Sunday, December 30, 2007

Historical City of Malacca..

before i start blogging bout my malacca's a picture of how we celebrated "guo dong" on the 22nd of december where chinese will make and eat glutinous rice balls...we wanted to make our own too but couldn't find the glutinous rice flour in jusco supermarket so we headed to the frozen food area!!lol..and guess what?we weren't the only ones who looked for instant glutinous rice balls..many people were there too..there are both with fillings and without fillings and u can just take your pick..we bought the plain clourful dad bought peanut and blended it..put the frozen glutinous rice balls in boiling water and there it goes..

tasted just like those "muar chee" we always eat outside..

woke up early in the morning on the 23rd and got ready to go to malacca..couldn't remember what time we reached there but i think the journey took us about 6 hours..somehow..stopped by at a stall by the road and bought some really cheap currypuffs and others..yummy..

then headed to legacy hotel..its name used to be golden legacy..oops..forgot to snap a picture of the building..nevermind..check it out from the web if you wanna know =)

the ceiling or the dome of the hotel lobby?i can't remember but the decoration's nice

beautiful christmas tree..hotel lobby too..

nice vases..hotel lobby..

yay..managed to checked in...this is how the outside of the lift look like..not the lobby but the floor we're staying..looking for room 820..

there it is..not 820 but the room next to 820..

freshened up ourselves..looked out the window and guess what we saw?saw someone's underwear and hanger outside the window with many cigarette buds on top..gross...what an unpleasant view..but long as you don't look down then you won't see it..sorry, no picture of it..too gross..

we wanted to go to mahkota parade next but on our way, we passed by a street with many souvenir shops..thank God my dad found a parking lot, parked the car and walked along the was Jonker's street..


oh i saw a shop hanging these two shirts and i find it..NICE!!need further interpretation??lol..

just another souvenir shop..

some set up by the sidewalks..

what do you think??i think it has a scary can people carve such dolls?

haha..looks like a sexy lady to me but the fact is, it's a's what it says:

everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression..this right includes freedom to hold opinion without interference and to seek and..and...oops!blocked..

after a long walk, about two hours..our stomachs started making some funny sound..HUNGRY!!cause we didn't have a proper lunch so there we went..famosa chicken rice ball..what malacca's famous for..

even fish leong came here before..and many other famous people..

hmm..waiting for the chicken to come..

yay..ready to eat..rice balls..1 roast chicken and bbq roast pork..yummy..

then only we headed to mahkota parade..and guess what?there was a meet the baby looney tunes session at 6.30 and i missed dad saw it but i wasn't with him and by the time i went to the stage, it was over sad..wish i could snap a picture with tweety..i thought they would be there longer so i went later but too bad..anyway, it costs 10bucks to snap a picture with baby tweety, baby bugs and baby lola..

oh my gosh...they're so so so adorable especially tweety!!!i think if i were there i would be willing to pay the 10 bucks..hehe..but as you can see..only kids or adults accompanying their kids would go up so it's a lil

sad..couldn't see them..those two pictures were captured by my least...

nevermind..since i couldn't snap with the real 1..snap with poster will so coincident i wore a tweety shirt..

went back to the hotel after mahkota parade and had supper's friend belanja..i rarely take supper actually but no doubt the fried mee sua was delicious..

next morning (24th) woke up and got ready to go to A Famosa waterworld..first time going to a waterpark actually..despite going to lost world when it was new when they allowed free admission so just had a walk around since nothing to play yet and went to bukit merah last time but weren't prepared to get wet so this is my first time...

wow..lots of people..kinda hard to get a parking lot too..

while waiting for my dad to get the tickets..we saw a baby elephant...pretty isn't she?adorable make up on her eyebrows and cheeks..

yeah..a picture with the elephant..

what's interesting bout this elephant is, it's well trained to take money from people, give it to the trainer and the trainer will give some sugarcane to whom the money came from and the sugarcane will be fed to the elephant..who says animals have no brain?below is a video of my dad feeding the it..

"i'm sooooo happy" after eating..

then we entered the waterpark..changed, put our stuffs into the locker and there we went..have fun!!i personally feel there were nothing much actually..just the wave pool..some kids area..body slide..inner tube..high speed and family far as i remember..i only went to the wave pool, body slide and family raft..the body slide and family raft were fun!!high speed was too scary so i dared not give it a try..i even went to the kids area and that's where i slipped and know those slides like those in the playground?i went up for fun and i wanted to come down by the slide but was afraid i'll break it and the water's very shallow so i took the stairs..i almost slipped a few times and i warned my brother to becareful but the very next moment he slipped and pushed me down as well as i was in front of mum wasn't with me and when we were about to dad and i searched for my sis and mum at the wave pool and realise my mum sprained her ankle at the kids the stairs but not the stairs i fell..of coz she didn't climb up there like i did..she wanted to look for us to go back but slipped..

NEVER EVER GO TO THE KID'S POOL..IT'S MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE ADULT'S POOL..i wanted to have some fun in the wave pool again before leaving but it started to rain so we had to leave..

saw the elephant again before we left..oh no..wouldn't that table break??she did that to indicate that she wants to do some "business"..she got wet a lil too..never knew elephants could be that cute..

just before we left waterpark..

after that we went to hunt for our to eat at the restaurant where the fried mee sua came from but it wasn't opened we headed to tesco and ate dad ordered kfc to be taken back to our hotel as dinner..and so we went back to our room after eating...didn't go anywhere after that till at night when we went to wesley methodist church for the christmas eve service..too bad my mum had to stay int he room due to her injury..well the first impression the church gave me was, the people were not so friendly and not so sis and i walked
to the entrance together..and without a single greeting, one of the ushers handed a bulletin to us and said, "share ah.." ..i was like.what??!?share?why so stingy when we were just guests and they didn't even greet nevermind..maybe too many people..anyway..their presentation was very nice..choir presentation consists of about 40 people ranging from kids to senior ended at about 12.15 am and various finger food were provided..gosh..supper having supper for a few nights..ate some and drank their some sort like punch drink..not bad..

next day, (christmas!!)..woke up early to go for the buffet breakfast provided..not much choices actually but the food was not bad..then we visited the st paul hill.. here are some pictures..

carvings on the stone..

love the carvings..nice font..

randomly picked one for a picture..


stopped by at a souvenir stall which sells personalized keychains and before we we were done..the guy suddenly packed everything and walked down the stairs..i looked behind and saw some policemen going after them..not chasing them but chasing them away bby walking after them because business on the hill is not allowed..we followed the guy down as we haven't paid and our keychains were not done..why can't just leave them alone when the stall was already so hidden..hardly anyone saw it..after we finished buying..the guy gave us a fan as an appreciation for not running away with his keychains..

nice fountain..

observe and u'll see the snake..yes a real albino snake..i really had no courage to touch it so there i

see the no photograph sign there?the more i see it, the more i'll wanna snap pictures..asked my bro to do 5 bucks and the man will let us snap a picture with one of the reptiles with our own camera..not bad..that includes 2 vertical and 2 horizontal pictures with different pose..

A Famosa fort..

inside dataran pahlawan..malacca megamall..

christmas deco..

walked awhile in dataran pahlawan and left the place..our car almost got summoned as the parking ticket's time was over..thank God we made it back in time as we saw the mbmb was already giving summons to some other cars near ours..

since my dad's friend said the chicken rice ball we had wasn't the original nor the we headed to jonker's street again to search for it as it is only open for lunch..there it is..hoe kee chicken rice..

while waiting for our food to be served..

they do have really good business..

different from the one we ate on the first's steamed doubt it's delicious though i don't really like steamed chicken and it's cheaper than the other restaurant..

cute teddy chocolate lollipops from wesley methodist church that night..
went back to hotel after that to have some rest and went for swimming in the evening..erm..i mean play don't really know how to swim..well..the pool's small but not bad..many people were there and guess what?2 kids entered the pool with pampers and tshirt..eewww..gross..wonder if the pampers are clean..what better ideas can those people have??

after dinner, my dad's friend led us to a restaurant for dinner..snapped this picture while waiting for her..had rice with several yummy dishes..then headed back to hotel..gave my mum her meal as she couldn't go out and went out to pirate park..

the river at pirate park..
bungee jump..

the pirate ship..

blue christmas?

"eye on malacca"..the name given by us..hehe..
i like the ferris wheel but there were too many people queueing up so we didn't go for it..

click on it for a bigger it and you'll know why i post it up's a tourist attraction and yet it's so full of errors..
the pirate ship looked interesting so my bro and i had a ride in it..can you spot me??hehe..

next morning, packed all our stuffs and got ready to check out..and then my dad discovered a baby cockroach..that's a picture of shouldn't have cockroaches..good thing it's only a baby..but if that's the baby, then where's the mother??haha..
then we went to tan kim hock to buy some biscuits and stuff for ourselves and our neighbour who's been feeding our dog throughout the few days and headed back to ipoh..
well, that's the end of our malacca trip..indeed, i travelled south a few times in kl trip..then youth camp then malacca trip..i shall travel back north to other day..malacca's a fun place as i seldom go there..but indeed i met several people with no knocked into by many people..none but one said it that hard to say sorry?i don't know if they were malacca citizens or tourists..if it ever happens to you, don't ever stare back at the person even if he or she didn't wouldn't know what will happen next so i beared that in mind..

the day we came back from malacca (26th)..crystle wants to go for sis wore that on bro's old pair of goggles..

christmas cake from a friend..

the decorations were non-edible so this is what my sis did..a christmas decorated trophy!!
i'm finally done with this post..guess i'm not so good at describing the historical city as i'm so poor in till then!