Sunday, October 19, 2008

white and fluffy again...

this is a delayed post..i actually planned to post this last week but...hmm...why didn't i? should be due to time factor..or maybe lazy hormones...erm..i can't

who's white and fluffy again? it's of course none other than.....

here are some pictures of my dog since i haven't posted any pictures of her for quite a long, incase you miss her?( well, i know you won't =p )
pictures of crystle without bathing for 2 weeks or more..

pictures are indeed deceiving cause she doesn't look as dirty in the picture as she really was..but you'll see a difference later as you scroll down..

and for your info, she's a super camera shy dog so it's really hard to capture good pictures of hers and a trick to capture a good picture of her looking at the camera is by putting some food next to or above the camera...then, it'll look as though she's looking at the camera..the fact is, she's not! lol...

and she's willing to do anything at all just to get the food...


that was on friday.. the next day was when the moment she fears most came...bathe time!! she tried avoiding but there was no escape and eventually...she was bathed...

crystle's wet look....

*hmm...i smell clean....* lol..

*outside so to sit??* so there she was sitting inside my house near the door..she refrained herself from running away though i kept snapping her pictures..(a sign of desperation to sit inside )..

after a few hours...

there...dry already..stretching her legs hoping to grow wants to grow taller..well, almost..

*what??snapping picture again??* see the difference?she's much whiter and fluffier (if there's such word )

*sigh..when will you stop snapping my pictures...shy lar..*
that's what i shy..this is not as bad though.. some pictures turn out worse where you can only see the back of her head..

still sleepy...

picture of her bushy and extra fluffy tail after bathing..hehe..

incase you don't know how this dog came...she was adopted last year, august 11th..and this was how she looked like when she first came...

september 2007...

and now....

october 2008...

see the difference??hehe.she was so skinny when we first adopted her..i thought she can never be fat..i feel so proud that she's now fat and healthy..that's one of the main things i like most about dogs..

dogs are indeed men's best friend..(and ladies' too..haha)..she is a big part of my life too..she brings so much joy in my life..and sometimes i start thinking..what if one day she leaves me?how can i take it? what will i do? how can i accept it? yeah i know i shouldn't be thinking about such things..but i've experienced it once and i'm afraid to experience it again..

nothing last forever except God's on earth is so short and so dad's friend passed away after a terrible fall from a mountain bike last week..not sure where he fell.his death was so sudden and it was also his birthday..

i don't know him but i started thinking, what if he was my friend?what if he was someone close to me? one day,people around me will leave me...i can't even bare to think about i really got to keep reminding myself to....

(before it's too late)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ssShh..! ssHuS..! quaaAArK..! puut..! (just for laughs)

need some stress reliever?? want some good laugh?? or if you're wondering what the title of this post mean, just click on the play button in the video box..

now you know what the title of this post mean? LOL...

my brother and i were watching some rowan atkinson's live on stage videos..and i think this is the funniest of all..we really laughed our heads off watching it (fortunately our heads are still in place and we didn't fall off our chairs )...laughed till we cried and had stomachache..i'm sure you'll find it funny too especially if you enjoy watching mr bean cause i do...hehe..

till then!

p/s. suffering from headache and brain exhaustion(if there's such word ) me!!..

Sunday, October 12, 2008



this post is specially dedicated to you.who?yes, you! know who you are as i'm not gonna specifically mention who you are cause it's just for you =)

before the clock strikes 12..i just wanna wish you once again, a very blessed birthday!!
thanks for've been a great influence in my life for who i am now..may you be happier and healthier each day...

i know that this may not be a "oh, so special post"... but deep down in my heart, i just wanna wish you a very

(i shall not disclose your age..) so


Sunday, October 05, 2008

how i spent the week...

the title sounds like a high school or primary school essay?lol..i'm just so bad at titles..anyway, i kinda had a great i've posted about my exam on monday..after that was a totally great time for me..i'm so glad that so many came back for the raya break so i was busy going out as well..let's start with, tuesday..

- had classes from 9am to 1pm.. (ok, this is not the fun part )
- then irene asked me out to polo ground for a jog..ok la since it's so hard to meet up with my school friends and i really need to exercise!! i went to polo ground at 5pm..i seriously need to build up my stamina..we walked so much more than we's nicer to chat as we walked..
- came home at 6.45..quickly bathed and get ready to go to the night market and stayed over in my church friend's house with all my church friends (caryn, sue jane, ben, edmund, mun teng, emily, alvin) i love spending time with my spiritual family.even if it's just sitting down doing's like, free from all my worries and burdens..

wednesday :
- went to crazy ice cream with church friends and went home at about 5.30pm..i was kinda exhausted already cause we only slept at 5am during the stay over and woke up at 10am...
- then i went to jusco for a while with my dad to get his free coffee from coffee bean cause the voucher expires that day and went to buy my test pad..think i break my record again..buying the most test pads in a few months..i used up about 2 plus test pads since i started college..back in school, 2 test pads are more than enough for the whole year..
- it was some world balloon day and there were some balloon artiste in jusco giving free balloons to kids..really nice ones compared those made by are some pictures from the decoration..

thursday :
- reluctantly woke up at 8 something to go out for breakfast with my dad then went to town area to wrap the the badminton racket grip and get new strings for it..
- 3pm went to stadium to play badminton with my friends ( caryn, suk wai, victor and jian ming ) until 5pm..went home to bathe and out again at 7 something to caryn's house and headed to "tong sui kai"...famous for good food..went with the same bunch of ppl i played badminton we went to sidewalk ice cream for ice cream of course..haha..had ice cream two days in a row..satisfactory..reached home at about 11.15pm..

friday :
- again i woke up at 8 something cause joyce came over to lepak around before going to ipoh at 11 something we went to ipoh parade for a hang out and some shopping with alicia, irene and sue ean...window shopping for me as, i really love spending time with my close friends..though it's just walking around not really doing anything but i really enjoyed are some pictures courtesy of joyce...

at kopitiam junction after eating..before sue ean and irene came..

we tried self shooting..apparently, we failed...this is not the only attempt but it's the best of'll laugh seeing the other attempts..too embarrassed to post them here...

then came sue ean who's got such professional self take photography skills...

just 1 click and there...5 of us in 1 picture..haha...i really salute you my lost sheep sis!!! i crown you the queen of self taking photographs =)

- went home at 4 something..i forgot what else i did but i slept from 6pm to 7.20pm i think. no other activities for the night..too tired already...wanted to watch eagle eye with alicia but exhausted..

- woke up at 8 or 9 something again...reluctantly...then went for breakfast..what else i did then?hmm...homework?hmm..can't really remember..then went out at 12 to horoscope cafe to celebrate carmen's birthday with college first time there..hehe..
- left early to go to church for sunday worship practice at 2pm..went home at about 4 something..
- out for dinner at 7 something and went to cgmc service at 8pm..haven't attended the service there for months.. somehow...i was touched by congregation..seeing so many people there and hearing so many voices singing praises..the feeling is like..gosh..i don't know how to say...

today :
- same thing, woke up early to go for breakfast..(seems the same every it's reluctantly also..)
- went to church at 10 something till about 2pm reached home..did some homework ( yeah, last minute..hehe..) eye lids got so heavy and i went to sleep at 3pm hoping that it would only be a one hour nap and guess what time i woke up? 7pm!!! haha.. a 4 hour nap !!that's why i'm wide awake now..but i think i can still
- went out for dinner..came back..finish up my homework while watching camp rock but still have some other homework to do...yeah, i've finally watched the song, gotta find you and this is me..

so holidays are over..good thing i have no class tomorrow..time to get myself back on the's like coming back to the real world..the usual life of mine..i really miss going out like before i started my college many hang outs..i really love this raya break!! looking forward to the next time my friends come back again for the break..


currently in love with this song.. "Jesus, Lover of My Soul (It's All About You)

that's all for now...till then!!