Sunday, May 08, 2011

Awesome Sunday

I had an awesome Sunday today (i mean yesterday). I had lunch with my sister who came back for the weekend, Sue Jane and Uncle Chee Foo in a Japanese Restaurant after church service. What made the lunch more awesome was of course being treated by Uncle Chee Foo. So, here goes :

Mokuren's the name of the place. I think I've been eating Japanese food more frequently than before the tsunami happened but it's never my idea, always someone else's =p

The beautiful teapot and cup.

Here comes the FOOD ! Don't ask me the names of the dishes cause I have no idea. Uncle did all the ordering. We just ate. I can try to describe it a little though.

Unagi wrapped with egg.

Some soba salad.

Something which was cooked on the outside, raw on the inside.

It's like sushi roll but wrapped with cucumber.

And, yeah.. some roll with juicy prawns on top.

Uncle Chee Foo then tempted me with brownies and haagen dazs ice cream from De Garden just by telling me about it so my sister decided to treat me that after lunch and we went for it.

It's just next to the korean BBQ Restaurant - Daore... or Daorae? Doesn't matter.. hehe

Brownie with 2 scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream - Belgian Chocolate and Rum & Raisin flavour. It costs only RM7.90 cause it's on promotion. Definitely worth the price! It was really good... It's the first time i actually had haagen dazs ice cream.

We couldn't take away for our dad so my sister decided to buy a slice of chocolate moist cake for my dad.

I just like the box and i didn't snap a picture of the cake. Just a dark coloured piece of cake.

Been a while since we last had a picture so we snapped one while waiting.

We went home after that and sent my sister off to the bus station.

It's been a while since I've last posted the naughties' pictures so here they are:

Elsa chewing on the new dental chew. It's supposed to be given to them only when they're 6 months old but i think nothing's really too hard for them to chew on.


I was planning to go online for a while, catch a nap and study at night until a friend from America mentioned about wanting to watch a movie so we went to watch Thor just now, the 6 of us. We sat in the front row. The last movie I watched was Rio and I sat in front too. I guess it doesn't matter to me anymore cause i'm used to it already.

Ta-daa !!! Free ticket ! Hehe.. There's a buy one get one free promotion for citibank card holders only for the weekends. The offer's valid till 26th June 2011. Watching movies in Ipoh's TGV is so expensive now that's so it's really a great deal to watch a movie at only RM6.50 !

I went to watch the movie without really knowing what's it all about and it's much nicer than I thought it would be. Indeed a good movie.

I guess that's all for my post about my awesome Sunday. My guilt level ought to be on top now cause I've not studied for 2 days and exams are really really near. Oh yes, my blog's new look is copied from my sister's blog actually so we have look-alike blogs now and I'm trying to change the way I write in terms of usage of upper and lower case and proper punctuations. Compare it with my old posts and you'll see the difference. Will work on it.

Till then !


Dedicating my first post after my blog revamp last night to one of God's greatest gifts to me in my life :

HAPPY MUMMY'S DAY !!!! =) Of course I haven't forgotten to wish you. I was just busy doing this.. hehe. Just a simple picture of all your darlings. Hope you'll like it ! Thanks for everything !! =)