Sunday, January 07, 2007

100 Years Of Excellence

that's the theme this year as we celebrated convent's 100th years anniversary..everyone's been so busy since holidays till the 1st week of school for the centenary celebration for us, we did everything last minute so we rushed like mad and it's really tiring..but it's definitely worth our "last minute hard work"..

last night was the centenary dinner in Syuen Hotel where lots of convent old girls and VIPs came..iw ent there on duty to snap photos..and i managed to snap a picture with Amy Mastura..she used to be studying in our school and she came back to acknowledge all her teachers..she's really a friendly and nice person..the dinner was very grand but too bad i couldn't enjoy the food as i did not buy the rm60 ticket.

the opening ceremony today was the release of balloons and the revealing of the centenary plague..i actually missed it and i didn't even notice it outside..aih..too bad..
the performances were the choir, the story of the "Grand Old Lady" (main convent), folk dance, tradimode etc..(i missed all of them except folk dance)..i took part in the folk was fun when we invited the public to join us dancing..i can't dance but the folk dance is even if you can't dance..u can still dance folk dance..never thought of joining at first but my persuasive friends kept persuading me to join since it's easy so why not give it a shot? i dance as the guy and my partner was joyce..i felt so

there were exhibitions by 4th Unit rangers, Interact, PBSM, Joyful Vanguard, 7th and 8th Coy, Prefectorial Board, Librarians, COGA(Convent Old Girls Association) and science exhibition..there were souvenirs for sale as well as rose request(by interact) and song request(by prefects)..

i feel so lucky and blessed as this is my last year in convent and we had such a grand event going on but the old girls are even luckier as they get to come back to school and see all the changes after so many years..i don't think so i can live till 117 years for the next centenary celebration..

so just wanna wish convent Happy 100th Birthday!!
and happy 1 day holiday to all convent
i captured quite a number of pictures and i'll upload here be sure to come back another time ..till then

Friday, January 05, 2007

let's celebrate!!

this sunday, 7th January is main convent's 100th years's gonna be a century old!!so the centenary celebration is open to public..i'm not so sure what time the public can come in but i think it will be good if you can come at 9am and it ends at 12.30pm..hope it's gonna be great..don't miss it since it's like only once in a lifetime (unless i can live till 117 years) if you're free,just come and there'll be coupons (rm5) for sale..there'll be food fair, performances and exhibitions by various's the school's big day so don't miss it !!

p/s. incase u're not sure where main convent is, it's the one next to ipoh parade..don't go to the wrong convent.hehe

Monday, January 01, 2007

welcome 2007!!!

about 2 hours ago when i blogged, it was still 2006..and it's now 2007..the moment the clock stroke 12 the sms-es are all jammed up...everyone's celebrating the new year..i mean almost..exclude me just sitting here for the past few hours..the number 6 is far better than common question people would ask is any new year resolution?yes,i have..

- eat less, sleep less
- don't be lazy
- study smart
- read more
- watch less tv
- discover what i want to do in future(very important)
- treat everyone nice, gossip less
- read the bible at least every alternate day
- appreciate every moment in school

so many resolutions that i have?oh no....i'm just dreaming..these are not really my new year i wish it is cause i know i won't keep them so i shall not call it my new year resolutions..i know i can't but i'll try my best to make them happen though the possibility is only hard on that 5%!! a conclusion, this post is just another piece of crap and i have no resolutions but i hope to be a better person this year compared to last year..

Happy New Year everyone..
look ahead, forget the unhappy moments in 2006
there are more great things to come in 2007
live every moment to the fullest and may the new year bring you all the good things in life

thus..i would broken heartedly(no no, sew it up) with a happy heart wish everyone a blessed new year and may everyone lead a new and happy life throughout the year 2007