Sunday, November 14, 2010

the story of a stone cutter...

Once there was a stone cutter whose job was to cut stones daily. As time went on, he got tired and bored of his job. He looked at the sun which shone so brightly and wished he could be the sun. Puff! He turned into the sun and he was so happy when the people ran away from him under the shades and umbrellas. He thought he was so powerful that everyone was afraid of him but suddenly, a cloud came in front of him and blocked his light and heat so he wished he was a cloud. Puff! He became a cloud. He caused rain and thunderstorms and blew away almost everything so he was really happy.

However, there was one thing which he could never move no matter how hard he tried. The huge boulder stood still and strong despite the strong wind so he wished to be that boulder. Puff! He turned into that boulder. Then came a stone cutter who started cutting stones from the boulder and that's the end of his life..

The lesson behind this story : We should be contented with who we are and not try to change it for God made us who we are, not to be something or someone else. His plans are just and perfect for each and everyone of us. If we would just wait upon Him, we will enjoy the fullness of the destiny He has for us.

p/s. so there goes an update, after two months.. hope it didn't bore you =) till then !