Sunday, January 29, 2006

First Day Of Chinese New Year~

it's the first day of the year of doggie!!nothing much happened..woke up very late in the morning though i slept early last night and realised my phone flooded with messages which people sent last night and early in the morning..i guess the line was real congested last night for digi.heard people playing fireworks but couldn't see any..heard the sound of drums for lion dance but couldn't see any either..too bad...just went to relatives' house and a church member's my sis said,my siblings and i are like the 3 bombs going to people's house and collect angpows to those who got no kids at home..well..chinese new year is all about food and red packets..nothing else.and the weather is so extremely hot nowadays..many programmes are on television during chinese new addicts like me for sure must keep track on the nothing much here..that's all for now..and by the way..happy chinese new year to everyone..may this new year brings you health, wealth and joy!!all the best in the year of dog!!~

Friday, January 27, 2006

Something Short

well it's the last day of school before chinese new year today.played captain ball during pj..not sure if it's really called captain ball=p all i know is..hardly anyone passed the ball to me.."smart" of me for not wearing my red house shirt..they rather pass to people far away than passing to me who is just so near..they must be thinking im from the opposite team..haha..most of my classmates are so excited for cny and holidays in class especially during the last period..somehow i think i have more of the holiday mood than cny mood..not going anywhere..still down with cough and sore can i be sick when i can have lots of food to eat?haha..

Thursday, January 26, 2006


add maths tuition canceled today and i so blurly went to tuition..i don't know why didn' i hear the teacher say it's cancel..maybe he did say so but i forgot..haha..good thing i wasn't the only one who's blur..hehe..wonder why almost everyone knew bout it..blur blur blur.should have taken a longer nap just now...anyway..still got to go for tuition at 5.30 for biology..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just Some Stuffs Bout My Life

erm..i haven't been blogging for more than 10 days..couldn't online..don't know what happen to the streamyx line..maybe it fell "sick".when i really need to find some information for some assignments and i can't online for the past week..finally i can online today..don't really know what i wanna write here..maybe too long didn't blog already..haha..i'll try to make this post as long as should i start this?humm..what happen today?oh yeah..this morning i woke up and i looked at my phone..and i thought i saw that it was already 5.55am..kind of late i quickly went to have a shower..when i came out..i was only 5.06am!!imagine..i actually woke up at silly.not the first time though..last saturday i even thought i was late for school when it was a holiday..funny right?no tuition a lil bit more relaxing..hehe.. in school..kind of fun during chemistry was the 1st time our chemistry teacher uses a laptop..the way he act when he used a laptop was funny..don't really like bm lessons..the trainee teacher is always hiding behind the class and teach..more and more projects teachers are giving..i rather have lots of homework than those troublesome projects..muscles aching after playing ping pong in school yesterday..muscles ache not because i'm so good at playing it..i'm a real beginner and i was busy chasing and stopping the ping ball from bouncing away most of the time rather than playing i'll be able to play much better in the meetings to come..practice makes perfect=)..used to join badminton last just wanna try joining ping pong this year..sore throat's almost gone and here comes cough..not much difference..both equally i guess that's all for now..nothing much to write..full of craps here...wonder if anyone would bother reading the way..backstreet boys are in singapore today!!i'm supposed to be i wish..if only i am

Saturday, January 14, 2006

He Promises To Willingly Forgive You

You willingly forgive, and your love is always there for those who pray to you (Ps 86:5)

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the story of a guy who wanted to live his own life. So he asked his dad for money he was suppose to inherit later and left home. Of course, his money eventually ran out, and he had to get the worst job he could think of-feeding pigs. He was so hungry he wished he could eat some of what they were having. Finally, he got tired of living that way and decided to go home. He didn't expect things to be exactly like they were before he left, but he thought his dad might give him a job as his servant.
His dad surprised him. He saw him coming and ran down the road to meet him. His father was so excited to see him that he threw a big party.
Jesus told this story to give you a picture of just how willing God is to forgive you. He's like a dad, standing on the porch, looking down the road for you-running towards you when he sees you coming. He doesn't forgive you because he has to. He forgives you because, like that dad, he loves you and what he wants more than anything else is to have you home with him.
PS. Taken from the Contemporary English version (Bible for Students)

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"UR" !!

Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Friday!

it's finally friday!!and it's friday the 13th dismisses earlier compare other days..that's why i like fridays..hehe..nothing special happened in school..just the usual stuff like "opsme" for all those subjects in english..kinda waste of time but relaxing.oh yeah..we also sang the nursery rhyme "if you're happy and you know it clasp your hands" during childishother classes must be laughing like mad when they heard us.some teachers started asking us to prepare for our projects such as moral and is also the AGM(Anual General Meeting) for the societies in to go for tuition that's all for now ..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lessons Started

after few days of school..i'm still lost..i kept thinking my class is the last year's one..attempted to go back to my old class several embarassing..haha..guess i really miss my former class.. some lessons started today..quite interesting..first was modern maths..the teacher's good at teaching and also good at giving 20 minutes we already have two exercises with many questions..after that we had two periods of bm..kinda boring..almost fell asleep..maybe the teacher's voice made me feel sleepy..she was a lil funny for was the first time having a teacher who actually arranges our places in the lab..he made sure that we're all multi-racial..there's a programme called "opsme" i think for all those science and maths idea what it really was..but he gave us some test on the names of the apparatus..he got a very mean never look at him when he's looking at you..otherwise he'll ask you questions..the last period was first impression of the teacher was i thought i wouldn't like her but later on i realize she is not like what i have been thinking..she's a very nice lady..she's got cute voice..and she did not make us feel sleepy though it was the last period..i believe she's a very good EST teacher from the way she talks..the funniest thing is the way she giggles..makes everyone laugh..haha..oh yeah..not to forget..inder asked me if i have wrote anything bout her i'm just gonna add a lil stuff bout her..she sits next to me..and she's a real crazy and funny's nice that we're still in the same class :)

A Bad Start For Today

Today's the beginning of second week of school..i thought it would be wasn't bad..but it started off really badly..thanks to all those so call "smart" people who thinks they're the smartest..2 classes were called to the hall early in the morning including mine..daisy and seems that daisy is better than orchid according to what most people from orchid wanna go to daisy..just because daisy consist of almost all straight A's student but orchid consist of both straight A's and non.what's the big deal right?both classes are good..but that's not what some people seems that someone from my class said, "i see them not as smart as me"'s like so terrible..getting all A's in PMR doesn't mean that person is really because of all these.the teachers lectured these 2 classes and nagged bout the problems they faced such as parents coming to school to complain bout the that moment i really felt like smacking those who complained..what the teachers did was,they re-shuffled us by asking us to draw lots..i prayed so hard that hopefully i won't have to change class and i won't be separated from my friends again..what they did was..dividing us into our former classes according to race and A's..and class by class..race by race..choose the folded paper teacher put on the table.that was the most terrible moment..really i wish i was in lily so i wouldn't have to face such situation...but thank God..i got back orchid..that was the happy thing..the sad thing is..carmen's no longer the same class as me..the one who has been in the same class as me since standard 5..i thought we would break record or something but too bad..most of my classmates are different..and when it's time to go back to class..i took my own sweet time since i need not book place is good enough..but when i arrived class..a girl was standing at my she asked if that was my place and i said yes..she didn't wanna move to another place..she said we should re-shuffle the seatings..i just kept quiet and insist of remaining my seat..luckily she moved to another place in the end.but i really have to say that we were re-shuffled very systematically..i hope there will be no more changes after that's all for the bad side of the day..i'll write bout the better side in a new post..

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wonderful Life

Here are some pictures from the current korean drama on 8tv every night at 8.30 pm.starring Kim Jae-Won and Eugene.very interesting show..every single episode is interesting to me..hehe..gonna conclude already..

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Inter CF Meeting

went to the inter cf meeting today for the very 1st time in Elim Gospel Church..this is the 3rd meeting..but it's only my first time attending..i was just too lazy for the last 2 meetings and my dad wasn't free to fetch this time i felt i really should go since i haven't been to any of the meetings..well, i went with 2 other friends,Caryn and Joyce and we were actually late and kinda embarassing we entered late..haha..and we didnt even know where's the place..but it was great..we had worship and prayer..and for the first time after quite some time..God actually touched my heart when someone approached me and prayed for me..i could feel his presence at that moment..this meeting would be one that i'll never forget..i hope i will have the chance to attend more inter cf meetings..and by the anyone who's reading this..if there's a Christian Fellowship club in your school..make sure you join it..that's when God will touch your hearts and you'll be able to know more about him..

Monday, January 09, 2006

"M" To The Power Of 5

Just came back from tuition..and while eating..i was talking bout some tuition my dad suddenly ask ..have you ever heard of m to the power of 5?i only know it's M x M x M x M x M..but guess what?it's actually.. Modern Maths Makes Me Mad!!haha..what a joke..but so's not making me mad yet..hopefully it won't..

Latest Issue Of Galaxie

here to promote the latest issue of Galaxie(1st January's issue)hehe...It's called The Bumper Issue..if u're the one who likes collecting posters..make sure u buy the latest issue containing 60 over posters..can really go crazy when you see them if you're a fan of them..such as..Backstreet Boys, Ryan Cabrera, Daniel Lee, Westlife, Click 5, Simple Plan, Greenday, Yellowcard, Il Divo, Lee Ryan(BLue), Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan, Marion Raven, Hilary Duff, Jamie Spears, Maya Karin,Mawi & Amylea(AF3), Adam and Marion of 8tv, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Rain, Takeshi, Edison Chen, some movie posters and lots more..that's all i can remember for make sure u get it if you're a fan of not getting paid for this you know..hehe :)

Getting old and Forgetful..

i guess i'm getting older everyday and more and more forgetful..i tend to forget a lot of things..for example..washing the clothes in the washing machine without pressing the start button..i forgot a lot of spellings in english..i spelled salary as celery.symptom as dumb..haha..maybe my brain rested too long during the holidays..haha..and i always forget what people tell me..and the list goes on..till i can't even remember what i forgot..hope i can still survive in form4 with this short-term memory i

Sunday, January 08, 2006

First Week Of School

oh well..just feel like writing what happened throughout the 1st week of school..the 4 miserable days..still can't really believe im already another year older..form4!!so fast that i can't believe it..everything's different in form 4..classmates..teachers..recess time..dismissal time..studies..they're all so different..still can't really get use to them..used to have our own world in form 3..and not to forget..the poor condition of the classes in the form 4 block..okay..that's what i have to cope with for these two years.what happened these four days??1st three days..we had many boring talks..some were interesting though..and what i didn't like is..the one i don't like talked so much that i didn't bother listening..she's been repeating it over and over again..sit on the floor till our legs got so least the teachers get to sit comfortably..and within these 3 days is when we have to decide where we wanna go to..arts or science?science or arts?thought of taking arts stream with english literature,add maths and accounts..but cant make up my mind..well..the most miserable day of the week is still thursday when they sort us into our classes...i was happy at first when my friend's name was announced right after mine..but later..i realised most of my friends are in another moment i was happy..and suddenly i felt sad..but what can we do..the teachers said strictly no changing evil right?at least i still have friends and some old classmates with me..and another bad thing..the teacher i didn't want him to be my class teacher is actually my class unlucky..teaching me 2 subjects somemore..hope he's a good teacher though i heard a lot of stuff bout him..not gonna mention it here..dun wanna get into trouble..haha..and another good thing was..most of our teachers are good teachers i guess..except some..thank God!!so..lessons havent started yet..maybe next week?still have chance to go around the class chit chatting and also sneaking into the next class to find my for tiring..3hours almost everyday..4pm to 7pm..i usually naps at 4 last yr..cant do that this rather have tuition at 5pm..hope i wont fall asleep at tuition.oh yeah..not to is my school's birthday..99 years old already!!this year's theme "Rise And Shine 99" school organised a hi-tea in conjunction with the launching of the 100 years celebration next year..didn't attend it..but i heard it was i guess that's all for now about 1st week of school.hope u enjoy reading these craps.. :)

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Here's a picture of my school..the 99 years old already..still looking great?yeah..from the outside..haha..not this colour anymore..painted with a darker colour

Saturday, January 07, 2006

First Post Ever~

This is my first time blogging and my first post..thought it might be interesting when i saw my sis blog..wonder why it didn't attract me to blog last im just giving it a try here..hehe.i won't be blogging so often..only on weekends and during the holidays..hope whoever who visits it will take some time to read some craps that i might be posting.. ^_^ by the way..title-less sounds real weird right?really have no idea what to name this it's just title-less =p