Friday, December 10, 2010

no more studying for the rest of 2010!!

it's here... it's finally here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my long awaited precious break is finally here.. it's been 6 months since i had my last stress free break.. exams are over.. didn't do well but i'm glad it's over, for now at least... no more gluing myself to notes or books, no more falling asleep at the study table, dreading to wake up to study every day, no more guilt for coming online or watching television.. it's as though i've been studying so hard all these while but that's not true... i really need mercy and i hope the examiner would be lenient and merciful to me.. though i know i don't deserve it..

and i've recently learned to be grateful for the opportunity to face exams because many kids out there don't even have the chance to go to school.. so aren't we privileged??

anyway, it's time for pure fun and enjoyment now and i've got to cherish every moment of this precious break of mine.. so what's next ??

To-do list:
- read "A Friend Like Henry" - a non-fiction book i fell in love with at the sight of it's cover, title and storyline..and i've got a good record of books which i've read only 3 quarter through and left unfinished till now..
- christmas shopping
- camp name tags
- dramas, movies etc..
- laundry

Event list:
- christmas event in my former school's orphanage
- cell group christmas celebration
- college convocation day
- youth camp in malacca
- family trip in malacca
- housewarming party in mun teng's house

that's all i could think of for now.. gosh i think i've lost my words again.. been a while since i last blogged.. and it's been a while since i've last stayed up so late..

till then !!