Thursday, January 20, 2011

that was close....

after haven't really been driving for about 20 days since youth camp, i finally got my car back last tuesday..i mean my dad's car which i'm allowed to drive.. i don't own one.. feels good to be able to drive around on my own again.. it's so much more convenient to drive to college rather than depending on my dad or friends..

and guess what? i met with a really close accident yesterday.. i was on the way home and a kancil came out from the left.. it's like a junction, but not a junction.. the cars are supposed to come out only when it's clear.. that car came out in front of me when it shouldn't have so i slowed down to give way without expecting it to stop all of a sudden... i couldn't brake in time but managed to avoid the bang by steering to the right..

immediately i realised it was God's protection that nothing happened.. thank God the right lane was quite clear for me to avoid that car.. and i realised i forgot to pray, again.. i kept thanking God on the way home after that incident.. thank God for bringing me home safely !! i would be really traumatised to experience another accident again..

watched 'Gulliver's Travel' with my dad just now.. it was not bad..good for a good laugh.. simple storyline.. it wouldn't be good if jack black's not gulliver..

oh yes, i've finished reading the novel i've mentioned before 'A Friend Like Henry' within a month and a week.. that's an achievement for me.. i think it's the fastest i've ever finished a novel in the past few years.. and it's the first book i've ever teared far as i can remember.. and i've added the author, Nuala Gardner and her son, whom she wrote about, Dale on facebook.. feels pretty weird to be able to add the characters i read from the book for real! it's a non-fiction book by the way.. weird but cool...

guess that's all for now.. class at 10am tomorrow.. i better get enough sleep to avoid day dreaming in class.. till then ! =)

p/s. mom, i've updated =p hehe...

Monday, January 03, 2011

7 days in malacca...

there goes year 2010 and here comes 2011, and there goes my precious break.. i enjoyed every moment of my break ever since exams ended.. there wasn't a single moment of boredom, far as i remembered.. and at the end of december, i've had enough of traveling.. being a person who loves traveling and would never get tired of it, i've finally had enough of it.

so the highlight of my semester break was the seven days i spent in malacca.. my blog has been pretty much picture deficit so this will act as a compensation... enjoy! =)

19th to 21st december 2010 - Ignyte Youth Camp: The Amazing Race in El Sanctuary, Alor Gajah Malacca..the smallest camp ever in 3 years yet just as awesome or even more awesome.. awesome is too small a word to describe this year, oops..last year's camp.. i was touched and impressed to see the younger youths (kids actually) who grew so much over the years.. God truly works wonders in His people.. with Him, all things are possible...! never ever underestimate what God can do in our lives and never ever limit ourselves to do what we can for Him !

Group picture =)

went home on 21st and off to malacca again on the 22nd of december, with terrible muscle aches and a bad throat but i still enjoyed every moment of it..

had taiwan noodles for lunch when we reached malacca..oops, no picture of it.. must have forgotten... checked in and headed to jusco which was much bigger than the one here in ipoh..

malaysia's biggest snowman made of recyclable bottles..

white christmas~

the snowman is recorded in malaysia book of records!

no dinner picture.. we had porridge with yau char favourite.. hehe..

then we bought taiwan's famous bubble tea back to the hotel..

went to jonker street the next day and had the famous chicken rice ball..

steamed chicken, not my favourite but it was not bad..

fish assam curry..

chicken rice balls !! looked like fishballs..hehe

the crowd came when we were leaving.. phew...

the traditional candy called gula ketuk ( i think ).. that reminded me that there are still some in the refrigerator...tastes ok..

cendol... sorry, i don't know how it got rotated like this and i'm too lazy to re-upload =p

pai tee - one of my favourites too..

but it didn't taste good.. and it's expensive...

wanted to visit mini malaysia but decided not to as it didn't seem worth it..


the bullock cart..

had my first experience getting onto a bullock cart... it was really bumpy !! and i felt a lil guilty that the 2 bulls had to drag so much weight...

hehe..just for fun =p

next stop - crocodile farm... not a fan of crocodiles, but someone recommended us to go there..

there's like a mini malaysia in the middle too.. mini klcc..

mini A Famosa..

mini i don't know what..

mini penang bridge..

smiling crocodile...


baby crocodile..

the crocodile didn't seem to be able to close its mouth.. haha.. i think the guy said crocodiles sleep with their mouth open when they're tired...

a disgusting one...

inside the aviary in the crocodile farm...

mandarin ducks..

don't know what the name of this bird is, i call them love birds cause they're so lovey dovey..

the vain peacock... but not vain enough cause it didn't fan its tail..

love birds...

trying to get the palm oil seed..

i like the colour of this bird..

raccoon which eats practically everything !

errmm.... don't know what this is..

even snake and chicken can be friends...

this is a preserved stuffed crocodile borned in 1963.. died at the age of 30plus i think...

i actually enjoyed watching the birds much more than the crocodiles.. i don't fancy reptiles...i in fact loathe most of them...

next stop for dinner - famous beef bak kut teh in malacca.. my brother was like our tour guide throughout the whole trip arranging where to eat.. some places were googled while some were the places his friends brought him to..

it's a house stall..

beef bak kut teh..

pork rib bak kut teh...

and they serve unpolished rice instead of the normal white rice...

taste really different as compared to ipoh's bak kut teh... it was really peppery.. not bad but i still prefer ipoh's =)

went for the buffet breakfast provided by the hotel the next morning..

a little bit of everything..

then we went to tan kim hock to buy some expensive food stuffs..

kinda tempted to try this dried vegetable thing but too expensive...

cute rilakkuma.. brother put it into the trolley just to see how my dad would react and indeed hilarious.. it happened too fast that i missed the chance to record it.. he grabbed it by the ear and placed it on the floor.. poor bear..

the pink one..

next was lunch in nancy's kitchen in jonker street..famous place for nyonya food..


omelette with cincalok..or cincaluk.. haha..

brain-brain.. i mean otak-otak =p

kangkung with belacan..

erm... assam something pork? forgot the name.. it was good..

the food in nancy's kitchen was just good, nothing fantastic though.. i guess tourists attractions are just attractive, may not be the best..

somehow these attracted me..

reminds me of "siu fu yong"..

next stop - pahlawan square...

the archery spot...

the mille crepe original flavour..first time too.. it was good but not something i would want to eat often..

banana chocolate flavour..

christmas deco..

caroling... the snowman looked like the joker in batman..

the view from the see-through lift..

next, we went for sate celup.. another famous tourist attraction.. i was expecting to see only satay there and then realised it's actually the "luk luk" we eat here but dipped into the satay sauce instead of the normal boiling water here..or soup?

no doubt, it was good ! i ate it despite having sore throat...

well, that was like our appetizer.. we headed for chicken rice ball again for a proper meal in a different place..

i prefer roasted chicken but the texture of the meat wasn't as good as the jonker street's..

hehe..just for fun.. see the smiley?

oh yes, nyonya kuih from nancy's kitchen..

next day, christmas morning..also our final day in malacca.. we checked out early and went for the christmas service in city community church recommended by my pastor..

oops.. blurred..


she sang two songs really well though she was having a sore throat..

the preacher of the day.. enjoyed his short and simple sermon but i didn't get to know his name..

upstairs of the church.. i really liked it..

it was like the shortest christmas service i've ever attended cause it only lasted for about 45 minutes.. lunch was provided after the service but we didn't join them cause my dad's friend brought us to somewhere else...

it was another house stall..

lime juice with plum...


erm..what do you call this? ikan cencaru? haha.. nevermind..

liked this omelette very much..

assam fish curry again..


i think the food there was better than nancy's kitchen's but less people know of that place...

the owner has a dog named blackie...

attracted to the dog's licence which looked so different from ours...

the toilet trained dog..

nah, just kidding.. don't know why the dog went in and out..

then my dad's friend brought us to the beach at a hotel which i've forgotten its name too..

this castle had all the kids' wishlist for christmas..

and my brother said santa brought his wife along for the first time.. don't get me wrong, i dislike santa.. often mislead people about the true meaning of christmas..

seremban siew pao given by dad's friend as well.. captured in the car thus poor quality..

and finally, back in ipoh....

guess there were more pictures than words this time.. there were more events which i didn't blog about.. all in all, i had an awesome break !!! though my health wasn't at its best.. still not..

classes are commencing tomorrow.. the next time i'll be getting my stress-free break would be in june.. guess that's all for now.. till then !!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!! God has the best things in store for you.. just wait upon Him.. don't lose faith and you'll see the whole big picture one day..