Sunday, September 24, 2006

stressed up!!

haiz..right now im feeling so bad and tired..just came home from rangers farewell party in alicia's house..well,it was overall very fun..there were food of pageant..karaoke..guess what song they sang?twinkle twinkle and 3 blind was so cute and funny..but somehow i felt bad in certain things..don't mention..haih..nothing can be done.. im feeling physically tired and tired of everything right now..but i don't wanna sleep since i don't really have much chances to online...

i almost got 5 dimerits this morning..due to some misunderstanding and some irresponsible people..i felt so mad about it..for the first time i actually missed assembly..i only arrived school at 7.20..5 more minutes and i'll be late..that's the disadvantage of car pooling...really thank God i wasn't late..but i got so angry till everyone started asking me what happened..when im really angry i cant talk or i'll seriously burst into tears of anger..anyway..i've learnt my leson..

oh yeah..who watch 1 in a million??suki's the champion!! the new millionaire bout 24 hours ago..imagive..just a form 5 girl..i really love the show last night..for once it's a competition where all 3 finalists deserve to win..any of them deserves to win especially faizal..unlike other reality talent shows where good ones are eliminated and less good ones remain..this is really one in a yeah..i wasted 2 bucks..i sent 2 votes at about 10 something..50cents each..and at 3 am only i got 2 mesages saying "sorry, the voting lines are closed"..each cost me least i supported suki not just by words.hehe..

today's a school day..gosh i cant stand him anymore!!just can't take it anymore..such a..*******..i need a tape recorder to school..just too unlucky..physics class was interesting teacher's so efficient..

anyway, i guess i shall stop here eyes are getting to catch up with lots of stuff

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Favourite Quotes

i finally went to church just now after about 3 months plus i think..cause the last bulletin i found in my bible was dated 28th on me..they changed the tune of the doxology and i dun even know it..or is it that i have just forgotten? feel so shameful..for the past 3 months most of my saturdays were occupied or i was too tired..currently feeling kinda bad idea why..finally almost finish typing the form 5 rangers are some of the favourites quotes by teachers i always hear in school:

1. "ahh..very poor understanding", "don't give excuses", "ladies, are you following?(Mr T)
2. "girls... girls.. girls", "remember me", "practise, practise and it'll be simple", "very simple only, use common sense, no common sense use cow sense" (Mr P)
3. "hey chester!", "eh eh eh, girls, dun make things difficult" (Mr L)
4. "follow?", "ok? or a-ok?", " i want pin drop silence", and she goes "hee hee hee" all the (Pn Y)
5. "saya nak pergi toilet,oh bukan,tandas" (Pn K)
6. "girls, have you all finish the work yesterday?" the answer is always no from the students..(Miss M)
7. "why are you all so lazy?", "skill practise so n so, do all" (Pn P)

i think that's all i can think of for now..will add in more later..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

3 great events in a row..

haven't been online throughout this whole week..not at all..busy?erm..not really busy on wednesday and thursday..shud be busy with don't understand why must homework of different subjects come at the same time..and when there's none..there's none at all..and when i don't have time i'll have lots of's schooling day sad..but we have longer recess and early dismissal..that's how they encourage students to go to school you think i experienced the most embarassing moment in class today till my tears rolled down my cheeks..tears of time experiencing it so can you imagine how terrible it is?better not to mention's over embarassing and my name was terribly accused so badly..gosh..this weekend's a very busy weekend for me..the 3 interesting events:

Planet shakers concert in yuk choy hall..very nice..1st time going for planet shakers concert..nice music nice atmosphere..the lightings made me headache though..

Salina's birthday party in ipoh city and country club..the theme is "GIRLY" everyone was extra lady-like just now even some whom you wouldn't expect them to be so girly were very girly..salina booked a room for the party..the food was nice..the place was nice..we played some games too..1st was the game called "marriage, proposal and divorce" where there are certain actions we must follow when they say something..the other game was interesting..we were each given a piece of paper..we were supposed to write the name of a friend..then what we want that friend to do and write our own name below meaning it's from us..suddenly my friend realised the trick but it was too late..the truth is, the one's who's gonna do what's written is the person who wrote it herself, not the friend..luckily my paper wasn't can see how mean our friends are to us through this game..that's the lesson behind it..oh yeah, and the funniest part was after salina cut her cake..the "mc" said there's a surprise from a mystery person..the mystery person was actually irene who's right in front of salina but some went to look at the door to see who's coming put a tiara we bought for her on her head..suits her a lot..there'll be a picture below...they were all dancing when i left..overall it was really fun..

next event is the chess competition tomorrow in cosmo point ipoh...2nd time joining a chess competiton..just to get the certificate of participation..hehe..hopefully i don't embarass myself so much cause i don't know how to i know is the moves of each piece..gonna be so tired 2moro..

that's all for now..oh yeah..exams coming up..stress stress..hopefully i will start studying by next week..

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that's the birthday girl(looking so pretty and elegant) with her brother and sister..