Saturday, July 31, 2010

can't wait.. can't wait...

july is finally coming to an end.. yes, FINALLY !!!!! this is one super rare phenomena which i'm actually so glad that another month has passed cause i usually sigh over the passing of every month..

if i've ever mention about a camp in my previous posts, it's finally here.. and i can't wait till it's over!!

so yeah, i'm welcoming the new month with open arms this time ! oops, it's still july.. hehe..

till then !!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

i need a break....

i've been wanting to update a post with all the nice pictures of events i've captured recently but i just couldn't find the right time and the right mood to upload the pictures into my computer.. been so caught up with things lately, mainly college activities.. and i asked myself, where have my precious break gone to?? i hardly felt like i had a break besides not studying..yeah, not needing to study for the past 2 weeks or more is actually more than good but an ideal semester break would be no studying + no college.. of course i don't mind going back for cf but i felt dragged into many other stuffs..

my head was at the verge of exploding once again this evening.. yes, i need God's strength to juggle with all these things.. i really can't take it alone.. i don't mean i have responsibilities to be handled alone, but taking even apart of it without His strength and guidance is impossible.. when all these things are over, i guess it'll be time to draw myself back and focus on what's important.. it's time i really take my studies seriously and manage my time well cause i failed to do so last semester..

and you know what being BUSY mean?? it means Being Under Satan's Yoke..well, i saw that somewhere and i agree with that if one is too busy for God.. and at one point, i felt so tired of excuses.. excuses people give when they are simply not interested.. you know, it's fine with me if you just say "No, because i'm not interested" rather than wasting brain juice creating excuses..

anyway, i'd still consider my break a fruitful one - selling fruit juice on open day, birthday celebrations, spring cleaned my room, watched A-Team and Toys Story 3, dined in sushi king and ate a lot of rice, parents day in church, watch korean drama - you're beautiful and so forth..

and what's next?? worship seminar and youth concert is on tomorrow !!! hearing about the preparations makes me excited but i'm not physically nor mentally prepared for it yet so i need a sufficient good night sleep tonight.. if you're reading this and you can make it for the youth concert at 7pm tomorrow (saturday) don't hesitate to come !! u can check out the event on facebook for more details.

guess that's all for now.. sorry for another post full of ranting.. yes, that's what my blog is for..
till then!