Tuesday, August 24, 2010

undeserved favour

today, i mean yesterday (23rd) was another most anticipated time of the year and most people call it doom's day.. why? because results for the june examinations were released.. i wasn't worried at all until this afternoon when i saw all the status updates posted by other people on facebook..

anyway, i didn't check my results until just now at about 12am.. and by God's grace, i passed !!! yup, it is not by my own effort but an undeserved favour that He has granted me.. i know i've been slacking a lot in my studies throughout the whole of last semester and that's why i really didn't know what to expect this time.. i'm just so glad that i don't have to retake those 2 papers.. phew..! what a relief...

i don't deserve any praises for my results but all glory goes to Him alone..

congrats to all who passed !! and if you didn't make it, don't give up !! everything happens for a reason and only God knows what's best for us =)

that's all for now..till then !!

p/s. it's time i really start studying.. and i kept saying this...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the brain consuming game...

it's been about 3 years since i've last touched the chess pieces and i joined the chess competition in college today.. as ever, it was brain consuming.. only 3 games and my brain's too tired for anything now.. i've never really liked chess though but somehow i've joined a few chess competitions during high school.. must be the great influence by my desk mate - inder...

anyway, i lost and it doesn't matter at all.. i gained a lil bit of my high school memories.. so nostalgic..

that's all for now.. till then !

Sunday, August 15, 2010

there goes..

well, there goes another saturday.. last two saturdays, i was in lost world camping.. last saturday, i was in lost world again.. just now was another good saturday which i had.. woke up in the morning, a lady stood at the gate wanting to share her good news with me.. yes, her good news.. somehow i didn't want to reject her so i entertained her.. i found out that she's from the Jehovah witness and all the more i was curious to listen more and shared what i think and believe as well.. if only she was preaching the truth.. and how good it is if we christians have the same enthusiasm and courage to preach the real good news instead from door to door.. i wish my neighbours didn't entertain her though..

went to church as usual in the afternoon then sue jane's farewell dinner at night.. gosh, i'm so gonna miss you, sue jane.. can't believe you're leaving already =( attended a wake service after that.. a church member passed away so i went to help to serve.. i love serving God more and more.. it simply adds meaning to life.. and i was reminded that, no matter what happens, the hope that we cling on to is not the hope of the present but the eternal hope we have in Jesus.. the world may fail you but Jesus never will..

then i had a quite adventurous journey back home after the wake service too finding my way out of the not-so-familiar housing area at night.. it's been a long and tiring day, but i'd consider it another fruitful saturday which i enjoyed =)

i've been updating quite regularly these days but i think my blog's seriously lack of pictures.. so here's something random =)

till then !!

Friday, August 13, 2010

double portion !!

guess what?? i'm back from hillsong's concert.. not just tonight but last night as well.. i thought i wouldn't be able to go on wednesday since i didn't register for it and suddenly the night before, joyce told me she had an extra registration code which i could use.. felt guilty for taking it at first but accepted the offer in the end.. God's plans are just so amazing.. nobody knows what would happen.. never have i thought that i would be able to go for the first night.. He truly answers my unsaid prayers.. deep down, i regretted not signing up, wanting to go for it but never prayed about it.. and once again, He showed me that nothing is impossible..

it was really good though i couldn't get a good view.. mostly staring at heads and the screen in between heads... the message was good - about us being significant enough being His child and there's no need to try to fit into anywhere.. pretty much similar to what we're learning in youth now.. and what i anticipate most at evangelism concerts is to see hands raised up saying - yes, Jesus, i wanna accept You into my life! i was really inspired by the hands lifted up for Him..

the first night's concert was great.. second even greater !! got a much better view, different songs sang, different message shared.. this time about us getting on track and be on His plan and win more souls to Christ.. there were more prayer sessions too - it's funny that i coincidentally prayed for 2 persons of the same name, one a friend, another a stranger.. i felt really touched and inspired by His people.. well, no words is enough to describe what i felt and experienced..

hmm..think i've suddenly lost my words.. so i guess that's all for now..

p/s. i'm destined for something great and yeah, He knows...

p/s/s. and i just realised that it's friday the 13th...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

they made me go ' wow !! '

i bet everyone knows about the upcoming hillsong concert by now, at least the majority.. people have been talking about it for the past one month.. the anticipation by hillsong fans as well as criticisms by people who don't really like hillsong and can't believe the fact that they're coming..i think i was neutral all these while..not really anticipating or going crazy to meet them nor bothered much about the rumours..

few weeks ago, a lady from the organising team gave me a call to meet up with them for some reasons which i was clueless about until i finally had the chance to meet them yesterday, both husband and wife who are the head of this hillsong concert organising team.. not gonna post the details of the main agenda of the meeting here yet but you know what?? i was really inspired listening to them.. they are just so passionate for God.. so passionate with what they're doing.. they have a strong desire to make a change in ipoh, to call people to rise up for Christ here in ipoh and to make things happen for Him..

i was really touched by their passion.. people out there who are talking bad about them and this whole event ought to feel ashamed of themselves.. they should really meet them face to face and get to know them before coming up with unwholesome talks.. talking to them just made me go 'wow!' all in all, they are just God's passionate people..

oh yeah, incase you're planning to go for the concert in syuen hotel this wednesday but have not registered, you are advised to go for it on thursday instead because it is already fully packed on wednesday and you'll need to produce a registration code upon entrance.. argh..if only i knew..

guess that's all for now.. till then !

p/s. class is cancelled tomorrow.. wheeee !!!! =)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

just so H-A-P-P-Y !!!

here i am, back after another long day out.. i've been out from 8.15am till 9.30pm.. and guess where i was the whole day? i was in lost world of tambun..yes, again.. the place where i camped for a night last weekend.. i volunteered myself again for the charity event organised by sunway club, if you've been following my updates consistently, i blogged about it last year - click here for more details..

it's my second time joining and i feel as good and happy as i felt last year after the event.. the girl i took care of this time was an eleven year old girl, only half a head shorter than i am.. *embarrassed* she's different from the one last year.. she's more talkative, friendlier and more active too cause she refused to leave the water in the end.. and she definitely understood that my role was to take care of her while she was to cling onto me all the time though i lost sight of her a few times..

and sunway really provided us with lots of food.. within such a short period of time, we were given breakfast, lunch, tea break and ice cream.. it was my first time visiting the quite new petting zoo and i find it really good.. for the first time in my life, i touched goats !!! haha.. one was so super friendly and it was chewing my shirt.. and i had fun feeding the swans too..

the girl i looked after bought me a cup of coke at the end of the event.. wow.. an eleven year old girl knows how to buy me a drink !! i feel really happy that she enjoyed herself and that i had the opportunity to serve her.. and i enjoy the sunburn that i've got too.. i burned my sculpt as well.. was expecting something as red as last year but it's not as red this time..just a little bit cause it wasn't as sunny..

went to church after that and i just felt so happy.. felt as though it's been a long time since i last went for youth service cause i missed last weeks' service.. words simply can't describe how good and happy i felt..

okay, i guess i better end this post by saying i'm just sooooooooooooooooo H-A-P-P-Y !!!

p/s. sorry, no pictures again.. hehe..

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sunway Ipoh Boot Camp

camp is finally over !!! the thing which has been taking up so much of my free time.. it has finally come to an end.. that's simply because i was in the organising team and i never liked being in the organising team since high school.. it's not easy to keep participants occupied and entertained, afraid they won't enjoy, afraid they would feel bored.. but all in all, i think the camp was good overall though there were faults here and there..

we walked so much throughout the 2 days and 1 night camp.. it takes 10 minutes to walk from our campsite to the entrance and i lost count of how many times we walked in and out.. and i didn't bathe at all throughout the camp.. hehe.. was simply too lazy and didn't see the need to bathe.. i'll get dirty again after bathing anyway.. when it comes to camping, i don't care much about hygiene.. it's only 1 night afterall..

throughout the camp, i really learned a lot and i realised that i'm no longer the same me as i was back in high school.. i wasn't so worried about the camp before it started and that was what made me worry - worried for not feeling worried.. i prayed so hard that it won't rain during the camp but it rained heavily.. that didn't mean God didn't answer my prayer, He just said no.. it was good in a way that the rain took up most of our free time during camp.. and there were people who tried so hard pushing me to my limits trying to earn their significance or for whatever reason i don't know.. what made me realise that i'm longer like before was the ability to keep reminding myself that it really didn't matter at all for i am already significant enough being called child of God.. it really doesn't matter what people think of me.. i wish everyone would just realise that nothing matters more than being His child..

and then there were people who weren't really participative.. i guess i was supposed to get angry at them cause everyone else was, but you know what? i wasn't angry at all... i didn't have high expectation towards them in the first place and i'm glad enough they came for the camp despite how much problems they gave.. back in high school, i would have scolded and punished them.. i just didn't wanna get angry during the camp.. i managed to held back all the anger that i had..

i'm not trying to make myself sound like an angel here but i believe, God has really changed me over the years and i give all the glory back to Him for being able to held back anger and reject satan's lies that i'm not important.. people often talk about how God change them, i always wonder - how has He changed me then? and i now realised.. He gave me so many reasons to overcome the bad feelings i had.. gosh..God is simply amazing !!

oh yes, i only slept for 2 hours during the camp.. i fell asleep watching tv when i came back for another 2 hours.. woke up and slept again for 9 hours.. i wonder if it's enough.. this camp was really a great experience.. it's like a once in a lifetime experience.. i love outdoor camps but i'm not sure if i'll be joining another one like that again anytime soon.. and i'm glad it's over.. it's really time to start catching up with my studies..

sorry, i tried to keep this short but my fingers wouldn't listen =p no pictures yet.. i know my blog is picture deficit.. will try to work on that.. till then...!

p/s. thank you fellow campers for all your support and participation!!! (if anyone of you would read this)

p/s/s. the after effect of camp - i can't walk properly now.. i always believe that fun comes with aches and tiredness =)