Sunday, December 31, 2006

the end of the year 2006

the old is gone and the new is yet to come in just about an hour..before the clock strikes 12, i'll leave a post here..i'm feeling so bored and dull right now..i seriously still can't believe it's already the 31st..the last day of the time really really flies till i can't catch up with time..i feel as if i'm still in form 4..the number 5..gosh...makes me feel so old..when i think back how i've got through the year 2006, sometimes i ask myself, was it really me?i think we've all gone through happy moments and sad moments throughout the year but no matter what happens..time never stops and life goes on..overall i think 2006 has been a great year for me despite the suffering exams in school..i'm definitely gonna miss everything..anyway, this holiday's been a great one for me too.i had no time to be bored at was so fully occupied and i failed to carry out some of my plans such as practising add maths, reading up the two novels for next year's literature(the return is boring)..and the DVDs at time to watch..

there's watchnight in church tonight but i didn't feel like going..that's why i'm here but not many friends are online though..guess everyone's busy with their own plans..or busy writing down their new year resolutions?ok ok..i think i better cut all the crap and wave goodbye to the year 2006..till then..

Monday, December 25, 2006

Blessed Christmas !!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! just in a blink of an eye, christmas is already here..few days back when i was still in camp, i suddenly realised that christmas is just in a few days time..i couldn't believe it that i confirmed it with my friend..therefore, cherish every moment as we continue to live for the rest of the year 2006..may this Christmas bring lots of love and joy to everyone as we celebrate the birth of Christ..

a very Blessed Christmas to everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

6 days of "village" life on the island (under construction)

hi again everyone..just came back from camp on thursday night..the camp was so extremely was organised by my school and UPSI(Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris).i have so much to say here till i don't remember what to's a very long post so take a deep breath before you start.let's begin with :

December 16th, 12am:

arrived at my school front gate..the two chartered buses were already there but where's the teacher?i was kinda not satisfied with the unorganised situation without teacher at first..only the TCS teacher arranged us into the buses..Puan Anita turned up later and i was like *phew*..she's finally here...we started our journey to Kuala Perlis at about took us only about 4 hours to get there.we had to wait at the jetty till 6.30am which means we waited for 2 hours..there, we were provided breakfast (nasi lemak and tea)..then we boarded the ferry..

the ferry stopped at langkawi then stopped somewhere in the middle of the sea where we had to wrap our luggage with black plastic bags to prevent them from getting wet upon being transported to Pulau Singa Besar..each of us was given a BA(buoyancy aid,something like a life jacket)..Puan Anita taught us how to wear that was so wet and gross at first but we later got used to the middle of the sea..we were brought to the island by a "dinggi" which can fit bout 6 to 9 people on was my first time sitting on that thing..i didnt know how it would be like then i asked my friend, "what if i fall?" lol..then she said "no u wont" was really fun sitting on that thing..when we arrived..i saw a lot of people on the island..and a chinese facilitator approached us and told us bout how they set up everything on the island..we were the 3rd and last batch of people camping there..she was really nice and friendly..

nothing much happened for the rest of the day including choosing our tents(my tent mates were sue quin, suk wai and amirah)..then we checked out how the toilet and bathing place were like and it's like oh my gosh!!the door can't even stand properly..everytime u go to the toilet..u'll need someone to help u hold the canvas up so it won't fall..we complained bout it several times but no actions taken till the 2nd last for the bathing's 1 big black tank of water and everyone bathes together(just like NS)...can't expect much actually since everything was "DIY" by the facilitators..

later we were divided into 3 groups..not allowed to choose at all..luckily i was put into the same group as my friends..and then we were told the rules and regulations to be disciplined and punctual..every night after dinner..there will be some kind of speech by a few facilitators..the rest will be the facilitators singing and games..we wont get to sleep before 1am..our sleep time got later and later every day but 1 thing for sure..the facilitators were an awesome bunch of people..they're really good in telling jokes..telling lies which we really fell for it..

December 17th:
we got up early in the morning at 7am for "fajar murni" where we sang "Negaraku" and our school song..then we danced "pocok pocok"..really have no idea how to dance that so i just followed the fajar murni they gave us 15 minutes to clean our campsite then gather again for breakfast..our activities delayed due to a case where someone's pouch has been one admitted at first til they used several intelligent methods and finally that unknown person revealed the location of the pouch containing a purse and a handphone.i salute them for their intelligent ways...after that.. we packed our stuff for our first activity which was SNORKELING....we went to the island opposite (i forgot which island and what's the name of the island)the island was beautiful with very fine and soft sand...the facilitator taught us how to use the equipments like how to wear the mask..the flippers and so on..then we did water confidence where they asked us to float on the water with the help of the BA..then we got ready to was also my first time snorkeling so it was really messed up in the beginning..i struggled badly and almost gave up on it when i drank lots and lots of sea water..i even pushed my friend down without'm so sorry, sue quin)..i finally knew the problem with myself..i let the sea water enter my mouth and i even breathed through my nose!!! silly..but when i really got used to it was really fun..and without realising we were actually far away from where we least i managed to see the sea porcupine which many couldn't see it..

next we had "survivor" where we were given 2 packets of maggie mee..2 pairs of fork and spoon and 2 mass cans..the first group of people were given matches and they had to start their own fire..i did second so we only used the first group's fire..hehe..and that was when it started raining, you can guess what's the "extra" ingredient in our noodles..

then we had "orientering" where we were taught to use the compass.. we walked around and even into the jungle which was really scary and i didn't like it..later we walked to a kinda abandoned jetty to wait for the dinggi to fetch us usual i'm always the last to go up the dinggi..somehow not as quick as others..everything after that was as usual

December 18th:
got up early as usual.and our activity of the day was ABSAILING and FREE FALL..and again..we were the 2nd group to do it since the equipments were not enough so we had to wait for the other group to finish..guess i'm far too slow compared others..we went to the other island connected to Pulau Singa by dinggi..the best part was climbing up to the place where everyone was sitting there waiting for their's like climbing up slopes in the jungle..really fun..first time in my entire life climbing up and down like doing the free fall and absailing..we were supposed to report by saying "saya _____..berat_kg memohon untuk melakukan aktviti ini" ahh..embarassing..everyone's gonna know how heavy i friends and i waited for about 4 to 5 hours to get our turns to do it..i was so nervous till my hands grew's also my first time you see..our lunch were suppose to come on that day but i don't know why it didn't..good thing we brought some food..and there was no toilet..just imagine..if you wanna do your'll be at the

after everything we walked back to our campsite..quite a far distance..i thought we would be taking the dinggi again..we went back quite late..and to tell you the truth..i didn't bathe on that know i've been a very dirty fellow there but who cares?lol..there weren't time to bathe unless i bathe during midnight but i was too lazy and i had to wash my shoes which were full of mud..during the midnight at about 1am to 2 am..we were divided into groups of 3 for the "night walk" in the torchlights were allowed which means we had to walk in total darkness..just with the guidance of a string to hold on in the jungle..this activity was to force us to use our sense of touch instead of sight and to experience how the blind feels.. the facilitators were all in the jungle but we wouldn't know where they were..they were only there to help us incase of any emergency.i was placed in a group with 2 girls whom i didn't know but they were really nice to me..i stood in between both of them and i was the shortest and i felt so's like having 2 times, you'll notice many advantages being short,no worries of getting your head knocked at the group went in third but came out second..the other group were lost somewhere and suddenly appear behind us instead..when everything was was already 3 something in the the time i was already 4.30am..we plead the facilitators to have the fajar murni a little later the next morning and indeed they were very nice people so we only had to gather at 7.30 instead of 7.

December 19th:
the activity of the day was group was divided into 2 again and the failitators taught us how to use the paddle and did some demonstration..whoever gets to grab the BA and paddle first got to go first..and again.i went in the second friends and i were all so called "gentle ladies" and we didn't want to fight with people..we'll get our turns while waiting..we chat with the facilitator..played games..discussed on what we should do for the reflection at night..not to forget..every night we would have to do a reflection on what we did on that day..and my group's presentation is always the dullest..lack of's finally our turn when the first group came back..we did water confidence again, then kayak..quite easy..good thing my friend who knows how to kayak guided me what to do..we did this in pairs..but it was really tiring to do the backward paddling..

we had plenty of time to freshen up after kayaking..we went to use the bathing place in other people's's much cleaner there compared to our side..we even had time to nap in the evening since we had to wait for the 2 groups who went for snorkeling and absailing to come back..i was feeling very energetic so i didn't sleep..later at night..when the wind started to blow..that's when i started feeling i regret not sleeping..after dinner and usual..the facilitators went on singing and singing and my eyes were seriously closing even when teacher was talking about the next day's outing..i washed my face but there was no effect..later some girls took turns to perform in front such as dancing..singing and so was a total waste that i was feeling so extremely sleepy...and guess what?there was once when my eyes closed and when i opened my eyes..i saw a camera facing me..oh darn!!is the facilitator snapping a picture of me sleeping or is it just coincidence?i fell asleep again and again it happened then i told my frined and my friend said the same thing happened to embarassing!!that night was really fun and i hated myself for feeling so sleepy..after playing some games..they finally allowed us to sleep..

December 20th:
almost everyone woke up late and i was wondering if they changed the time for fajar murni but i doubt so..after the fajar murni..we had breakfast and we did the flying fox from the tree to the sea..not first time too..hehe..then we got ready to go for our outing to langkawi..we went there by boat..and we chartered 2 buses there sponsored by teachers and facilitators..we went to the makam mahsuri..and some other places which i forgot the shopped at pekan kuah for chocolates..we had very limited time to shop..but within a few hours i actually spent more than a hundred..not bad huh..the things there are all duty free so it's all very cheap..we headed back to the beach at about 8pm and waited for the boat to fetch us back to our campsite..without realising..we had dinner at 11pm..i tot it was only 8 something..that was the best dinner of all..barbecue chicken with bihun and fruit cocktail..

after dinner or maybe "supper"..we had malam kebudayaan where each group group sang Breaking Free..oh was disastrous!!totally out of tune at the ending's really hard to cooperate with a big group of people..after the performances..the facilitators had their performance for us as well..and guess what?about 6 facilitators disguised as "pondan"..damn funny and disgusting..

it was our last night and the facilitators sang farewell songs..sad and meaningful ones and made everyone cry..i didn't really cry at 1st but when they sang Mungkin Nanti..i shed tears a's like..6 days together and then we all have to part and go back to our separate homes..especially the great bunch of facilitators..i'm sure missing them a lot..without them..there is no fun in was already 4 something to 5 am in the morning when everything ended..i planned not to sleep as there was only very little time left to sleep and since it was my last night there..however..i fell asleep for awhile when i was packing my bag..

December 21st:
there was no fajar murni..everyone was busy dismantling everything on the island.i was told that the island was empty..everything was set up by the facilitators for us..imgine how amazing it moment..the island was full of tents and everything..the next's just a plain empty island with only trees..

the boat sent us to the ferry..i slept all the way in the ferry..till we arrive the kuala perlis jetty..collected our luggage den got up the bus and started our way back..i was really sleepy that i slept whenever i could..we arrived school at about 9.15 at night..

so that's the end of the camp....when i went home..i felt like my house is too extra bright..just too used to the darkness in camp for 5 nights..there were only lighted bulbs hanging everywhere at night..incase u're wondering what we have for meals..we usually have rice with chicken or fish..vegetables and ikan bilis..there's ikan bilis in every meal..sometimes we had sandwiches..fried rice..chicken rice..fried bihun and so on..the food is considered not bad as they have to cook for everyone..there were altogether about nearly 100 campers excluding teachers and facilitators.

this camp is a very unforgetable camp and i'm already missing the camp right now....the things i did were all things that i have never done before..i really gained lots of new experiences which i could not gain else where..i may go for this camp again next year..oh well..if possible..

through this camp, you'll also get to know who your friends really are just as teacher said..and i've learnt how important friends are..without my friends, i think i wouldn't be able to survive in friends have been my "human wall" when i'm changing..they "guard" and hold the toilet doors..they accompanied me when there's a need..and there's no time to feel embarassed about anything with friends..all these seriously need patience and only true friends can do, thanks to all my friends in camp especially my tent mates =)

i wonder who would actually read this post from the beginning till this line?lol..i won't blame you if u didn't..even i'm too lazy to type out this but i forced myself too..i still need to write a report about this camp to be handed to teacher to get a cert..i didn't know there's a sorry if there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors..

i'll add in some pictures later.check this page again after the 31st December..till then... (click on the pictures for better view but it takes some time) my apologies for the poor quality pictures..

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left: Nice view from Pulau Singa Besar
Right : That's Pulau Singa Kecil opposite pulau singa besar..they said it's the shape of a lion..can you see it?i can' friend discovered the shape of a turtle instead and i agree with her..(sorry for the blur picture.right click and click show picture if you can't see this picture)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : another view..
Right : nice view with a dinggi

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left: that's where we sleep..yup!!in tents.mine is right behind the green one
Right : The kitchen where the facilitators prepare our every meal

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : our bathing place..everyone stands outside the black tub and scoops the water from the tub.. you can actually see the inside of the toilet as well if u click on it
Right : that's how the toilet door looks like..that sign means no one's in.but i seriously don't trust that thing..the door may fall anytime..(oops!who left her batik there?)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : the place where we wash our dishes after meals. set up by the's very strong and firm..
Right : "Kem Induk". the main tent where all of us gather..miss the orange tent a lot..

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : Group picture with the fun facilitators
Right : facilitators getting themselves onto the dinggi.they surely didn't know i captured their picture(ssshhh)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : what's the name of this bird?sorry i forgot..but it's captured at Kota Mahsuri
Right : view from the balcony of 1 of the wooden houses in Kota Mahsuri

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : the big map in Taman Lagenda(there's a pulau kentut besar if i'm not
Right : what does it say?read it

Friday, December 15, 2006

Off To The "Island of Lions"

i'll be going to Pulau Singa tonight at island bout 1 hour journey far from langkawi..well of coz it's not an island of exhausted now..whole day at AMC gathering today..took part in the cooking competition..too bad..we didn't win though our food was really nice..maybe not as nice as Yuk Choy and they're decorations were so fascinating.. arms are aching right now..hope it don't get worse during camp..i'll be away for 6 you won't be seeing me "on the net" for the next 6 to 7 it's gonna be great..guess what?i haven't even finish packing!!!oh no..better go now..take care and enjoy the rest of the holidays..time is accelerating till i can't catch up..till then..

p.s. im definitely gonna miss home !!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

words to ponder...

One lie ruins a thousand truths

A rumour goes in one ear and out many mouth

History is a catalogue of lies compiled by those in charge

If God didn't forgive sinners, heaven would be empty

God supplies the milk but not the jug

God gives the nuts but he doesn't crack them

i came across these proverbs from a lil book "World's funniest proverbs" ..but somehow these are not really the funny ones but have meanings in it..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

some updates

haven't been updating my blog for quite some time.not feeling so well for the past few days...well..2 weeks of holidays have gone..about a month left..let's see what have i been doing for the past 2 weeks..

any movies that i've watched?yup..happy feet and heart.the penguins in happy feet are so cute and adorable..the graphic is nice..i watched heart on dvd..very nice though the show is very predictable and pathetic..only 3 people acting most of the time

erm..i went to the ISPCA..lots of dogs i wish my dog could understand the lives of the dogs there if i ever take her there for a visit..she's so much more fortunate than each and every dog there..look at the place they live in and the food they eat..

next was the 4-day VBS..the theme is Mission Firefox..vbs was much fun though it was really tiring..boys won but who cares..its the fun that matters and lots of kids got to know more about Jesus(about 200 over non christians were part of the 526 kids there)

went to penang..stayed for 2 mum had lots of plans to carry out in penang bout 2months back..unfortunately..all crashed!!wanted to visit the aquarium(don't know what aquarium) but we heard it's been closed down..wanted to take the tram at penang hill just to feel the chill up there but my brother was sick..then wanted to visit the don't know what P.Ramlee place..heard it's no more there as well..ended up going to only 2 miserable shopping malls since my mum fell sick too..but the trip was somehow nice in some ways..hehe

had a day trip to midvalley yesterday..all the christmas decorations were already up..the centre court especially is very beautifully it..i could feel the christmas are some pictures of it..sorry for the poor quality pictures..captured them with my phone

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
beautiful isn't it?2 gingerbread man guarding the house

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
biscuit house?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
looks like marshmallows..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this reminds me of the Petronas Twin Towers in the form of christmas

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
behind the glass

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
happy feet rocks!!(captured at kinta city outside TGV)