweet of you =)
i had a lot in mind earlier but i think i lost my words...oh no.!i got to develop better memory and upgrade my brain

till then..!

p/s. i'm really really really not looking forward to start my classes at all....i want more holiday !! =( and i just realised that my result for 1 paper based exam will be out in february which is in about a month's time and i don't wanna get it either...must continue praying that the examiner will find favour in my answers and be kind to me..

Saturday, January 03, 2009

in love with chocolates....

as i've mentioned in the langkawi trip post, here are the pictures of almost all the chocolates we bought..excluding some which were given to friends and some which have already been broken, bitten, chewed, swallowed and

my first attempt of trying to fit all the chocolates into the picture nicely and it was a failure..

then i tried a different angle...oh no, still failed...
and i tried rearranging all the chocolates again...

a picture full of chocolates..hehe...this is done on purpose..

and finally....

a picture of the right angle which i'm satisfied with..this picture is worth approximately rm281..! but it's not all ours..quite a number of them are for friends...i regret not pestering my parents to buy more for ourselves...

i don't often eat chocolates...but langkawi seems to be a chocolate paradise to me and eventually, after coming back from langkawi...i fell in love with chocolates more and more every, eat and eat...and i just realised how nice dark chocolates are and am now in love with dark chocolates...hehe...and i'm suddenly in love with ritter sport chocolates too...

that's all for now...

p/s. chocolates are really TEMPTING....

Thursday, January 01, 2009

bye bye 2008, hello 2009..

it's past midnight now and that's all for the year 2008..should i make this long or should i keep it short??i'll just go with the flow..

before started typing this post, i scrolled through my blog and looked at the archives and realised i actually posted something every month in 2008..that's really i wanted some inspiration on what to write in my new year post so i read through the 2008 new year post..i'm really amazed by what i actually wrote...i totally forgotten that i actually recapped interesting events happened every month in 2007..i'm amazed by the better memory i used to have...not good but better than now..

i really wish i can do the same this time but unfortunately, it's gonna be really i'm just gonna list whatever interesting events that i remember and all the first times i've experienced throughout the year..

- started attending youth services..
- performed during easter on stage for the first time..
- backed up in church for the first time..
- played guitar for youth service for the first time (still bad at it...still learning..)
- went for a self organised kl trip with only mum and sis twice for the first time too..(all girls' trip's better)
- set foot in genting highlands for the first time..
- joined encounter weekend in cameron highlands..

- met nick chung and karen kong for the second time..also met linda chung, tavia yeung, moses chan and louise lee from far..
- joined starwalk for the first time and got nothing but fun and tiredness..
- joined international run for the second time with the same result as no cert and realised i've lost my stamina since i left school..
- gave testimony in church for the first time..
- started college....but i still prefer and miss school life a lot..
- oh yeah! drove for the first time!!! it was really satisfying the first time i drove to ipoh parade with my friend and drove home alone..

- achieved a new record on my movie marathon- 3 movies in a day..
- got satisfying spm results..
- stayovers in friends' house..
- went to lost world of tambun for the first time..
- watched my lost shepherd act in smi play for the first time and watched twice!
- lost half my birthday cake in church =( but memories last =)

- past 4 papers in far so good...
- joined youth camp for the second time and it was awesome!!
- caroling in old folks home for the first time..
- performed during christmas service for the first time
- went to kbox for the first time and went two days consecutively..
- stayed in the worst hotel ever in my life..
- studied for exams in november and december for the first time in my entire life..

and not forgetting...

- all the great times i had with my friends...not gonna list them know who you are =) i cherish and enjoyed every single outing i had with my friends and i'm definitely looking forward to more outings with you all...!! you all play a major role in my life...

guess that's all i can list down for now...not that short's ok if you didn't read it...i understand =)

2008 was considered a great year for me and time zoomed even faster....the earth is really getting smaller or spinning faster..i still stand strong on my statement cause i'm not the only one who feels how time really flies...i'm really sad to bid 2008 farewell...and am reluctantly welcoming 2009..the whole of 2008 felt like it was only 3 months..words just can't express how much i don't want time to move on so fast..but all is done...nothing can change the past..

i wished i could continue dwelling in 2008 and stick to dec 31st but i can't..


welcome 2009 !!!


cherish every moment, everyone, everything, every minute, every hour you have =)

p/s. i still can't believe that it's 2009 now..i need to practise writing it...oh no, passengers in the car must fasten the seatbelts now...argh..troublesome..that i still cant get used to yet..and sorry for another long post..when it comes to grumbling about time, i can really grumble a lot =p thanks for your time again...

till then!! HAPPY 2009!