Sunday, May 30, 2010


i've been feeling sleepy the whole day... the moment i woke up in the morning till now.. no matter how i much i've slept this afternoon and evening, i'm still feeling sleepy.. it's never enough..

oh gosh, what's wrong with me.. i made a vow to study hard this weekend but i failed.. i've got about 14 days left from now.. i've been too kind to myself, slacking and giving myself excuses not to study.. everyone thinks i can, everyone thinks i'm hardworking, everyone thinks i'm studious.. deep down, i know how much i've been slacking.. i guess my looks is really deceiving..

may is coming to an end and i can't believe june is soon here.. the month which consists of both the best (semester break) and the worst (exams) of the 1st half of the year..

enough of ranting and grumbling here.. that's why i seldom update nowadays..

oh drowsiness, i surrender !

p/s. youth concert, anyone???

Monday, May 10, 2010

a priceless gift...

i know mother's day is now over since it's past midnight.. but every day is mother's day so i guess i'm not too late to post this up..

i wanna thank God for blessing me with:

a kind mother
a loving mother
a generous mother
a caring mother
a great chef mother
a cool mother
a tech-savvy mother
a modern mother
a friendly mother
a fun mother

and it all sums up to one person - my mom..

and you know what? no word is enough to describe how special and extraordinary my mom is..

mother, is God's priceless gift to us and the salt of our lives who adds flavours into us..

i know you will be reading this.. so,