Friday, August 29, 2008

game addiction...

i'm currently addicted to GAMES...heard of this game called "hexic" ? off and on i have this addiction towards it..i have it in my phone too..hehe..the main objective is to make as many stars as possible and try to form a black makes my phone battery "kong" very fast though so i played it on msn website yesterday...and i finally managed to form a black pearl..!!! here are some pictures of the process in making it..hehe..

to make a star, u need to surround 1 hexic with 6 hexic with the same colour (like a flower)
and to make a black pearl, u need to form a flower with the's not easy to position it like dat.and i'm on the way to form the flower..when three join together in a triangle shape, it'll explode to gain points so it'll be a waste though there are points...

and there!! see the black colour hexic at the bottom?? it's called black pearl..hehe..this is only the second time i made it...*so proud* =p
then i wanted to form another black pearl with the other stars cause to win the game, you need to join 3 black pearls dad did it once some time ago..

there comes a bomb!!! ( the green bomb in the center with the number '1' ) i'm given 8 moves before the bomb explodes and within the 8 moves i'm supposed to join it with 2 other hexic of the same colour but i failed so there it goes...'s getting bigger...

BOOM!!! that's it..GAME OVER....nevermind..i had a black pearl though..hehe
interesting?if you like puzzle game..try it :
then i tried cake mania 2.. looks simple but not an easy game as the game goes on...drives me crazy at one point till i gave
my mum sent me this picture of the 5 olympic mascots...they're just too adorable i wish i could go to beijing and snap a picture with all of them but iknow it won't happen..olumpics ended anyway...

but i still love them =)
p/s. sorry if i bore you with this post if you're not interested about it..thanks for scrolling through anyway..hehe..
till then!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

it's august 26th!!!!

before the clock strikes 12, i would like to dedicate this post to a close friend of mine..

18 years ago, a baby girl named caryn was borned..and so she turns 18 today...

a pretty proud august baby she is..

this is like the first time in 6 years i didn't see you near or on your birthday right?hmmm..then suddenly i remembered, 1 year ago this picture was taken -

feels as though it was taken only time really flies...this picture was captured during caryn's birthday party last year and it was really near trials but still we made it and even watched were the days..

i actually "lost" yesterday..or i mean this morning..haha..nevermind, next year =)

you've been a really great friend to me and i'm always willing to lend you a helping hand whenever i can because friendship is not valued by which side earns more from the other..i truly cherish our 6 years of friendship..

you must be really busy celebrating ur entrance into the often said legal age since u're nto u had a great day !!


p/s. you still owe me your sweet sixteen party's pictures right??haha..i'm still waiting...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

movie marathon...

an update!!lol..i know i have lots of "fans" out there anticipating to read my updates...just kidding..nothing much to update though..just wanna share with you about my movie marathon today...i've broken my movie marathon record today by watching 3 movies in a day..!!

first, it was a decision between zohan and penelope..we were not sure if penelope was nice but it only seems quite nice so we went for zohan..we -> ( kai yi, me and yan lin )

and so, we watched "you don't mess with the zohan"..adam sandler's comedies are nice but this..hmm..somehow to me, it's not bad, funny but some jokes are just too "dirty" to be funny..there were a number of sensored scenes too..

after the movie, we weren't so satisfied with the show coz it was kinda i said, "penelope should be nicer right?"..then kai yi said, " there's a show at 2.30pm actually, wanna watch??" no harm we quickly had our lunch at 1 something and went for.....

penelope!!! irene joined in with her friend..we missed the beginning a lil but nevermind..the show was far better than zohan...i enjoyed it very much..we came out, satisfied of course...hehe..

then i walked around with irene after yan lin and kai yi left till 6something i went home, had a quick bath and out again for the 8pm show which was....

wall-e !! lol..this was a planned one compared to the 2 unplanned ones so it's not possible i skip this since my church friend bought the ticket already..wall-e's nice...i wouldn't say it's very nice probably cause i was too tired to really really concentrate already but overall it's nice and worth watching..

that's the end of my movie marathon which i'll never forget..the previous record was only 2 movies in a day..3 is kinda extreme last time i had movie marathon was exactly last two months ( i just realised ).."prom night" in the morning and "the happening" at night..both tragic movies where everyone died..i only do this once a while so it's ok lar..afterall kai yi's leaving for further studies tomorrow night so i should really cherish the time we can spend together..wonder when can we meet again..

anyway, i had a great time today...and her coming back has brought many of us together again as well..i feel so belong each time i get together with my bunch of close schoolmates friends are somehow nothing like that...maybe just not yet..

kai yi, i wish you all the best in everything you do...i'm sure u'll succeed in what you strive for !!

tickets!! my friends' and mine...

i'll only keep 1 of each movie ticket as a remembrance..some say i keep rubbish, i don't mind, it's just me...hehe.3 movies, 3 showtimes, 3 different cinema numbers, 3 different ticket pricing...yeah, 21 bucks altogether...friday night shows are so expensive!!!

p/s. home is the best place to be...i really hate to say this, but sometimes, some things make me feel like not coming home no matter how tired i get..

Friday, August 08, 2008

the most spoken and anticipated day of the year...


it's currently the last 10 minutes of the often mentioned date this year, 08/08/08..the auspicious date many consider especially for those who were borned on 8th of august or the many couples who tied up the knots today..not forgetting that the beijing olympics started today..the grand opening ceremony's still on till now..

anyway, here i am updating my blog on this very special date of the year..well, since i have no class today, i went shopping with my mum..not really shopping but we at least bought some stuffs..i love hanging out together where there were just us..i know i should be studying, but i just can't help it..exams are getting nearer and nearer..what am i doing??

thought of meeting up with my friends who planned a "get-together" but somehow i couldn't make it.i was tired and there weren't enough time.
sorry =( later in the evening, a friend of mine who just came back from canada visited me..after so so long..i've finally met up with her..i am able to see how she changed, grown up from primary school till now..( oh, i sound so!! ) and there goes the usual thing after she went home..still failed to complete some tasks...

so that's about my 8th of August 2008 and i consider it a quite happening one..hehe..oh yeah, regarding the beijing olympics, i'm currently so attracted to the adorable mascots...been eye-ing at the mascots for some time already but as the olympics is now here, they attracted me even's a picture of the 5 cute and adorable mascots :

from left, beibei the fish, jingjing the panda, huanhuan the olympic flame, yingying the tibetan antelope and nini the swallow..

when you put their names together, it forms --> "bei jing huan ying ni" which means "beijing welcomes you"
how meaningful...

p/s. will most probably be watching "susuk" tomorrow..i feel so sleepy now..erm a lil less sleepy compared to just now but i forced myself here just to leave a post on this special date :


till then!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


And the winners are : -

Favourite Artist of Korea
Super junior

Best Knock Out Award
Click 5

Favourite Artist of Mainland China
Li Yu Chun

Bring The House Down Award( best stage charisma )

Style Award
Panic At The Disco

Inspiration Award
Karen Mok

Favourite Artist of Thailand
TOR + Saksit

Favourite Artist of Hong Kong
Leo Ku

Best Hook-up Award
One Republic ft. Timbaland

Favourite Artist of Indonesia
Yovie dan Nuno

Favourite Artist of Taiwan
Show Luo Zhi Xiang

Most Outstanding Video Award
30 Seconds to Mars-> A Beautiful Lie

Favourite Artist of Malaysia
Nicholas Teo

Innovation Award

Breakthrough Artist
Leona Lewis

Favourite Artist of Singapore
Stefanie Sun

Favourite Artist of Philippines

Favourite International Artist of Asia
Linkin Park

That's all for the MTV Asia Awards 2008.

my comments : the results are satisfying to me especially for super junior, click 5 and nicholas teo..i'm so disappointed that JJ didn't win for singapore but no doubt stefanie sun is good though...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

my current common phrase...

is..... SO TIRED.... life's tiring that i use this phrase almost every day on msn..SMS - Save My Soul..!! too tired to elaborate anything about being that's all for

p/s. i so coincidently met my friend whom i've not seen for the past 2 months plus i was a last minute plan that i went there and i was sms-ing her..each other not knowing where each other were..suddenly she tapped me from the was so so so happy to see her!!but too bad didn't have the chance to actually just all of a sudden brought back memories and i just realised that i actually miss her so much..the mentioned friend, are you proud to read this??'s amazing God's plans are..plans which are totally unpredictable... that really made my night...