Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the last two minutes...

it's the last two minutes of my last teen-age..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

another first time...

it's been 4 days since my semester break started.. and d last 2 days - friday and saturday were the super happening ones.. cf, bulk purchase of fruits, bbq, night bible study, open day..and to top it all, i got myself into an accident.. yup, it was me who got myself into it.. a terribly stupid, careless and reckless mistake.. not gonna post much details here.. a car knocked into mine but it was my fault.. i was in a hurry, rushing for time that i made the wrong judgement... wrong estimation..

thank God i wasn't injured..nobody was.. and the impact that i felt wasn't too strong.. my friend who was nearby came to help.. it's my first time after driving for more than 2 years.. in my first year of driving, i've only knocked into the gate, pole, roof tiles, never a car.. i obviously wish it didn't happen but i believe God wants to give me this solid tangible lesson to lower my boosting confidence level in driving.. when accidents happen, a lot of what ifs usually pop up in people's minds and fingers will be pointed everywhere.. i hate "what ifs" because it wouldn't change a thing..

i believe, even if it didn't happen today at that very spot, it may still happen some other time, somewhere else, probably worse.. i thank God that the driver who knocked into my car wasn't fierce though he wasn't pleasant looking (yeah, probably cause he's not the one paying) but i'm really grateful for that..i know how scary and fierce most drivers are on the road.. yeah, deep down, i know what God is trying to teach me.. and i thank Him that it only cost my bank account.. and my dad's which i'm guilty of.. my mum and sis definitely know how poor i am even before this happened so they generously contributed to the cost of it.. thank God for family! and not forgetting, friends..

it really could have been worse.. thank God for the super valuable solid tangible lesson..

therefore, no more expensive outings for me.. don't tempt me if you're planning to have one.. have it in discrete.. with exceptions though.. that's all for now..till then !

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


yes !! it's the time of the year again.. my precious semester break is finally here..!! exams are over.. i know i didn't do well but i'm glad it's over for now.. and all i hope for is to pass.. i don't know if i deserve to pass, it's all in God's hands.. and i believe He has truly helped me through.. i wasn't really scared this time though i felt most unprepared this time and that was what made me scared - for not feeling scared.. the peace that God gives us truly surpasses all understanding..

i feel really encouraged by the messages i received from my friends before exams.. how blessed i am to have them in my life.. made me want to do even better..

anyway, enough about exams.. it's time to enjoy myself to the fullest.. it's a study-free break !! wheeee..!! i read through the freedom post i posted in december and the things-to-do list was, wow! packed.... nothing much on my list yet this time.. wanna watch glee and you're beautiful.. the two popular shows people are talking about.. one thing for sure - make full use of this 2 weeks plus of break...

new semester's starting on july 5th but i'll still be going to college probably twice a week for some stuffs.. guess that's all for now.. till then !!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

i've often heard people talking about books they read which are hard to be put down.. that when they read it, they'll just read on and on and on... eg. harry potter, twilight saga, shopaholic etc...

my response towards people who tell me that would always be, "oh, i'm not so into reading and i can easily put down any book cause my eyes will eventually get so tired of there is no book which i can't put down."

but i recently found this book online - Crazy Love by Francis Chan.. can't remember who posted the video link on facebook.. i watched a few chapters and i was really attracted to read the book so i bought it.. i thought i was only gonna read it after exams but when i started reading a few pages for a sneak preview, i read on and on and indeed, it's one book which is hard for me to put down..

not gonna review much about this book yet so if you wanna know more about it, check out this video and the website (check out the chapter videos on the web too)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

it's getting heavier....

it's the first of june.. it's the best of time, also the worst of time..

what have i got myself into?? what do i do now?? i don't know if this is what God wants me to do.. it was just too sudden.. in the midst of the exam tense which i'm going through.. if it is God's will for me, i'll definitely go for it.. i need the assurance..

my head feels so heavy right now..almost at the verge of explosion.. so tensed up.. not just because exams are near.. for the first time throughout my college life, i don't feel sick of studying yet.. you know why? coz i really haven't studied much and nobody would believe me for that.. been so lazy as well as busy with a lot of other stuffs..

and it's also one of the rare times which i actually logged in to blogspot before facebook.. there's just too many things going in my head that i need to pour it all out.. this is what my blog is for..

guess that's all for now. till then !

God, i need You...