Wednesday, July 29, 2009

love it !!

i had a pretty enjoyable and satisfying meal tonight..something which i've always craved for..pestering my mom to cook it for me month after month...i finally got it..

ready to be steamed with rice (before)

about to be steamed....



you may think the before and after picture looks just the same but the taste is far different.. and you may even be wondering what it is.. i'm not too sure what to call it in english and so i would call it STEAMED MINCED CHICKEN MEAT RICE..

can be eaten outside but they usually use pork.. this one is "pork-free".. hehe.. yummy.. it's just so it !! i think this is one meal which i don't mind having every day but it's high in carbohydrate i think..cause it makes me eat lots of rice....

nothing beats homecook food especially mom's cooking =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i've been alive for.......

I was born on a Sunday and since my birthday...
I've been living for 19 years
I've been living for 229 months
I've been living for 6,973 days
I've been living for 167,364 hours
I've been living for 10,041,842 minutes
I've been living for 602,510,579 seconds
My heart has beaten more than 702,928,940 times!

p/s. facebook calculated it.. not me..haha..anyway, i'm grateful that my heart has beaten that many times...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Apologies Seminar by Focus On The Family...

click on the picture for a better view of it.. it's a seminar organised by my church, speakers from "Focus On The Family".. it seems it's not easy to get this group of people to grab the opportunity and let me know if you're interested..

below has got nothing to do with above:

note to someone : i don't think so you'll be reading this.. neither am i sure that this is to you, which is, money can't solve's not just the money factor..and i refuse to accept your offer because i think i've received too much from you and again, it's not just money alone..

that's all for now..till then!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

it's not easy....

watched harry potter and half-blood prince today.. didn't read the book this time cause i'm too lazy and i know i'll struggle to finish it.. i find the movie very nice but some other friends said it was really slow and boring.. i still like it.. like to see the same old people acting in the movie, how they've grown and changed..

lately, i realised even more that some people are really hard to please.. i don't have much patience but i'm trying..i want to love and care for others as much as God loves and cares for me but it's really not easy.. the other day, i thought it's not so hard afterall.. but now, i'm struggling again..

i read this somewhere :

when you refuse to love people because they are hard to love, you forget the fact that God always loves you, even though you're not always easy to love.

i really want to bear that in mind and learn to love even if it is hard to do..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i feel GOOD...

July 15th, 2009 marks the day on which i've donated my blood for the first time.. 350ml of blood coming out of my body was no joke but truly, it feels so good.. quite painful but the feeling's great.. it's a good experience..

it was a really last minute decision that i decided to go since i've not tried it before so i asked my friends to accompany me and i thank God for blessing me with friends who were willing to accompany me cause i would have felt so lonely there then..the atmosphere was really scary when i stepped into the hall..the smell, the scene..

i quickly filled in the form, checked for hypertension, weighed, pricked by that thing for blood test and finally on the bed, 350ml of blood flowed out without me realising and it was quite fast compared to others.. it's quite amazing though to see the bag of my blood after the whole thing. i definitely had no guts to see the needle pierced into my arm so i've no idea how thick it was cause i think it's better not to know.. my whole arm felt numb throughout the process..i was afraid i would faint on my way back too cause i had to drive all the way to my brother's school then only back home but i felt ok.. just tired and headache but i'm not sure either if that was the effect or it's just me who feels the same every day..

i think i had more to write but don't know what else.. it's my first time and i feel so happy over it now that i feel like sharing the experience with everyone.. anyway, it feels really really really good.. and you know what? i feel so proud of myself =) and i'm grateful that i am able to donate my blood to others..too bad no pictures..could have taken a picture of the bag but didn't and now i feel regret.. haha..nevermind, there's always a next time..

that's all for now.

p/s. oh by the way, i forgot to mention, it was held in college organised by the marketing students as part of their assignment.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bubble lift...

ever been in a bubble lift on the 25th floor, go all the way down to the ground floor and intentionally go all the way up to the 30th floor without getting out of the lift and down again to ground floor just for the fun of it?? i did.. i mean we did.. LOL.. my sis and i.. it's a lil bit thrilling when you stand close to the glass and it's fun.. childish?? yeah, i know.. jacoonist?? well, i don't care..

anyway, came back from kl again.. stayed in legend hotel for free for some reason.. the buffet breakfast and dinner truly disappointed me because i thought their buffet was the best i've ever tasted in a hotel.. but because they separated us from the public buffet this time, so the food was just so so and ordinary..

regarding the bubble lift, we "took the ride" in seri pacific hotel where my dad and brother stayed..another long story i guess.. haha.. but i love the room in seri pacific.. we went to the mall which is attached to legend.. sogo and one utama.. the sale in sogo was... crazy! i mean the people were crazy due to the great sale..and i wonder, why does vincci in one utama stink?? i literally mean it stinks..the same unpleasant smell as the last time i went..lots of people crowded outside cd shops watching michael jackson's concert..overall, it was good..

and as usual, came back with "a hole in my pocket".. just not as big as the last trip i guess? probably cause it was only for a night..haha..i don't know.. money just flow like water..

don't really have any pictures.. so that's allf or now..till then!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


limping my way around the house today...

nope, my leg isn't injured but the corn in my foot hurts when it's pressured..

can't walk nor stand comfortably.. i wonder if it's out..

still on holiday mood..thursday's my off day..yeah! i finally have an off day.. i hope i'll get last friday's homework done later.. and i hope i'll know how to do it too..

p/s. currently watching Romantic Princess..yeah, old show.. haha..

Sunday, July 05, 2009

just another post...

it's finally legal and official.. i don't mean it was illegal..just that i couldn't use it in official documents and after 19 years having it, i can finally use it officially but it feels really weird though...just weird.. it's ok if you don't get what i'm saying here..LOL..

and i've finally experienced having someone of the exact same name at the exact same place and responding to someone's call when it's not for me.. or maybe it's been a long time since i've experienced that.. seemed really really funny though...when someone said, "come in, eunice" i got a shock because i was already seated inside.. the fact was, she wasn't calling me..and that's just one of the examples of what happened in church..

due to the thunderstorm early this morning, my silly dog hurt herself and her paw bled.. i felt bad for sleeping too soundly that i didn't know what was going on outside.. if only i heard her, i may have let her in.. it's painful to see her bleed.. but i don't know which paw..i only saw the blood on the me, for a dog to bleed is more serious than for a human to get cut and bleed somewhere..

first time playing the guitar for service today.. i thought all will be okay.. my playing's not that good and it won't really be heard anyway since it's only acoustic guitar and indeed i was all wrong.. it was running late and the acoustic guitar wasn't working.. satan was at work.. and i had to take the lead guitar..gosh..never really liked playing electric guitar and it's been a while since i last played one..i got all nervous.. couldn't stand hearing my own strums..i can almost strum as i wish on acoustic but not on electric.. fear it was too loud..fear it would spoil the whole thing.. oh gosh... but it got better later i think..i hope..

and i kept reminding myself that it's for God's glory, not self satisfaction..because i didn't like the feel of it..but all in all.. i slowly enjoyed it and i believe God is pleased with it too.. i'll play better next time..

that's all for now.. till then !

p/s. this post is a mixture of everything i wanted to put into words.. sorry if it bores you again but i just wanna post it...

oh yes! the corn in my right foot is finally gone..(i think..should be..) after using 6 corn plasters to treat it.. and now, i've got to treat the one in my left foot...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

forever young...

i came across an article about a girl who still looks like a baby at the age of 16..a really unusual and strange case..yet, filled with lots of miracles.. it moved me though.. i realise how thankful i should be and not complain about getting old or about any of my physical appearance cause i'm way more blessed than lots of people out there..

spare some time to read it if you haven't.. it's published in the star newspaper yesterday ( i even thought it was today's paper cause i simply grabbed it without looking at the date )'s the link to read it online..

unfortunately, there are no pictures on that page.. you can see the pictures from the star paper page t5.

i guess it should be speaking to us about how grateful we should be..till then !

tweety turns 60 ??

it's been ages since i've last checked my hotmail inbox and somehow, i decided to scroll through to see who's been forwarding mails to that email address which i only check once in a blue if you're reading this, please send to my yahoo mail if there's anything important..

as i scrolled through, i stumbled upon several emails..seemed to be more interesting than those in my yahoo inbox, i don't know why..and then i saw an email which says " tweety bird turns 60 this week " (i've no idea when was that mail received)..and this is what i saw...

what do you think?? haha..!! made me laugh a bit.. that's not true right?? i still love tweety anyway.. i guess tweety's been my first love..LOL...cause i loved tweety since i was at the age of.. 3 or 4 maybe? i don't know..i really can't's been like, since all my life..haha..

this new semester feels as though it's a new year somehow.. i tend to address things that happened in college last semester as "last year" whereas it's only last 6 months..and there goes half a soon...i've attended two classes so far.. the new lecturer i saw today reminds me so much of mr bean.. which is good i guess? LOL.. i can imagine mr bean standing there when the lessons get boring cause i enjoy watching mr bean too..

i'm still not really prepared to start studying but i guess i should put in even more effort now..

i guess that's all for now.. till then !