Wednesday, September 14, 2011

good day

When I was feeling really really really sleepy during the first 45 minutes of my 3 hour lecture yesterday, Jesus kept me awake. How, you would ask? I would never have thought of how He would keep me awake when I felt that sleepy. After one hour of lecture, the lecturer gave us a short break and I thought, "Great ! I can catch a short nap." As usual, I'm usually wide awake during the short breaks and especially dismissal time. I'm quite sure most of us can relate to that.

Anyway, during that short break, one of my classmates suddenly asked if I'm a christian. She found out through some CF (Christian Fellowship) stuff which I left in the file of notes lent to her. I intentionally left it there with a little hope and low expectations that she would look at it and she really did. I never knew she was so interested in christianity stuffs and I was really really happy to have the opportunity to share with her. It just showed me how God works in such amazing ways, ways that I couldn't have imagined. I've learnt that leaving bible verses or christian flyers in your notes when you lend it to others is a good way to share the gospel =)

I felt quite wide awake after having the conversation with her and the awake-ness lasted till the end of the class.

Opportunities to share is not just created by us. Often, it is created by others and we are to grab it.

At night, we ( my dad, sis and I ) went to Sushi King for dinner. I think it's the first time we went there together. I think my dad had a sudden craving for japanese food. Sushi King's not a very good choice but enough to satisfy our cravings and it was the most convenient place to go to since we wanted to go to Ipoh Parade for the warehouse clearance sale. The way my sis and I ate and shared the sushi was quite amusing. I really had a great time.

As usual, I'm too lazy to upload a picture now so maybe next time. Till then!