Sunday, December 31, 2006

the end of the year 2006

the old is gone and the new is yet to come in just about an hour..before the clock strikes 12, i'll leave a post here..i'm feeling so bored and dull right now..i seriously still can't believe it's already the 31st..the last day of the time really really flies till i can't catch up with time..i feel as if i'm still in form 4..the number 5..gosh...makes me feel so old..when i think back how i've got through the year 2006, sometimes i ask myself, was it really me?i think we've all gone through happy moments and sad moments throughout the year but no matter what happens..time never stops and life goes on..overall i think 2006 has been a great year for me despite the suffering exams in school..i'm definitely gonna miss everything..anyway, this holiday's been a great one for me too.i had no time to be bored at was so fully occupied and i failed to carry out some of my plans such as practising add maths, reading up the two novels for next year's literature(the return is boring)..and the DVDs at time to watch..

there's watchnight in church tonight but i didn't feel like going..that's why i'm here but not many friends are online though..guess everyone's busy with their own plans..or busy writing down their new year resolutions?ok ok..i think i better cut all the crap and wave goodbye to the year 2006..till then..

Monday, December 25, 2006

Blessed Christmas !!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! just in a blink of an eye, christmas is already here..few days back when i was still in camp, i suddenly realised that christmas is just in a few days time..i couldn't believe it that i confirmed it with my friend..therefore, cherish every moment as we continue to live for the rest of the year 2006..may this Christmas bring lots of love and joy to everyone as we celebrate the birth of Christ..

a very Blessed Christmas to everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

6 days of "village" life on the island (under construction)

hi again everyone..just came back from camp on thursday night..the camp was so extremely was organised by my school and UPSI(Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris).i have so much to say here till i don't remember what to's a very long post so take a deep breath before you start.let's begin with :

December 16th, 12am:

arrived at my school front gate..the two chartered buses were already there but where's the teacher?i was kinda not satisfied with the unorganised situation without teacher at first..only the TCS teacher arranged us into the buses..Puan Anita turned up later and i was like *phew*..she's finally here...we started our journey to Kuala Perlis at about took us only about 4 hours to get there.we had to wait at the jetty till 6.30am which means we waited for 2 hours..there, we were provided breakfast (nasi lemak and tea)..then we boarded the ferry..

the ferry stopped at langkawi then stopped somewhere in the middle of the sea where we had to wrap our luggage with black plastic bags to prevent them from getting wet upon being transported to Pulau Singa Besar..each of us was given a BA(buoyancy aid,something like a life jacket)..Puan Anita taught us how to wear that was so wet and gross at first but we later got used to the middle of the sea..we were brought to the island by a "dinggi" which can fit bout 6 to 9 people on was my first time sitting on that thing..i didnt know how it would be like then i asked my friend, "what if i fall?" lol..then she said "no u wont" was really fun sitting on that thing..when we arrived..i saw a lot of people on the island..and a chinese facilitator approached us and told us bout how they set up everything on the island..we were the 3rd and last batch of people camping there..she was really nice and friendly..

nothing much happened for the rest of the day including choosing our tents(my tent mates were sue quin, suk wai and amirah)..then we checked out how the toilet and bathing place were like and it's like oh my gosh!!the door can't even stand properly..everytime u go to the toilet..u'll need someone to help u hold the canvas up so it won't fall..we complained bout it several times but no actions taken till the 2nd last for the bathing's 1 big black tank of water and everyone bathes together(just like NS)...can't expect much actually since everything was "DIY" by the facilitators..

later we were divided into 3 groups..not allowed to choose at all..luckily i was put into the same group as my friends..and then we were told the rules and regulations to be disciplined and punctual..every night after dinner..there will be some kind of speech by a few facilitators..the rest will be the facilitators singing and games..we wont get to sleep before 1am..our sleep time got later and later every day but 1 thing for sure..the facilitators were an awesome bunch of people..they're really good in telling jokes..telling lies which we really fell for it..

December 17th:
we got up early in the morning at 7am for "fajar murni" where we sang "Negaraku" and our school song..then we danced "pocok pocok"..really have no idea how to dance that so i just followed the fajar murni they gave us 15 minutes to clean our campsite then gather again for breakfast..our activities delayed due to a case where someone's pouch has been one admitted at first til they used several intelligent methods and finally that unknown person revealed the location of the pouch containing a purse and a handphone.i salute them for their intelligent ways...after that.. we packed our stuff for our first activity which was SNORKELING....we went to the island opposite (i forgot which island and what's the name of the island)the island was beautiful with very fine and soft sand...the facilitator taught us how to use the equipments like how to wear the mask..the flippers and so on..then we did water confidence where they asked us to float on the water with the help of the BA..then we got ready to was also my first time snorkeling so it was really messed up in the beginning..i struggled badly and almost gave up on it when i drank lots and lots of sea water..i even pushed my friend down without'm so sorry, sue quin)..i finally knew the problem with myself..i let the sea water enter my mouth and i even breathed through my nose!!! silly..but when i really got used to it was really fun..and without realising we were actually far away from where we least i managed to see the sea porcupine which many couldn't see it..

next we had "survivor" where we were given 2 packets of maggie mee..2 pairs of fork and spoon and 2 mass cans..the first group of people were given matches and they had to start their own fire..i did second so we only used the first group's fire..hehe..and that was when it started raining, you can guess what's the "extra" ingredient in our noodles..

then we had "orientering" where we were taught to use the compass.. we walked around and even into the jungle which was really scary and i didn't like it..later we walked to a kinda abandoned jetty to wait for the dinggi to fetch us usual i'm always the last to go up the dinggi..somehow not as quick as others..everything after that was as usual

December 18th:
got up early as usual.and our activity of the day was ABSAILING and FREE FALL..and again..we were the 2nd group to do it since the equipments were not enough so we had to wait for the other group to finish..guess i'm far too slow compared others..we went to the other island connected to Pulau Singa by dinggi..the best part was climbing up to the place where everyone was sitting there waiting for their's like climbing up slopes in the jungle..really fun..first time in my entire life climbing up and down like doing the free fall and absailing..we were supposed to report by saying "saya _____..berat_kg memohon untuk melakukan aktviti ini" ahh..embarassing..everyone's gonna know how heavy i friends and i waited for about 4 to 5 hours to get our turns to do it..i was so nervous till my hands grew's also my first time you see..our lunch were suppose to come on that day but i don't know why it didn't..good thing we brought some food..and there was no toilet..just imagine..if you wanna do your'll be at the

after everything we walked back to our campsite..quite a far distance..i thought we would be taking the dinggi again..we went back quite late..and to tell you the truth..i didn't bathe on that know i've been a very dirty fellow there but who cares?lol..there weren't time to bathe unless i bathe during midnight but i was too lazy and i had to wash my shoes which were full of mud..during the midnight at about 1am to 2 am..we were divided into groups of 3 for the "night walk" in the torchlights were allowed which means we had to walk in total darkness..just with the guidance of a string to hold on in the jungle..this activity was to force us to use our sense of touch instead of sight and to experience how the blind feels.. the facilitators were all in the jungle but we wouldn't know where they were..they were only there to help us incase of any emergency.i was placed in a group with 2 girls whom i didn't know but they were really nice to me..i stood in between both of them and i was the shortest and i felt so's like having 2 times, you'll notice many advantages being short,no worries of getting your head knocked at the group went in third but came out second..the other group were lost somewhere and suddenly appear behind us instead..when everything was was already 3 something in the the time i was already 4.30am..we plead the facilitators to have the fajar murni a little later the next morning and indeed they were very nice people so we only had to gather at 7.30 instead of 7.

December 19th:
the activity of the day was group was divided into 2 again and the failitators taught us how to use the paddle and did some demonstration..whoever gets to grab the BA and paddle first got to go first..and again.i went in the second friends and i were all so called "gentle ladies" and we didn't want to fight with people..we'll get our turns while waiting..we chat with the facilitator..played games..discussed on what we should do for the reflection at night..not to forget..every night we would have to do a reflection on what we did on that day..and my group's presentation is always the dullest..lack of's finally our turn when the first group came back..we did water confidence again, then kayak..quite easy..good thing my friend who knows how to kayak guided me what to do..we did this in pairs..but it was really tiring to do the backward paddling..

we had plenty of time to freshen up after kayaking..we went to use the bathing place in other people's's much cleaner there compared to our side..we even had time to nap in the evening since we had to wait for the 2 groups who went for snorkeling and absailing to come back..i was feeling very energetic so i didn't sleep..later at night..when the wind started to blow..that's when i started feeling i regret not sleeping..after dinner and usual..the facilitators went on singing and singing and my eyes were seriously closing even when teacher was talking about the next day's outing..i washed my face but there was no effect..later some girls took turns to perform in front such as dancing..singing and so was a total waste that i was feeling so extremely sleepy...and guess what?there was once when my eyes closed and when i opened my eyes..i saw a camera facing me..oh darn!!is the facilitator snapping a picture of me sleeping or is it just coincidence?i fell asleep again and again it happened then i told my frined and my friend said the same thing happened to embarassing!!that night was really fun and i hated myself for feeling so sleepy..after playing some games..they finally allowed us to sleep..

December 20th:
almost everyone woke up late and i was wondering if they changed the time for fajar murni but i doubt so..after the fajar murni..we had breakfast and we did the flying fox from the tree to the sea..not first time too..hehe..then we got ready to go for our outing to langkawi..we went there by boat..and we chartered 2 buses there sponsored by teachers and facilitators..we went to the makam mahsuri..and some other places which i forgot the shopped at pekan kuah for chocolates..we had very limited time to shop..but within a few hours i actually spent more than a hundred..not bad huh..the things there are all duty free so it's all very cheap..we headed back to the beach at about 8pm and waited for the boat to fetch us back to our campsite..without realising..we had dinner at 11pm..i tot it was only 8 something..that was the best dinner of all..barbecue chicken with bihun and fruit cocktail..

after dinner or maybe "supper"..we had malam kebudayaan where each group group sang Breaking Free..oh was disastrous!!totally out of tune at the ending's really hard to cooperate with a big group of people..after the performances..the facilitators had their performance for us as well..and guess what?about 6 facilitators disguised as "pondan"..damn funny and disgusting..

it was our last night and the facilitators sang farewell songs..sad and meaningful ones and made everyone cry..i didn't really cry at 1st but when they sang Mungkin Nanti..i shed tears a's like..6 days together and then we all have to part and go back to our separate homes..especially the great bunch of facilitators..i'm sure missing them a lot..without them..there is no fun in was already 4 something to 5 am in the morning when everything ended..i planned not to sleep as there was only very little time left to sleep and since it was my last night there..however..i fell asleep for awhile when i was packing my bag..

December 21st:
there was no fajar murni..everyone was busy dismantling everything on the island.i was told that the island was empty..everything was set up by the facilitators for us..imgine how amazing it moment..the island was full of tents and everything..the next's just a plain empty island with only trees..

the boat sent us to the ferry..i slept all the way in the ferry..till we arrive the kuala perlis jetty..collected our luggage den got up the bus and started our way back..i was really sleepy that i slept whenever i could..we arrived school at about 9.15 at night..

so that's the end of the camp....when i went home..i felt like my house is too extra bright..just too used to the darkness in camp for 5 nights..there were only lighted bulbs hanging everywhere at night..incase u're wondering what we have for meals..we usually have rice with chicken or fish..vegetables and ikan bilis..there's ikan bilis in every meal..sometimes we had sandwiches..fried rice..chicken rice..fried bihun and so on..the food is considered not bad as they have to cook for everyone..there were altogether about nearly 100 campers excluding teachers and facilitators.

this camp is a very unforgetable camp and i'm already missing the camp right now....the things i did were all things that i have never done before..i really gained lots of new experiences which i could not gain else where..i may go for this camp again next year..oh well..if possible..

through this camp, you'll also get to know who your friends really are just as teacher said..and i've learnt how important friends are..without my friends, i think i wouldn't be able to survive in friends have been my "human wall" when i'm changing..they "guard" and hold the toilet doors..they accompanied me when there's a need..and there's no time to feel embarassed about anything with friends..all these seriously need patience and only true friends can do, thanks to all my friends in camp especially my tent mates =)

i wonder who would actually read this post from the beginning till this line?lol..i won't blame you if u didn't..even i'm too lazy to type out this but i forced myself too..i still need to write a report about this camp to be handed to teacher to get a cert..i didn't know there's a sorry if there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors..

i'll add in some pictures later.check this page again after the 31st December..till then... (click on the pictures for better view but it takes some time) my apologies for the poor quality pictures..

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left: Nice view from Pulau Singa Besar
Right : That's Pulau Singa Kecil opposite pulau singa besar..they said it's the shape of a lion..can you see it?i can' friend discovered the shape of a turtle instead and i agree with her..(sorry for the blur picture.right click and click show picture if you can't see this picture)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : another view..
Right : nice view with a dinggi

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left: that's where we sleep..yup!!in tents.mine is right behind the green one
Right : The kitchen where the facilitators prepare our every meal

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : our bathing place..everyone stands outside the black tub and scoops the water from the tub.. you can actually see the inside of the toilet as well if u click on it
Right : that's how the toilet door looks like..that sign means no one's in.but i seriously don't trust that thing..the door may fall anytime..(oops!who left her batik there?)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : the place where we wash our dishes after meals. set up by the's very strong and firm..
Right : "Kem Induk". the main tent where all of us gather..miss the orange tent a lot..

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : Group picture with the fun facilitators
Right : facilitators getting themselves onto the dinggi.they surely didn't know i captured their picture(ssshhh)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : what's the name of this bird?sorry i forgot..but it's captured at Kota Mahsuri
Right : view from the balcony of 1 of the wooden houses in Kota Mahsuri

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Left : the big map in Taman Lagenda(there's a pulau kentut besar if i'm not
Right : what does it say?read it

Friday, December 15, 2006

Off To The "Island of Lions"

i'll be going to Pulau Singa tonight at island bout 1 hour journey far from langkawi..well of coz it's not an island of exhausted now..whole day at AMC gathering today..took part in the cooking competition..too bad..we didn't win though our food was really nice..maybe not as nice as Yuk Choy and they're decorations were so fascinating.. arms are aching right now..hope it don't get worse during camp..i'll be away for 6 you won't be seeing me "on the net" for the next 6 to 7 it's gonna be great..guess what?i haven't even finish packing!!!oh no..better go now..take care and enjoy the rest of the holidays..time is accelerating till i can't catch up..till then..

p.s. im definitely gonna miss home !!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

words to ponder...

One lie ruins a thousand truths

A rumour goes in one ear and out many mouth

History is a catalogue of lies compiled by those in charge

If God didn't forgive sinners, heaven would be empty

God supplies the milk but not the jug

God gives the nuts but he doesn't crack them

i came across these proverbs from a lil book "World's funniest proverbs" ..but somehow these are not really the funny ones but have meanings in it..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

some updates

haven't been updating my blog for quite some time.not feeling so well for the past few days...well..2 weeks of holidays have gone..about a month left..let's see what have i been doing for the past 2 weeks..

any movies that i've watched?yup..happy feet and heart.the penguins in happy feet are so cute and adorable..the graphic is nice..i watched heart on dvd..very nice though the show is very predictable and pathetic..only 3 people acting most of the time

erm..i went to the ISPCA..lots of dogs i wish my dog could understand the lives of the dogs there if i ever take her there for a visit..she's so much more fortunate than each and every dog there..look at the place they live in and the food they eat..

next was the 4-day VBS..the theme is Mission Firefox..vbs was much fun though it was really tiring..boys won but who cares..its the fun that matters and lots of kids got to know more about Jesus(about 200 over non christians were part of the 526 kids there)

went to penang..stayed for 2 mum had lots of plans to carry out in penang bout 2months back..unfortunately..all crashed!!wanted to visit the aquarium(don't know what aquarium) but we heard it's been closed down..wanted to take the tram at penang hill just to feel the chill up there but my brother was sick..then wanted to visit the don't know what P.Ramlee place..heard it's no more there as well..ended up going to only 2 miserable shopping malls since my mum fell sick too..but the trip was somehow nice in some ways..hehe

had a day trip to midvalley yesterday..all the christmas decorations were already up..the centre court especially is very beautifully it..i could feel the christmas are some pictures of it..sorry for the poor quality pictures..captured them with my phone

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
beautiful isn't it?2 gingerbread man guarding the house

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
biscuit house?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
looks like marshmallows..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this reminds me of the Petronas Twin Towers in the form of christmas

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
behind the glass

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
happy feet rocks!!(captured at kinta city outside TGV)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Holidays!!

the end term of holiday is here's the end of life in form 4..end of my life in 4 orchid.the class with a badly polluted environment..i've gone through all the hard times in form 4 that i can't really believe it i always say, how time flies.i thought i could actually rest throughout this last week of school but it's totally opposite..lots of stuff need to be updated..but i would prefer to be busy in all these than to be busy i didn't really want the holidays to be here so'll end just in a "blink of an eye"..and back to school, i'll be form so's gonna be my last year in the school..we'll be celebrating the school's 100 years anniversary..

i think i have quite a number of plans this holiday till it's really occupied:
- KL trip..going bout 2 or 3 trip
- CGMC VAcation Bible School (VBS) 5th vbs..twice a cadet, 3rd time a helper
- visiting penang again..
- AMC Gathering
- kem cabaran alam organised by school and UPSI ( 6 days 5 huh?)
- some outing with friends i guess?
- read up some story books..oh ya..not to forget next yr's BM and english literature

these are all the major ones...there's only bout 1 and a half months holiday..hope i'll be able to make full use of it..happy holidays everyone!!till then..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Class Party 2006

yesterday was the last class party for us form 4s..the class party was superb..we celebrated two birthday girls yesterday..wat a coincident..started off with the assembly..waste of's for the prize giving for the form 3s in all sorts of activities they took part in after PMR..all we deed was just stand there clapping and cheering for assembly, we went back to class and were all surprised to see the class well-decorated..the decorations were all sponsored by one of the birthday girls' mum..balloons all around the class and a table full of party's a surprise party for both the birthday girls..we catered food from the martin's caterer...well..not bad though i didn't eat much..too excited over the party till i didn't have the mood to lot of leftovers that we gave to the orphanage.after the eating and cleaning up.. we had the awards thingy which we do every usual..din win any awards.i wanted to post some here but can't really remember the categories..overall..this is 1 of the best class party ever and it's our final class party in time sure gonna miss those some pictures that i captured..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
4 Orchid Class Party 2006..gosh..i see some "perasan" words there..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
one corner of my class at the teacher's table

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the other corner..aren't the balloons beautiful?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the arrival of the two surprised looking birthday girls, sue ean and wei shan

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
party goodies and two big boxes of presents

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
nice blackforest cake

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
see the 1 with the gold hat?lol..u wouldn't wanna know who's that..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the big birthday card we made for sue ean..irene's creative idea..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
big bunch of friends..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
another big group of friends..

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Keep on Dancing..

well is a school day for's dance-a-thon day today and i took part in it..i kept thinking again whether i should quit or not before the competition cause i cant dance..but since it's an opportunity to take part which not everyone get..only those who collected more than rm100 are qualified to join..bout 50 people..i finally decided to join and just have fun..i know i cant win but oh well..take it as an main challenge was to dance non stop for 2 hours..all sorts of music were played such as cha cha, waltz, inang, joget, las ketchup, YMCA, twist and all sorts of pop songs both old and new which i have no idea what to do..i got eliminated bout 1 hour cause i did not follow the rhythm during the free style part..i have no creativity at i said..i can't dance!!anyway i was still fun.they eliminated more and more people till top 10 and finally top 6 where all of them were confirmed getting a prize already..their dances were fascinating and creative and graceful..

koperasi was selling some souvenirs such as pens, rulers, mugs, memo pad and paper weights specially designed for the 100 years anniversary next year..according to teacher..u cant find them in any part of this the koperasi were having a jumble sales too..some stuff were extremely cheap..

after that was the speech time and prize giving ceremony..1st prize for the dancing competition is the sony ericsson k600, 2nd prize, sony camera, 3rd prize, mp4 player, 4th prize is a cd player and as for the 5th and 6th prize, genting theme park ticket..though i did not win least i got the lucky draw sponsored by digi.a small football with the digi logo on to get the bag of goodies..too bad..didn't have such luck..

on the way to the front gate..i thought i saw my dad's car parked inside the school compund..i did not see the car directly but through the screen of another car..and as i walk towards the direction of the place i saw my dad's car..before reached, i though i saw the car drove off but when i look the otehr side..i couldn't see it..i got confused..i walked closer to see what car was it which was parked there,it was actually a totally different car from my dad's.means there was actually no car drove off and my dad's car wasn't there at all..what a weird illusion i have..was it cause i was hoping to see the car too much or is it something else??well..i don't know..

feeling very tired now.knees aching.i have 700 over mails to check..trying to transfer all into other people's mailbox now and flood their mailbox..hehe...too bad monday's not a holiday though it's a school day then !!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


i'm finally back on the line again..couldn't online for the past few days..don't know what's wrong with my streamyx part of my "mission" throughout this holiday failed.that is to online all i gives me more time to do some other stuff instead..

went to watch the footstool play in church just now by the footstool players team..really nice..just a 1hour 15 minutes sketch with no props but only videos and 2 stools yet the meaning of it is all's about the true story of the lives of 5 missionaries,how they tried reached out to the aucas and sacrificed themselves..they'll be in petaling jaya next week for the last play..

okay, holiday's over..back to school for the 2 miserable and torturing maths paper..i know it's gonna be really tough but i just don't have the mood to study and my rusted brain can't think so well need to practise more..that's my ownly hope now since i did so badly in all the other subjects..

is 1 something in the morning now..guess i better stop here..till then..

Friday, October 20, 2006

Switch Off The "EXAM MODE"

finally the exam mode can be temperorarily swtiched off.2 maths papers to go..gonna be tough ones too..but fun and relaxation still come first.been struggling throughout last two weeks and today is finally't been enjoying my night to the maximum till tonight..played o2jam for 2 hours non stop..hehe..getting more and more addicted to how was exam if you were to ask?i would say it was horrible..i don't expect any good grades this time compared to mid year exam..the worst "killer" was add maths paper 2..never knew it would be that tough..left out quite a number of long as it's over.i can finally online and play without guilt..hehe...spring cleaning time room's in total

Sunday, October 01, 2006

switch on the "EXAM MODE"

finally the exam date is confirmed..9th october..i was both happy and sad when they announced it..happy for i can enjoy the holidays in october..sad as i seriously can't finish studying..haiz.. but i heard that there's still a possibility the exam would continue after the holiday..if they far i've only studied a lil bit of bio..history chapter 1 and add maths chapter 1.and maybe maths if the revision questions given by teacher are counted .lol..i don't know how am i facing the exam..just got to keep my fingers crossed and pray hard..anyway, i think the next time i'm gonna post here is after all the best to everyone who's sitting for PMR and the final term exams..

p/s.some changes occurred..there's still exam after the holdiays due to the free holiday given by the government on the 23rd..supposing, there is maths paper on the 14th..since we're not replacing anotehr saturday now so it's postponed tot he 30th..oh well.thank God it's maths not any reading subjects like history and least i can still practise maths in front of the tv...unlike a tv addict..oops..what am i doing here?not supposed to be here..took me 2 hours to get into to sleep soon.till then.. (07/10/06)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

stressed up!!

haiz..right now im feeling so bad and tired..just came home from rangers farewell party in alicia's house..well,it was overall very fun..there were food of pageant..karaoke..guess what song they sang?twinkle twinkle and 3 blind was so cute and funny..but somehow i felt bad in certain things..don't mention..haih..nothing can be done.. im feeling physically tired and tired of everything right now..but i don't wanna sleep since i don't really have much chances to online...

i almost got 5 dimerits this morning..due to some misunderstanding and some irresponsible people..i felt so mad about it..for the first time i actually missed assembly..i only arrived school at 7.20..5 more minutes and i'll be late..that's the disadvantage of car pooling...really thank God i wasn't late..but i got so angry till everyone started asking me what happened..when im really angry i cant talk or i'll seriously burst into tears of anger..anyway..i've learnt my leson..

oh yeah..who watch 1 in a million??suki's the champion!! the new millionaire bout 24 hours ago..imagive..just a form 5 girl..i really love the show last night..for once it's a competition where all 3 finalists deserve to win..any of them deserves to win especially faizal..unlike other reality talent shows where good ones are eliminated and less good ones remain..this is really one in a yeah..i wasted 2 bucks..i sent 2 votes at about 10 something..50cents each..and at 3 am only i got 2 mesages saying "sorry, the voting lines are closed"..each cost me least i supported suki not just by words.hehe..

today's a school day..gosh i cant stand him anymore!!just can't take it anymore..such a..*******..i need a tape recorder to school..just too unlucky..physics class was interesting teacher's so efficient..

anyway, i guess i shall stop here eyes are getting to catch up with lots of stuff

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Favourite Quotes

i finally went to church just now after about 3 months plus i think..cause the last bulletin i found in my bible was dated 28th on me..they changed the tune of the doxology and i dun even know it..or is it that i have just forgotten? feel so shameful..for the past 3 months most of my saturdays were occupied or i was too tired..currently feeling kinda bad idea why..finally almost finish typing the form 5 rangers are some of the favourites quotes by teachers i always hear in school:

1. "ahh..very poor understanding", "don't give excuses", "ladies, are you following?(Mr T)
2. "girls... girls.. girls", "remember me", "practise, practise and it'll be simple", "very simple only, use common sense, no common sense use cow sense" (Mr P)
3. "hey chester!", "eh eh eh, girls, dun make things difficult" (Mr L)
4. "follow?", "ok? or a-ok?", " i want pin drop silence", and she goes "hee hee hee" all the (Pn Y)
5. "saya nak pergi toilet,oh bukan,tandas" (Pn K)
6. "girls, have you all finish the work yesterday?" the answer is always no from the students..(Miss M)
7. "why are you all so lazy?", "skill practise so n so, do all" (Pn P)

i think that's all i can think of for now..will add in more later..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

3 great events in a row..

haven't been online throughout this whole week..not at all..busy?erm..not really busy on wednesday and thursday..shud be busy with don't understand why must homework of different subjects come at the same time..and when there's none..there's none at all..and when i don't have time i'll have lots of's schooling day sad..but we have longer recess and early dismissal..that's how they encourage students to go to school you think i experienced the most embarassing moment in class today till my tears rolled down my cheeks..tears of time experiencing it so can you imagine how terrible it is?better not to mention's over embarassing and my name was terribly accused so badly..gosh..this weekend's a very busy weekend for me..the 3 interesting events:

Planet shakers concert in yuk choy hall..very nice..1st time going for planet shakers concert..nice music nice atmosphere..the lightings made me headache though..

Salina's birthday party in ipoh city and country club..the theme is "GIRLY" everyone was extra lady-like just now even some whom you wouldn't expect them to be so girly were very girly..salina booked a room for the party..the food was nice..the place was nice..we played some games too..1st was the game called "marriage, proposal and divorce" where there are certain actions we must follow when they say something..the other game was interesting..we were each given a piece of paper..we were supposed to write the name of a friend..then what we want that friend to do and write our own name below meaning it's from us..suddenly my friend realised the trick but it was too late..the truth is, the one's who's gonna do what's written is the person who wrote it herself, not the friend..luckily my paper wasn't can see how mean our friends are to us through this game..that's the lesson behind it..oh yeah, and the funniest part was after salina cut her cake..the "mc" said there's a surprise from a mystery person..the mystery person was actually irene who's right in front of salina but some went to look at the door to see who's coming put a tiara we bought for her on her head..suits her a lot..there'll be a picture below...they were all dancing when i left..overall it was really fun..

next event is the chess competition tomorrow in cosmo point ipoh...2nd time joining a chess competiton..just to get the certificate of participation..hehe..hopefully i don't embarass myself so much cause i don't know how to i know is the moves of each piece..gonna be so tired 2moro..

that's all for now..oh yeah..exams coming up..stress stress..hopefully i will start studying by next week..

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that's the birthday girl(looking so pretty and elegant) with her brother and sister..

Thursday, August 31, 2006

just relax...

it's national day today..but to me the most important thing is it's holiday i wish tomorrow is a holiday too..i kept thinking it is..well i don't really celebrate national day..not that patriotic..too bad.the only time i consider celebrated it was during assembly in school yesterday..for the first time ever i manage to skip all the boring speeches to practise our drama performance during assembly..hopefully everyone enjoyed the drama..poor general ajinomoto being made fun by almost everyone after i guess nothing much to post's a picture i captured in ipoh parade at the stage..

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isn't it nice?it's made of balloons..both big and small ones..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

sadness is filling my days again

last sunday seemed to be just time really really flies..wish i can have more holidays..failed to do a lot of things i planned to do during the holidays..for example..couldn't even read a story book..homework?lol..don't mention...sad sad are some places i went during the holidays..

-Penang( i saw andrew tan, the 1st runner up of astro talent quest..unbelievable.he was walking with his mum..very good bad i was too shy to ask for his autograph...)

-Kinta City ( quite uncountable how many times i went this week )

- Ipoh Parade

- Caryn's birthday party (a very fun and enjoyable one..some of my friends felt young..i felt

where else?erm..can't recall..

now i can't wait till miss bio..both tuition and's getting late now..just hope i can wake up early tomorrow..too used to sleeping late and getting up i guess that's all for now...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rangers Enrolment 2006~

Saturday, 19th August:

i'm officially enrolled as a ranger after about glad and happy that im finally enrolled..from yellow to blue scarf and from blue to red tenderfoot..hehe..nothing much to say bout enrolment but here are some pics i manage to grab from sue jane's friendster's profile..

p/s refresh this page if you see oversized pictures

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done by jiang may..nice huh?

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our enrolment cake

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performance (saturday night dance)

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our last "day taps" with the form 5s..*sob*

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that's Pn Chan and Pn Kong(she came back just to enrol us)

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Day Has Finally Come

holidays are here!!finally..i've been longing for it for the past few weeks..feeling so stressful for the past few weeks..monthly test..just sat for the last paper usual..just joined a chess competition for the malaysia book of records last sunday in UTP(Universiti Teknologi Petronas)..their aim was to reach 900 participants..they manage to break the record with 960 participants...just went for the sake of the certificate and to gain experience...haven't been playing chess for about 3 i know are the moves of each chess piece..good thing inder taught me a few tricks and strategies so i managed to win 4 games and 1 draw..8 rounds altogether..i broke my own record for playing 8 rounds of chess in a day..the most i can usually play is only 2.i didn't know my brain could feel so damaged after that day though i didn't think hard while playing..anyway..will hope to join another competition like dat again..

moral drama competition today in conjunction with national day..i played the role of the japanese general's role is not that impotant but somehow i had to appear in most of the scenes just like the general..felt so embarassed with the ugly moustache painted by my friend.. class won first prize!! hurray!! happy...thanks to our good actresses inder and munis..bad news is we have to perform during assembly before national day in not gonna let them paint moustache on my face

tomorrow's enrolment for 4th unit rangers..i'll be a ranger officially..oh well..hope it'll be fun and just hope i wont be blur..

well got to go now..will add in more later.

Friday, August 04, 2006


argh..feeling so stress up nowadays..this week seem to pass so fast..monthly test..what i hate most is both tuition and school having it at the same time but different subjects.. dis weekend i need to study biology, physics, mod maths and chemistry incase there's test in tuition..if i have the time.and guess what? my moral teacher has changed again!!now who?back to the old 1 from the beginning..this is the 3rd time they change..i don't know why..and this is killing unlucky.sat for add maths monthly test today..just a simple test but i did not read the question properly.left out the median for the ogive..i didn't know that i have to find the median as well..when my friend told me, i already handed in the paper and i told teacher about it.he just said,"nevermind lar..1 or 2 marks only"..2 marks is equivalent to 8 marks actually..cause the whole thing is only 25 i guess i lost 8 marks due to carelessness.. are 2 jokes my maths teacher told us today and few days back:

There's this pastor who brings a horse to church and gave it to a he told the man, "if you want this horse to move, say AMEN!, if you want to stop it, say PRAISE THE LORD!" so as the man was riding on the horse, all of a sudden the horse was heading towards the cliff..he was so panic that he forgot the magic word to stop the horse..suddenly he said AMEN and the horse stop just before the edge of th cliff.he felt so thankful and relieve that he said "PRAISE THE LORD!"

Another one says about this couple who doesn't know maths.(according to my maths teacher,they don't know maths cause she's not teaching them maths,lol)they have a daughter who is 1 year those days..people were already being match-make when they were very they match-make their daughter with a boy who is 2 years suddenly this man became so worried..he told his wife that there's a big problem..he said, " when the boy is 20,our daughter would only be 10.since now their daughter is 1 and the boy is 2 so to him it's twice their daughter's age..then he said,when she's 20, the boy would be 40 by then."den the wife started laughing at him and said.."u're so year our daughter is 2..the boy is same lor"..(worse

-The End-

P/s got to do my homework now..wanted to log off long ago but delayed till

Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's Life??

Life been so busy and stressful this week..i was rushing to finish my biology folio..the pointless and waste of time folio..i'm finally done with it..luckily teacher postponed the dateline to monday instead of yesterday..yesterday during PJ, we did a teacher played the vcd for us in the chapel and we follow the steps done by the robot like humans..and with the zombie music..feel so dumb..haha.

few days back my dad heard rumours that one of my mum's friend whom she knew for 20 over years involved in an accident and is in coma and her younger daughter passed away..i couldn't believe it and was hoping so badly that it's only false rumours..then yesterday my dad told me that it's we went to the hospital to visit my mum's friend..she was already awake and her sister told us that she had very poor memory and couldn't remember a lot of things..but she still remembers her daughter who is only 5 years old who passed away..only 5 years old.she still doesn't know bout her daughter...i wonder how is she gonna accept it...i saw my mum's friend's condition..her long and beautiful hair's been cut due to the harden blood on her hair..stitches on her hand and head..i felt so sad when i saw her..i'm not sure how it happened..all i know is the accidents involved an army truck..their car and a motorcycle..they were on the way to penang on saturday and it all happened on the highway after bukit merah, before parit buntang..things like this happen every day..but we just don't feel it till it happens to people we know..her sister said it's all fate and God's will..yup, all these happened for a purpose..God's purposes that we humans won't know..she asked us to pray for her sister to be strong to accept the fate..and pray for her recovery and that she'll have faith in God for the plans he one ever knows what will happen the next be sure to cherish every day of your life

Sunday, July 23, 2006


finally i can update my blog..been trying since last night.. lagging like mad..what did i wanted to blog?oh yes..speech day's the 1st time i'm involved in the speech day in this school..very boring..went through 3 times of rehearsal before the real one..just went for the sake of the money and the my cert has dirt on it..argh..yesterday wasn't my day..and they actually stapled the envelope on the cert..spoiled the thing with two tiny holes..the performances were boring..

at night was hawker's night organized by my church at the Ho Seng Onn school was raining before that..oh well,of course it stopped before the hawker's night started as God is so great you see...but the ground was very damp and wet..anyway,it's all about food..lots of food there..just with a book of coupon cost rm3 and you can eat till you can't they invited some singers too..those not really popular ones but they sang really well..all sorts of languages..besides food, it's kind of boring there..

quite a busy and tiring day today...finally done with all the house biology folio..supposed to hand in this friday..and guess what?i only have about 6 pages hope i can get it done..just hate folios..ok, 10 more minutes and i'll be off to bed..that's all for now..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

7th Coy Camp 2006~

the camp started on friday 7pm...i only went last night at around 7something cause friday was my dad's birthday and i didn't wanna miss my tuition on saturday.i roughly know what they did on friday night..started of with the division of their campsite.and they have midnight stalking(too bad i missed it)..and also midnight marching at 3am.

on saturday, they had cooking competition..inspection in the afternoon(the scariest part of all)..when i arrived,they were arranging the wood for the campfire..this is the first time i actually have the chance to see how they arrange and start the campfire..really beautiful..i think that's the best part of this camp...they had barbecue too..during the gathering night..they sang..they danced(just like rangers camp)..but their performances were extremely boring..none of us could understand what the recruits were doing..their sketches were so short and the endings were all "full of suspens" as all of us were wondering what's happening...during 7th coy camp,every day ends with a heart to heart session where the leaders will ask questions..scold them for their mistakes and so on(bear in mind it's a training camp)..when all of them go to bed..we have C.O.H.(court of honour)..when madams,form 3 leaders, actual form 2 leaders and camp leaders of the's just like heart to heart session when they'll get scolded for their mistakes as well..this whole thing ended only at around 3.30 am when everyone's eyes can barely open..i was still quite energetic at that time(surprisingly) slept in the hall since the head quarters was quite full of other madams..

on the last day, i only woke up at around 7 something..the guides and recruits woke up at 6..i woke up few times when i heard the whistles..then i went to help to clean up the campfire with the cooking.then just sit around when they were having their was inspection's suppose to be more linient compared to yesterday but i don't know why they were quite stern till many cried..i remember i used to laugh when i was form 1 during the last day of inspection..they were supposed to have water games but everything got delayed so it was cancelled..then the cleaning up goes on after inspection till 12 pm when i went home.i find this year's recruits are..erm..(no words to describe)..they even have visiting hours when parents can come to wist their precious daughters last night...

really a tiring camp..i only went less than 24hours and i'm so tired..i guess i'm not as tired as any of them who attended the full's getting late now so i better stop here for now.

Friday, July 14, 2006

start blogging again

i'm finally blogging's been quite some time since i last posted here..lots of things happened for the past 2 weeks till i can't really finally almost fully recovered from all sorts of sickness..after a month plus..many of my friends asked why haven't i been online for so long..trying to be a good girl you kidding..too busy with all the homework every's quite a good thing though..keeps me from onlining.currently collecting donation for dance-a-thon.a dance competition i think but i'm not taking school's collecting donations for fund raising for wiring and to clear the termites in certain blocks n conjunction with the 100years anniversary..must collect at least RM30..i'm aiming for Rm100 so that i can get a keychain.hehe..hope i least i can get something in return..did my UDTA today..ran 17 rounds around the volleyball tiring....rangers meeting tomorrow..V formation test..don't really know what's it like..will wait for them to teach..i passed my rangers enrolment test!hehe..i can imagine the muscle aches i'll feel tomorrow morning..7th coy camp started today too at i'll only go tomorrow night..i'll be missing the cooking competition, inspection (worse part of the camp to the guides and recruits)..the best part is always the gathering night..hope it'll be fun this i guess that's all for now..this screen is hurting my eyes

P/s incase you're bored,here's a game that u can try..kinda childish but not bad to cure boredom

Sunday, July 02, 2006

sick, happy, lazy

im seriously sick..wonder if those medicine made me worse..never ever trust doctors...not safe afterall..i remember i have lots to post here i forgot what.oh yeah..i haven dog has a lover already..two days back two male dogs came to find her..we shoo them away..and later 1 came..namely Mr Brown(given by my mum cause it's brown) looks very like my dog..when we on the light..suddenly we saw my dog and Mr Brown looking at each other face to face and eye to close..then we shooed him again..and there he came again not long later..guess we can't stop them..last night my dog was waiting for Mr Brown the whole night at the gate..poor dogs turned up..she must be so dissapointed..that's my dog's love

i just discovered nick chung's website..after so long now only i know he has a site..i saved lots of pictures from there..still not's copyright protected but i still manage to save them..hehe..and JJ was in genting i wish i could go for his concert..

i think i'll stop here for today..haven't even done my english essay..and again,it's because i'm lazy..

Saturday, July 01, 2006

i'm allergic to everything!

i've been coughing thoughout the whole month of june..broke my own record..the longest i ever had cough was 3 it's 1 month..haven't consulted a doctor for that and finally i went to consult the doctor was the lady doctor today..all she know is the word "man gam"(allergy)..from outside i heard her asking a man if he's allergic to any food..when it's my turn..she asked me about my cough and sore throat..whatever i said..she said it's "man gam"..what's with her and allergy?she said im allergic to spicy food,fried food and anything that's cold and chocolates..she said i can't take them AT ALL..she meant all my life?i'm not allergic to any of just not suppose to take any of those when im sick..really her everything is caused by allergy..i once saw her to ask about my acne..and there she goes with the word allergy i have 3 types of yucky medicine to take..eeeww...

Friday, June 30, 2006

open day

it's open day today.the prefects did a spotcheck on us too after assembly..all of a sudden they do a spot check on us.maybe they're blue books are too empty so they just wanna fill it up with names.luckily i brought my rule book.almost didn't wanna bring it when i was packing my smaller nothing can't find anything from me..the best part of open day is we can go home early after taking our report cards.came home at around 11am.surprisingly not much comments about thought my form teacher will give bad comments..anyway..everything he say was just crap..some make sense and helpful though..about future studies..talking about future studies..there's an exhibition in the hall today.people from various colleges came to distribute brochures and forms for further enquiries..i just simply collected the brochures which ever i think is interesting as i'm really not sure what i wanna do in future..what should i do?

P/S will add in more when i remember what i wanna write

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The "Nightmare" Begins...

we have just got our new school timetable and it's seriously killing me..before this..we have only 1 period of maths every day and we would at least have 3 skill practices to have 2 periods of maths on is so tiring and lot of homework given to us..the worse part of the timetable is..on monday,after assembly it will we chemistry then maths and after that add maths..on tuesday..after recess,double periods of chemistry..double periods of maths and 1 period of add maths..why must these 3 subjects stick together??can't they be separated?and on modern maths no add maths.argh!!this is so insane..and we have a new teacher too..i think i shall not mention which subject..she came in for the 1st time yesterday..i have no words to describe her..speechless.i can remember clearly how she insulted my school just because the passing marks set for my school is low..that doesn't mean our papers are easy..that particular subject is gonna be so miserable and fearsome..

Biology project!!we're all suppose to hand in this friday..and guess what?i have only done 2 pages and a half..terrible right?lol..i know..caused by two factors..firstly,im usuall..secondly..i don't know what to's a group project but the folio is to be submitted individually..troublesome..the funny thing is..only my class has biology project..isn't it unfair?well..what to do,my class teacher is a biology teacher..he must have volunteered our class to the school for the project...anyway..i guess i got to go now..lots of homework undone..the weeks to come are gonna be so tough and busy and lots of work..that's all for now

Saturday, June 24, 2006

How Time Flies

i was 15 and now i'm already time flies..getting older every day..but i shall be thankful and praise God that i'm able to live for another year..nobody knows what will happen tomorrow..anyway..i had a great birthday this gets greater every year.hehe.received lots of presents and some cards in school yesterday..glad to have all my friends who are so thoughtful and creative.even a lil girl in my cellgroup gave me a bracelet.i was so surprised.whether it's nice or not,it's the thought that counts..not the price not the looks..i received a big pink heart shape pillow with a baby tweety on it..that's the biggest one..body shampoo, i that smelly?just kidding..bookmarks..keychain, wind chime and so on..well, i feel quite bad for not asking my friends out on my birthday..kinda lazy and got to go for tuition..maybe i'll do it next year...blew the candles and cut my cake last night..didn't really make any wishes..just couldn't think of that a good or a bad thing?.went out for dinner in moven peak just mum spent us..hehe..not bad..first time i tried the food there..just came back from ipoh parade..erm..i think i lost my words again.forgot what i wanted to thank God for blessing me with all my friends and family who made my birthday a really great one..this is one of the best birthday i ever had!!^_^
-46minutes to June 25th-

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Here's a picture of my cake..just a simple and plain chocolate sponge cake..and sad to say..1 big candle and 6 small

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is one of the many meaningful gifts i received..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rangers Camp 2006

Just came back from rangers camp today..i think i have lots to write here but where shall i start?it's a leisure camp but not fully leisure..maybe half training.we have 1 merit card for each patrol.when we do something good such as volunteering to help,winning in games, then we'll get merit points.otherwise we'll get dimerits. i'll just start from the 1st day..

1st day, friday, 16th june: started at about 5..started with role call..the shortest and fastest role call it was about to we quickly sang the world song with full speed and got ready for the cooking competition.oh yeah, by the way, we're divided into 4 patrols.namely, kim-chi, spaghetti, chapatti and in the kim-chi patrol(korea!!)..hehe..we were supposed to cook 5 dishes for the cooking competition..we cooked sweet and sour chicken, steam beancurd, brocolli and carrot, omelette, tomyam soup and made our own dessert.the cooking was not bad..i had stomach ache the next it the food not clean or is it jz something wrong with myself?

after dinner we cleaned up a little while.and play games..the 1st game was flag drawing competition.each patrol was given a white cloth and we were supposed to design our own flag for our patrol didn't bring water colour so we had to use other patrol's.very limited pencils provided..good thing 1 of my patrol members is good in art..we didn't win though..not that we played Scavenger Hunt where we have to find the things listed in the paper and show it to any of the leaders to get signatures..the patrol with the most signatures wins..after that we played another game,i don't know the name..we were given 5 pieces of newspaper and by stepping on the newspapers we have to cross a certain line by shifting the newspapers without standing on the floor and all of us have to step on the newspaper..i find it very fun..after that we rested for a while..then had our showers and prepared to sleep at about 11.30 (if im not mistaken).though i was really tired but i couldn't sleep.i turned here and there and i still cant legs and hands were alraedy aching.on the first night itself during games time i already felt homesick..miss my home though this is the 4th time i went for camp in school.maybe i'm too sick of camping in school..

2nd day: early in the morning at 5something i woke up when they suddenly on all the lights in the upper hall where we slept..i saw some people taking their towels to bathe.gosh!so early,we have to get up..wanted to sleep more..hehe.. after bathing, we did our morning point bathing..sweat a lot..then we played the same game as the newspaper game but with chairs this time..then we had our breakfast..milo with gardenia buns..the form 5 leaders prepared the we packed our stuff needed to be taken to polo around 8 something,we had hiking.we walked all the way to polo ground..not near you know?so extremely tiring.and we wore our official guide damn hot.we carried our portable stove too.when we arrived,we took out all the stuffs needed and started cooking. my PS(patrol second),doly did the cooking.we cooked baked beans, sausages and meatballs..we had some snacks and junks too..after eating, we played a game called "sei kai" (dead chicken)..i didn't join the game..having stomach ache that time so i don't know what's the game like.

after that we packed our stuffs once more and hiked back to the time we arrived school, our legs were all aching like mad..luckily we were allowed to do anything except bathing while waiting for our lunch.some slept,some ate( i was one of them =p) oh yeah,i forgot to hand in my permission letter for the camp.and the unit leader gave 20 dimerits to each person who did not hand in the letter.for example,if 3 person in a patrol did not hand in their letters, then 60 dimerits will be given.i did not know it's that important.then we had quiz too.our lunch was catered.."nasi ayam masak merah".not the cincau drink didn't taste so good..

after lunch, we changed into our dark coloured shirts for the water games.before the water games, we played a game called blind game where everyone in the patrol is blind folded except two who will guide us to the stations we have to go.this game is really scary..the moment i started walking,holding onto my friend's back..i felt so scared..i couldn't see anything at all..i was so afraid that i might fall at the stairs or somewhere..i kept asking my friend who was not blind folded where we were.all i can do is trust two of them and just listen to wat they said.the silliest thing which happened during this game was when we walked to a classroom,arranged the chairs in a straight line,blind folded. just by listening to my friend's commands.while waiting for the rest to arrange the rest of the chairs,my friend, karen or maybe wen yen (cant remember) asked me to stand aside so that i don't block the rest.all of a sudden someone guided me to a place and asked me to sit.i was blur and i just followed.later when my patrol was leaving, i did not know what was happening and they did not notice that im sitting there quietly.the leaders said "hey u left ur member behind".. oh embarassed..haha..i should have said something..i thought i should just wait for instructions..
through this game, i got to experience the feeling of people who can't see..people in total darkness all the time.for the very first time i've been blind folded and walk around everywhere.i learned that we must trust our friends and be thankful that we are not blind.

we had another station game after that called amazing usual, we were given a clue at every station..the second last station was the water games part..very interesting..we had to find a partner..put an egg in between our foreheads and walk in between strings tied to two benches.we were also given 1 water baloon each to be sat on at the end of the line so that it'll burst..the last station was the questioning part..they will burst a water baloon above our heads for every wrong answer given.we won this amazing race! lol..surprisingly..for 350 merit points for that.we hardly win in games.

after getting wet..we had our showers and next helped to prepare for the gathering night and barbeque..after the barbeque, we had our gathering night.on this gathering night,we were suppose to perform our patrol song and yell and our assigned music video.we were given the title of the song in the morning.i'm not sure of the title but the song goes like this "rain drops keep falling on my head.."that's all i know..haha..we did a real silly thing..doly and my PL(patrol leader) lilitha are most pro in acting.i only became the backup ppl who do silly dances behind with other friends.other patrols did other videos such as my humps by blackeyed peas, the chicken little song by ozone and i forgot the other one.after that we were asked to perform a dance on a nursery ryhme.we got the song "im a little teapot".only had 5 minutes to plan and's the silliest thing embarassing..after all the performances, we sat down and rested and were told to go to bed..all of us were shocked as we thought we were going to have midnight stalking..some leaders told us that.and the other leaders denied it.

we went to sleep at about 11.30.20 minutes later they woke us up for midnight stalking.that's so mean..they forced us to sleep and 20 minutes later they woke us up..i knew they would that.midnight stalking is where we had to find the leaders who are hiding in around the school without any clue.and each patrol is allowed to use only 1's midnight and we have to walk around the school which is very haunted.we had to hold on tight to each other and go together..well,some of my patrol members just don't like to hold on together and walked alone.we could only find 3 stations and 2 of it were told by other God i did not see "anything" i didn't want to see.but before that i think i saw a shadow running when i was washing the plates outside the surau..when i looked around,no one was running..the shadow looked like human..maybe i think too friend kay yen actually saw something near the flag pole and in the dungeon and fell sick after that (kay yen demanded for this,right?=p)..the midnight stalking ended at around 1am and we went back to sleep.

3rd day(last day): we woke up at about 6.35am.we did some morning exercise and next cleaned up the place used for barbeque last night and we were not allowed to bathe.for this i think they're not's really troublesome for the cleanliness to take care of all of us who want to bathe.we had our breakfast,instant noodles with sausages and drank milo.later we packed some of our things and got ready the things we needed for the next game.the next and last game is called wide game. where we look for the leaders outside the school compound with clues given to us.that was a very tiring game.our legs were already aching and we had to walk and run somemore..and some members in my patrol walked too slow and some walked too fast.

we really had fun except for the last station when we returned to school..we were supposed to light up the fire with 3 matches,some firewood and newspaper.above the ground there is a string tied to two sticks and we were to light up the fire till the fire burns the string till it breaks.this part was a total failure.we couldn't do could be due to some who simply fed the fire by just dumping everything into the fire.we ran out of newspaper and matches and got dimerits for asking for more.we were warned though.i inhaled a lot of smoke and some went into my he end the leaders helped us to cheat just to get it over.we finished second but it's nothing to be proud of cause it was by cheating at the last part.the other group didn't succeed either.that was the toughest task of all.

then we packed all our things and changed into our official uniform again to get ready to go home.we donated a lot of left over food to the orphanage behind our school. they announced the patrol won the best yell,most entertaining(all thanks to doly and lilitha),best music video also because of them..erm,that's all i remember for now.the best patrol was the sushi patrol and the one with the most merit points was the spaghetti patrol.

throughout this camp, i really didn't like some of the members that i had to work with but i have no choice..must learn to cooperate with everyone but i just feel that my patrol is not cooperative at all..always disagreeing with each other.none of them wanna give up.but anyway it's finally over..there are good things and there are bad things as usual..overall this camp was fun..i enjoyed it..

what's the difference between rangers camp and 7th coy camp which i went for 3 years?rangers camp is a leisure camp while 7thcoy camp is a training rangers camp we're not timed when we're bathing,we can sleep anywhere in the hall, we're allowed to sit while doing our work, we play lots of games,no gadgets,no camp preparation,no running,just need to walk faster, no inspection,nobody 7th coy camp,it's all the opposite.

anyway,im so glad to be home today..been looking forward to coming back home as home is always the best no matter the common phrase says"home sweet home"

P.S. really sorry that i do not have any pictures taken during camp that i can post here..the cameras belong to the form 5s and my apologies for the grammar errors i made..this a really long

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This is my patrol badge..yup..that's right!it's fort minor.. doly ho's idea (no comments)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back To School

Well..back to school..haven't been online since school reopened..we finally have a new principal..don't know how is she like yet but she seems nice.she also told us about the history of her teaching journey..

How about my mid year exam results?surprisingly it's good..and it's definitely a miracle that has happened once again.. i believe that God must have been guiding me throughout the whole examination cause i myself wouldn't believe my results too..i don't really bother who's better and who's worse than me in long as my results satisfy myself then it's enough.why bother comparing,right? the only one which im quite dissapointed with is BM..i did really badly in the rumusan and essay..crap too much i think..wrote almost one whole page of unnecesary stuff..some teachers are really kind and linient and some would just stick to the marking scheme and reject whatever you give other than what's stated in the marking scheme.teachers who are too strict makes me quite dislike them..but teachers who are too linient makes me feel guilty cause i feel i don't deserve to get such high physics and add maths teachers are really linient. my physics teacher calls himself a santa claus for giving us some marks for certain mistakes we that's all for more "fears" in exam to face for the time being

Lessons are back to usual now..not really used to's been about a month since the last time we had our lessons..but some teachers are still busy with some things.. currently reading a book, A Pack Of Lies by Geraldine McCaughrean. not bad.very's about a man who helps a lady to sell antiques and he tells a story behind each antique but they are all lies..the funniest thing is he told the girl that those are not lies but that another definition for "lie"?

I'll be going for rangers camp tomorrow evening..finally a leisure camp, after suffering for three years in training camp in 7th Coy..this year im in 4th unit rangers already so it's a leisure camp..hope it'll be fun..definitely won't be a torture like past years.haven't pack my stuff yet..why?all because im will do it maybe tonight.coming back on sunday my next post will surely be all about the camp.till then..

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Layout

i'm finally done with my blog's new layout..quite plain but i took so long to get it done.had trouble figuring where to insert this and that..and ended up with some silly deeds at a relief..finally it's ok..i gave my blog a title didn't come from my own it from somewhere..i've change the skin of the cbox too..if you have any comments on the new layout..i hope you'll post it under the "comments" section.

Today is the last day of holiday..back to school tomorrow..face my results..but who cares anyway..i will only start to worry when i see the teachers carrying the papers into the seemed like the two weeks of holidays never came..just too usual, holidays are never enough even if it's a month.i even had a "silly" dream last two nights..i dreamed i got 44 for biology and 50 something for in the world would i dream about results when i didn't even think about it..just weird..if it really comes true for biology,i think it's not so bad cause i think i did really badly..dreams are always weird..some come true and some don't..

I guess i'll stop here for some stuff to do..hope you'll enjoy the new layout ^_^

Under Construction

~This blog is under construction~
will get it done as soon as possible

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just 2 more days

2 more days exclude the weekends and it's time to go back to school..feeling lazy.. yesterday was 06/06/06..did you notice it? i only noticed it late at night..couldn't blog..just came back from kl on monday evening..attended my cousin's wedding dinner..was it nice?well, there were goodthings which happened and also bad things..i think i would choose to post only about the good ones...arrived kl on saturday afternoon..didn't go anywhere..just rot in my uncle's condominium till evening den i went to my cousin's house.. shameful to say..i don't really know her..and all my other second cousins there..i don't know them..i couldn't recognise my relatives..all i could do was just smile at them..haven't seen all of them for a very long time..seems like centuries ago..but it's great to see my young aunt bout the's really big..there's a 8feet deep pond in the middle of the house which is open spaced..the bedrooms are all in a row just like hotel rooms..and the floors are all cemented...very unique indeed..but when i went there..i was telling myself..that place is really not for

the next day was the wedding dinner at sheraton hotel...the place is nice, spacious..the bride is pretty..the groom =) our seats were strategic..close to the entrance door..the food was not bad..service was good..everyone dressed well..and i guess we all felt happy for the bride and groom..overall it was ok =)

when i came back on monday evening..we had our dinner at a coffee shop..erm.i forgot how to spell the name of that place..i spilled a cup of sugarcane *embarassed* i was just trying to shift it aside..i pushed it gently and all of a sudden the cup just toppled over and spilled the sugarcane..that taught me a lesson.."lift up the cup, girl!don't be lazy!" lol..

there goes another page of to cut all the to continue checking my mails..that's all for now =)

P.S. here are some pictures i snapped at 1 utama on sunday..

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cute car isn't it?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
front view of the car.. i like the smile..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
back view "medicated bumper ointment" lol..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
just a cute model made of cardboard..