Saturday, November 28, 2009


i'm currently blogging in an almost super sleepy condition but i just want to, before i forget what i wanna blog about.. the past 3 days (including today) had been quite eventful as well as tiring thus equal to no-studying days..

thursday - celebrated a friend's birthday and watched new moon in the evening and guess what happened?? as we entered the cinema, we saw our seats occupied so we approached them and claimed the seats were ours.. we compared our tickets and were surprised to see the seat numbers exactly the same and only realised later that ours was dated on monday (30/11).. the tickets were already torn at the entrance and we didn't wanna watch on monday so we randomly sat somewhere but at the same time worried that we would be shoo-ed from seat to seat in the midst of the movie so somehow we managed to find out which seats were not occupied and ended up sitting right in front, in the second's the first time i've experienced such a thing but oh well, everything has its first time, rite?? so there goes another first time. good thing it wasn't fast moving or anything so it was okay afterall.. and the movie was good.. despite it being slow moving a bit..

friday - met a friend whom i've not seen for exactly two years.. my 4years classmate in secondary school who was my deskmate for 2 years.. and that's none other than inder.. the joy that i felt was indescribable.. i really miss her though.. and she said, 'omg...u're still the same! ' lol.. how we used to talk and talk and talk in class about everything.. teachers and the same "best friends" we shared.. how we, the not so tall ones in class ended up queueing in front or behind each other... how she made me laugh with her evil witch laughter and i doubt i can ever resist laughing seeing that face of hers.. how i often got the last say in whatever senseless debates i had with her.. we only had a short conversation though but i was really overjoyed to see her..

then we celebrated a friend's farewell.. if you have been following my posts, she was the new friend i've mentioned before in a post.. i'm glad my impression of her stayed the same.. she's indeed such a great friend.. the one and only thing which i've gained from malaysian studies class was our friendship and for that i have no regrets taking that subject this semester.. we spent some quality time together in kbox and kenny rogers.. it really doesn't matter where we go and what we do when all you want is a fellowship with a friend.. i know i'm sure gonna miss her too..

saturday - had an early birthday celebration for irene today.. the decided place to eat wasn't opened yet.. no idea where else to go, we waited for about 30minutes to enter.. it was fun too and i'm sure you had a memorable one, right irene??

went to church after that for practice and watched the movie titled "Facing The Giants" during youth service.. we only got to watch the movie halfway through cause the dvd couldn't be played all of a sudden, at the very best scene.. must be evil lucifer at work.. he may be able to stop us from watching today, but it won't be for long.. the other half will be played next week but i guess i'll watch it first.. it's a really good movie, especially for those facing exams or other hardships and fears in life..

guess that's about it regarding the highlights of the week.. i can't believe november is soon coming to an end... 2009 is soon coming to an end too.. i seriously need to study really hard and smart this coming week.. i've got so little time left to study for the upcoming exams.. i need God's strength.. His wisdom and guidance and of course, memory power..

that's all for now.. till then !!

p/s. i've got a big hole in my pocket which can't be sewn till the end of december...

p/s/s. it's another wordy and lengthy post.. will maybe add some pictures when i'm more awake next time..

Monday, November 23, 2009

just another post...

since i've not been updating my blog with pictures for a long time, here are some pictures captured at Hard Rock Hotel when i went to penang recently.. yes, this is a delayed post..

the HUGE guitar outside the hotel.. not as huge as i thought though.. i expected to see a bigger and nicer one after seeing the newspaper article about it few months ago..

notice the unique design of the windows? looks kinda like the piano keys to me..

and my sole purpose there was to have a picture with the gigantic guitar..still, it was below my

the beautiful chandelier hung above at the entrance of the hotel..

statues.. ignore the mineral water bottle.. perhaps, statues drink too??

swimming pool right outside the ground floor rooms where ground floor guests get to enjoy the swimming pool facility right at their door step without the need of walking pass the lobby wrapped in towels, dripping wet etc.. super convenient but of course, everything has a price to be paid.. the rates for ground floor rooms are about double the normal room rates..

a statue made in memory of Michael Jackson outside Hard Rock Cafe..

inside Hard Rock Cafe.. yet to dine in =)

as mentioned in the previous post, i've watched the Time Traveller's Wife in queensbay mall and indeed it was really good and the movie made me buy the book after watching it.. i'm not the kind who loves reading but i just wanted to get the book and i wonder when i'll ever read and finish reading it..

i watched Orphan too on the same day in the hotel room ( oh yes, i didn't stay in Hard Rock Hotel incase u thought i did ) and that's another good movie..exciting thriller with interesting and not so predictable storyline

and i've recently watched Disney's A Christmas Carol.. it was good too.. made me feel as if it's christmas already.. it'd be really nice to watch it on christmas day itself..

exams are getting nearer and nearer... so much to study, yet so little time.. or i should say i have about 2 weeks MORE to study, not 2 weeks LEFT to study.. that's what i learned from a tvb drama.. well, it's good to stay positive.. and i really can't believe november's coming to an end..there goes another year...

guess that's all for now..till then!

p/s. my english is seriously deteriorating..oh dear...

Saturday, November 07, 2009


i think i've seriously lost the blogging spirit for the time being.. seems like there's nothing much to inspire me to blog about recently..yes, so inspiration-less..

if you wanna know how i am, i would say just so so.. preparing for my exams in december but at a snail's pace.. not much feelings towards exams YET.. not too stressed up, not nervous, not worried.. just not YET.. i've been spending extra hours in college for the past few days, broke my own record for leaving college only after 6pm for 4 consecutive days and couldn't stand it anymore on the 5th day.. and the new guard's getting more annoying each day too..

okay, enough of all those moodless stuffs.. i'm gonna spend my weekend in penang..wheeeee....!!! penang, here i come! how i love travelling.. anywhere away from home for a vacation is what i truly enjoy..which means, it'll be a study-free weekend.. but oh well, i'll try to study a little to reduce the guilt level.. hehe..

guess that's all for now..till then!!

p/s. i'm so gonna watch "The Time Traveller's Wife"... hope it's really good..