Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Holidays To All, Sad Holidays To Me....

just came back from SMI's play just now..this year's drama title is Hercules..some people said it's boring but to me it was ok..i would consider it nice..compared to last year's Hunchback of Notredame?(sorry if the spelling's wrong)..well i seriously can't really remember..but there are some similarities in if i go every year, i think i'll find more similarities and it'll eventually turn crapping..

so holiday's here..NO!!i mean study-days..*sigh* ..just hate can i can't enjoy this august holiday??1st time in five years after UPSR i can't enjoy my holidays to the fullest???(not that i won't enjoy at all..just not to the fullest)..argh!!how can this be??so not glad towards this holiday..for the very first time i'm not looking forward to it..this one week is gonna be really short..oh yeah, i haven't mention why is this not a holiday for me..trial exam is just in about 8 days or less and i can easily mention everything i've studied so far within 5 seconds cause it's just too little..*SMS* (Save My Soul!!) it's not that i started that late but i just can't help moving at a snail's pace..our school counsellor just mentioned that there won't be forecast results this time but we'll have to use our actual trial results if we wanna apply for anything before what?i don't even know where to go yet..but i'll still try my best in this exam..anyway..i guess i won't be blogging till 12th September when temporary freedom is gained again..

anyway..Happy Holidays to all who are "eligible" to enjoy it ( if that's the word?)
and all the best to all who have to lock themselves with BOOKS and all the best in the upcoming trials..

before i leave here are two lines for you and i:

If you think you are going to fail, then fail GLORIOUSLY
Success is falling nine times and getting up ten
reminder for myself: sleep less, study more!!
*signing off with a crying heart and soul* (that's why i chose this dull looking font colour)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A New Beginning

i'm finally blogging again..after how long?almost 3 months..hehe..haven't got the time and idea on what to blog for the past 3 where shall i start??

it all started when i went to kl last saturday which was August 11th..first we went to 1 Utama..we didn't have enough of "pets sighting" at pets wonderland and so we went to Ikano Pet Safari..
that's where we adopted our new dog, Crystle formerly known as Honey by her temporary owner..

pretty, isn't she?

there was this free adoption counter outside the pet safari for homeless dogs..we first saw a very cute puppy up for free adoption and couldn't believe that it was for free..we almost left the place until i insisted on asking about the adopting "thing"..then the girl showed us crystle..she looked so frail, weak and skinny..according to that girl, crystle belonged to an old lady and because there were too many male dogs looking for her, her owner gave up on her and put her into the dog pound..the most cruel place for dogs where dogs are starved for 7 days and put to "sleep"..coincidently, this kind hearted girl went to the dog pound to rescue dogs on the 1st day crystle was there..seeing her clean and still healthy condition, she quickly saved her from all the cruelty inside..what pity..i wonder who could actually work in a dog pound..

after quite a long mum asked if we wanted the dog..she was just the kind i had been longing for..a furry white dog, mixture of spitz and another unknown breed..some said retriever..a medium sized, yes, definitely!!she was spayed after being rescued so we only had to pay for that cost and her other accessories like bowl, leash, collar was not easy to take her away from the girl who rescued her.. on her first night here.. she was so shy that she sat at the gate there(maybe cause that's nearer to then slowly closer and closer to the inside grill..she's trained to shake hands with people and she just cant stop doing it..even when you don't ask for it, she'll offer her paw to you..we were also worried if she was mute as she had not been barking at all for the past 2 days till today, we finally heard her bark for the very first time..a very loud one..what precious voicebox she well, she's already 8months old with lots of sad all she need is just time to really get used to us..for now, we chain her whenever the gate is opened to avoid anything bad to happen again..1 lesson is more than enough..

give me ur hand!!paw-hand shake..

actually, for the past 3 weeks..i had been pondering and indecisive about where to go..kl or summer live concert??incase you don't know, summer live concert was held on the same day and i managed to get 6 tickets!!what a waste if i don't go and concerts are rarely held in ipoh especially such grand one.. but at the same time..what if i don't get a good view at the concert?better i go kl right?can relax and at least "window shop" rather than staying in the crowd for hours..stinky..sweaty..i had lots of confusion..i wondered if there may be anything awaiting me in kl? i don't know what were God's's finally revealed..i chose to go to kl and it's definitely worth my choice..i got a new dog..the day before, i told my mum, i would want to get a half pedigree dog..well, it's almost fulfilled..God's plans are truly so great..nobody knows what will happen tomorrow...

now, i've got a beautiful dog (just gotta make it fatter), i've got the concert stuffs too ( the booklet and the magnum cheering thing,thx to Joyce) and i recorded the i have no regrets..the emptiness and absence of life outside my house is now filled with the presence of crystle..something that i can look forward to whenever i come home..she's not a replacement of my previous dog but a totally different matter what, saffy would always be in our hearts..same goes to crystle..this is a new beginning for us and crystle..

P/S. exam's 12 days away..i don't know what i'm doing..*sigh*

say cheese!!!(she's camera-phobic actually)

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