Saturday, February 24, 2007

cny pictures...

there goes another week..the 1 week break that've been longing for since the last two weeks is now time flies(i know i've said this too much but i can't help it)..i couldn't believe how every day passed..what have i done throughout the week? eat and sleep.that's all..sound like a pig right?in fact i think i'm involving into a pig!!i just feel like sleeping forever these days... pig year is really contagious..this year's gonna be a bad year..still have lots of work undone..

anyway...wanna wish Suk Wai a very happy birthday on February 20th!!hope u had the greatest birthday ever..still owe you ur prezzie =p
and not to forget Nick favourite was his birthday too...incase you don't know's a picture of him =)

Nick Chung

the pig deco captured at my aunt's place

the partner of the male pig..

a balloon sculpture in jusco..cute isn't it?

here's a huge gigantic piggy plushie i saw in ipoh parade..

two piggy and white

centre court of midvalley megamall..
it's actually an umbrella liked thingy decorated with petals..very attractive one.. lovely this couple is..

giant mandarin oranges captured in cameron highlands today..the plant is worth rm88!!really huge..

cute cactus pots..but too bad it's no more the year of dog..
since it's the year of pig so i've posted a few piggy pictures..captured all of them cause i realise i don't really have i just love to see beautiful decorations..

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Year Of The Piggy

the year of pig is here and i'm finally posting something it's new year so i'll use this font colour...seriously, i have not been blogging for about more than a month, i don't know what to blog already..feeling very tired today though i've only visited 2 houses and went to an open house which i don't know where...nothing special bout that open house.i don't really liek crowded, eat and eat all day long..guess im really turning into a happened to see a nice poster with good wordings at my grand aunt's it is :

Auspicious Blessing

1. Not associating with the foolish
2. Associating with the wise
3. Honouring those worthy of honour
4. Reciding in a suitable locality
5. Having made merits in the past
6. Setting oneself in the right direction
7. Broad knowledge
8. Skill
9. Well-grounded in discipline
10. Appropriate speech
11.Taking care of one's parents
12. Benevolent support of one's wife and children
13. Well managed occupations
14. Generosity
15. Righteous conduct
16. Benevolent support of one's relatives
17. Performing blameless deeds
18. Checking unwholesome thoughts
19. Checking unwholesome speech and acts
20. Refraining from intoxicants
21. Non-negligence in wholesome activities
22. Reverence
23. Humility
24. Contentment
25. Gratitude
26. Patience
27. Receptiveness
28. Meeting renunciants
29. Self-control
30. Chastity
31. Seeing the noble truths
32. A mind unshaken by the vicissitudes of life
33. Freedom from sorrow
34. Purity of mind

can you follow all these?

kacang soup boiled by my sister yesterday for our reunion meals

ayam masak my sister too..

fried turnip with carrot prepared ny yenn said it's "sister power"

lion dance at the open house

the poster where i got the words from..

this was what were doing at my dad's friend's house..jigsaw puzzle!!lol..couldn't complete it as my uncle came ..just the 4 of us within 1 hour plus..hehe..i did the PENGUIN part for sure =p