Sunday, October 29, 2006


i'm finally back on the line again..couldn't online for the past few days..don't know what's wrong with my streamyx part of my "mission" throughout this holiday failed.that is to online all i gives me more time to do some other stuff instead..

went to watch the footstool play in church just now by the footstool players team..really nice..just a 1hour 15 minutes sketch with no props but only videos and 2 stools yet the meaning of it is all's about the true story of the lives of 5 missionaries,how they tried reached out to the aucas and sacrificed themselves..they'll be in petaling jaya next week for the last play..

okay, holiday's over..back to school for the 2 miserable and torturing maths paper..i know it's gonna be really tough but i just don't have the mood to study and my rusted brain can't think so well need to practise more..that's my ownly hope now since i did so badly in all the other subjects..

is 1 something in the morning now..guess i better stop here..till then..

Friday, October 20, 2006

Switch Off The "EXAM MODE"

finally the exam mode can be temperorarily swtiched off.2 maths papers to go..gonna be tough ones too..but fun and relaxation still come first.been struggling throughout last two weeks and today is finally't been enjoying my night to the maximum till tonight..played o2jam for 2 hours non stop..hehe..getting more and more addicted to how was exam if you were to ask?i would say it was horrible..i don't expect any good grades this time compared to mid year exam..the worst "killer" was add maths paper 2..never knew it would be that tough..left out quite a number of long as it's over.i can finally online and play without guilt..hehe...spring cleaning time room's in total

Sunday, October 01, 2006

switch on the "EXAM MODE"

finally the exam date is confirmed..9th october..i was both happy and sad when they announced it..happy for i can enjoy the holidays in october..sad as i seriously can't finish studying..haiz.. but i heard that there's still a possibility the exam would continue after the holiday..if they far i've only studied a lil bit of bio..history chapter 1 and add maths chapter 1.and maybe maths if the revision questions given by teacher are counted .lol..i don't know how am i facing the exam..just got to keep my fingers crossed and pray hard..anyway, i think the next time i'm gonna post here is after all the best to everyone who's sitting for PMR and the final term exams..

p/s.some changes occurred..there's still exam after the holdiays due to the free holiday given by the government on the 23rd..supposing, there is maths paper on the 14th..since we're not replacing anotehr saturday now so it's postponed tot he 30th..oh well.thank God it's maths not any reading subjects like history and least i can still practise maths in front of the tv...unlike a tv addict..oops..what am i doing here?not supposed to be here..took me 2 hours to get into to sleep soon.till then.. (07/10/06)