Monday, June 30, 2008

first day in college - lost and blur...

i've finally started going to college..just two hours today since no tutorials for the 1st week so i only have classes today and wednesday this first day today word.. LOST !! i was so blur and lost..the class was supposed to start at 9am..induction's postponed due to certain reasons so lessons started..

reached there at 8.50am today and met my form 5 classmate who joined the same course in january..she said i could go up to the room as stated in the timetable but another friend said i could wait in the lobby till someone shows me where to i sat there and wait till one came to guide neither did i i went up..the room was to it was a lecture hall and i saw many people there with textbooks on the table so i thought they're from different intakes..since the room was empty, i stood around outside..then came a malay guy with a text book too..but he stood around like he left..then came an indian lecturer..i knew mine's an indian lecturer too but i didn't know how he looks like..i looked at him, he looked at me and he entered the lecture hall..(ok, not this lecturer i thought..)

then i asked the malay guy where to get the text book and i went to find the course leader to get mine but she said it's not available yet ( i don't know why )..and she asked me to go for class first in the lecture my mind was like, what?oh, no! i'm late..!!haha..the malay guy entered just before i did too..i wasn't the only one late so not too about 5 to 10 minutes late i think..nothing happened..the lesson was least the lecturer got some sense of humour..

i guess that's all about my confused start in college reminds me of myself going to a new tuition centre..

before i started, some people whom i least expected to get messages from them did send me messages asking questions like, "hey, i heard you coming here study?when?" and i'll be like, "yeah, how you know?july only i start"..feels kinda weird when someone who has never sent me messages on facebook or friendster before suddenly did..sms-ing me is even more surprising..not that i mind but just news travel..i'm looking forward to making new friends since i haven't really made any..takes time for me to make new friends cause i have very poor social skills..

that's all for now..till then!

p/s. i'm feeling sleepy now...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

borned with a gift...

my brother showed me this really inspiring video last night about a 5 year old girl who is blind and can play any song at all on the piano after hearing a song..just once and she can play the song herself..according to her mother, she had never learnt piano before and she started playing since she was only 3 years old..really a piano genius..

see how her cute little fingers play the piano..she's so gifted!!! who says blind people are disabled??they have special gifts and talents ordinary people wouldn't have..she can sing and play adorable..and that's my favourite song in o2jam, "you were borned to be loved"..a very meaningful song..

just wanted to share this video with all of you..never give up in whatever you do..guess that's all for now..

till then!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

17 + 1 = 18... there goes another year...

2 days ago, 24 June 2008 was a very special date..know why? cause it was 24/06/08 which forms the set of even numbers 2,4,6,8..anyone actually noticed that? the very unique date which occurs once in a lifetime..and of course, it's special because i officially turned 18..

k lar, enough about praising my birthdate..haha..can't believe someone's actually waiting for my birthday post..i was actually having 2nd thoughts if i should really post one and so i am doing it..thanks to pleasure to do so..

well, there goes another time really really flies (i've said that again)..i really can't believe i've gone through 18 years of life..yeah, people always say 18's the legal age..can drink, can smoke and so on..nah, i'm not interested in that..what's interesting is, can watch any movies in cinemas FREELY...!!lol..especially horror movies..i've been doing it anyway..kinda..hehe..

nothing much on my an early SURPRISED cake from my church friends..went out for dinner with my family ( fantasy restaurant, don't's not like how it used to be anymore) and a birthday cake..

this is how my birthday cake looks like

without light...tasty chocolate moist i love chocolate cakes..

with stupidity..i placed the candles wrongly and spoiled the picture of it..or should say, too old, too many

i really enjoyed being underage and i've always been proud of it though..sad that i'm another year OLDER ( everyone says, big girl already..or hey old lady!! i'm grateful to be able to enter the 18th year of my life..


thanks everyone for the presents..i like all of them very much..!!
(what's inside remains a mystery here..hehe)

and thanks everyone for all the wishes through phone, sms, msn, friendster, facebook and this cbox thoughtful of all of you..i'm really happy to still receive birthday wishes from all my friends though we all left school...

p/s. deepest heartfelt regret : i lost something and i don't even have a picture of it ='( (lesson learnt, never take things for granted )
i have two friends whose birthday's just 1 day before,


till then!

Friday, June 20, 2008

update of the update...

the answer is JUNE 30th and it's final!! i have another week of break..i shall truly cherish this whole week before i start studying again after a loooooooong......break..not that long if this goes on, my brain's seriously gonna malfunction..

i've got my timetable..i'm so glad and i thank God the time slots are just transport problem..not really clashing with my sister's timetable..phew..and it's pretty relaxing for a start..and i have no class on fridays!! hehe..IF and ONLY IF there are no changes..

so i guess..that's all i have to say for now..

p/s. oh yeah, watched get smart last night..nothing much about the storyline but it's really 2 movies on my list are prom night and the happening.. =)

an update...!!!

well well well..since some of you miss my updates so here i am..a simple post..especially to irene and

let's talk, college..finally went to register last friday..or i should say, to apply..submitted my application form and the guy told me to wait for their call for my offer letter and he said the course starts on the 23rd..i asked if it's 23rd july and he said no, june..

what!!??june??lol..shocked!! i thought it's a july intake..then suddenly i realised i only had a week left to rest and enjoy to the fullest..early july's the best time to start actually..yeah i know i had a lot of holiday compared to most of my friends..hardly anyone likes hearing my complain about starting my course a lil earlier..haha

ok lar, i can accept it..kinda had enough of holidays though..with the same routine every day..time for a change but i know this change would lead me to lots of stress.. so i called up the college about my offer letter yesterday evening since they didn't call me..the person in charge was away so they couldn't tell me anything about the letter and i asked again when's the intake..the lady said 30th june..what? 30th? oh good, i have another somehow the feeling was kinda half half.. not too happy not too sad..

not long later..they called me and said my letter was i asked again..when's it starting? a different lady this time and she said 23rd..hmmm..which is the right one??she's unsure why the other lady said 30th though..

as a conclusion..i still don't know when i'm starting..either 23rd or! will go there to register later and get a clear picture of everything..

so that's all for now...till then!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

first step in Genting Highlands..

after....17 plus years of life..i've finally set foot in genting highlands for the very first time..shocking isn't it? everyone finds it surprising when i said i have not been to genting..not even once..maybe because my parents felt it's too expensive to go especially when we were where shall i start?

WARNING : this is gonna be a....L....O.....N.....G.....LONG post...since it's my first time so got to jot down almost everything i can may be something u've seen lots of times but not for me..hehe
(click on the pictures for larger and clearer view)

the trip was went with my church friends, ben, edmund, chee foo and sue i love self organised trips despite how much i have to spend on my own but if only more friends could make it then it would be even more of a five of us went to kl on wednesday night by bus..reached there at about 11 something looking for the ktm station..lost one led the way..kinda lost but still we finally found our way..we waited for the train till past midnight only arrived..gosh..for the first time standing there during the we headed to caryn's place..nice place though..picture?kinda have it but nevermind, not posting it here..hehe

thursday morning, forcefully woke up early and got ready to leave..went to 1utama new wing by taxi and then went to genting by many people going to genting..can say 1 of the main tourists attraction in malaysia?yet it's only my first we went up to genting by skyway..nice..hehe

taken from inside the skyway..

and so we reached genting...nice cool weather..

while hanging around waiting for what i can't captured this from the arcade centre through the glass...

view of the outdoor themepark..can't wait can't wait..

haha..quite fascinating..hung above somethere..

world of it! but didn't enter..cause i know, no more cute tweety soft toys for sale..

just poster...

after hanging around for a while..we left our bags in the hotel lobby where they kept bags since our check in time was at 3pm..then we went for breakfast at burger king and to the theme park...wheee...!!no pictures cause i left my camera in the bag cause i was worried the camera would fly out in the middle of some rides.. ok, i remember the first few rides we took..

first the pirate ship cause we wanted something slow first as a warm up and since it was just after our we went for corkscrew the roller coaster..and the excitement goes up higher to solero shot..solero shot was FUN!!scary but really syok..hehe..feels as though my heart and voicebox were left way up we waited in the line for almost an hour..

found a video someone recorded on the solero shot..quite funny..

he actually had guts to hold his

then it was time for something slow again so we went to dinosaur land..long queue as well but it's ok since it started raining and we were queueing under the shelter..not bad..but too bad, didn't snap any dumbness for leaving my camera..i had pockets safe enough for it afterall..we went for more rides later till we had to check in..

back to the hotel lobby..get our bags and realised it's long before our turn to check in..about 200 over customers away i we went food hunting in mc donalds this time..then hang around and time to check in again..

still not our turn bored so this is what we did..

we played cards!!hehe..

candid??? LOL..!!

finally..can check in..

ok, bring camera with me this time..hehe..

flying aeroplane??hmm...didn't try it..

misty view of first world hotel...


teacup..for kids??don't underestimate it..(chee foo's favourite ride.. =p)!

erm..what do you call this?can't remember and didn't go for it..

mouth watering dim sum picture..

pirates train!!

randomly snapped pictures inside..seemed to be random art only..i combined all the random pictures together to save space..


rules at the theme park...

theme park map incase of getting lost..

pirate ship..couldn't get a good full picture of it.. again?bigger

hand/feet cast??how about face??


kids ride..

matahari..didn't try too..

cyclone, malaysia's first roller stated..

theme park entrance..

flying coaster..aiya...forgot to snap a picture of the ride..i thought i did but didn't..

while waiting to enter motion master to watch alice in the wonderland (ben's favourite) cause it's quite silly..

solero shot!!hehe..

before leaving the outdoor theme park..

aiks..can see water droplets cause it started raining and we're wet after playing bumperboat..

too dark...

statue of liberty..

a car coming out of the wall?

seems nice but didn't go as well..

archery range..

the crowd queueing for the indoor coaster..

nice view..

i thought "now everyone can fly"..??lol..

indoor coaster...

nice lightings..


behind bars...

our leng chai boat rower..haha..

lover on it and u may be able to read it..

other people's boat..too dark..


the eye of genting..haha..just kidding..

hmm..this thing..we didn't try..

statue of liberty on motorbike?haha..

dreamz...wanna watch..

people singing and dancing happily there..

haha..bad photographing skills..supposed to get the best angle here but look what happened..."sengeted" picture..

we hung around till midnight and had late dinner or i should say's not a usual thing that i do, eating burger in marrybrown at 12am or probably my first time? hungry already so had to lar..and we finally went back to our room since there's nothing much to do already and our heels were already aching..

next morning, checked out after the complimentary buffet breakfast..went there kinda late so nothing much..simply ordinary compared to other hotels..

just before we left the room..

we left our bags at the counter again and had fun!!

into the haunted house!!


while waiting to go in...

going up...

just before someone told me, "please off your camera"...haha..thought wanna snap the ghosts' pictures..maybe they're camera-phobic..haha..
not bad..i remember someone or something suddenly pulled my pants when i was going down the stairs..haha.too bad lar that didn't make me scream or what =p
when the "adventure" was's on again..hehe

with the...the..dragon head??sue jane so selamba put her hand


LOL...welcome =)

oh, really?didn't know...

next, ripley's believe it or not..hehe..
from the top..

dinosaur eggs...

haha..also just before a guy came to me and say , "come i help you snap with MY camera"(his camera, means have to pay) thank you..i captured it for free already!! haha..too late..

click on it for larger view..

cute.. =)

click on it to you believe it?lol..i don't know..better to believe so i dared not touch..

touch it if you wanna get pregnant..some day..experiment on someone else..haha
can you read it?click on it, read it, try's accurate..

say cheese.....!haha

does this actually work? if here in malaysia, definitely not..


nice...but it's below..

sorry..quite dark..

robert ripley's picture painted with coffee..

the history of playing cards..too long so i didn't

protection? cruelty??

vampire killing kit..

mexican child's coffin..
ancient egyptian mummified cat..

made of hair...

bitten by a shark and survived??if i'm not mistaken..

gosh..what's their body made of?

ok, i'll type that out..
Life saving watch : on christmas eve 1916, Ed Percival shot and attempted to kill Tom Mowatt. The bullet hit Mowatt's pocket watch, which was in his vest pocket and lodged in the metal casing. Believe it or not! Mowatt escaped unharmed!

afghanistani wedding dress and hat..

hmm..i don't know..can't read..

got toilet inside ripley's!! look closely..there's a man in it..and the toilet's fake..forgot to capture the gents toilet with a lady in it..

the giant chair?enough for like a throne..
the man in the oven?

Robert Wadlow's tallest man..

someone escaped the handcuffs in the washing machine i think..

snake through his nose, out his mouth..gross...

click on the the white prints..

Mr Ijaz Ahmed is 8feet 3 inch and Mr Qamar Ali is only 2 and half feet..both man are pakistani..they were here in ripley's from 17/04/04 to 25/04/04

erm..kinda dark..a giant hand..


travelling sound..interesting..

the gold plated coin covered car..

owney...cute.. =)

can you?i can..hehe..the picture's hand's fault..


this thing, bent by superman?haha..

nice..they're real books...

wanna try wearing this?

made of toothpicks strong enough to hold on it, read the white paper.. the white prints..

robinhood of sherwood forest..

two headed and 3 legged chick..

wheelchair for a crippled cat..

sue jane said they can take turns to walk when either 1 is too tired of's pity carry a weight on the back the whole time..

shoes for the moos..


button art..

leaf art..

bread's made of toast..

playing cards..

this was completed within 1 minute and 37 seconds..amazing how the splats of paint formed such beautiful art in such a short period time..


ties enough for 30 years...all of different designs..
that's all about ripley's believe it or not..really interesting and fascinating and worth the entrance fee..
we had our lunch at the vietnamese food stall near the outdoor themepark..

few types of chilli sauce for different food..hehe
the 3 in 1 spring roll..3 types of spring roll on a plate..yummy..

spring roll what noodles??lol..i forgot the name..

cool refreshing lime soda mint juice..(not sure about the name)..but it's lime + soda + mint leaves..
forgot to snap pictures of the mango salad and pho bo noodles(i think )..i thought i did but again, i didn't..haha..anyway, the food was REALLY tasty...chopstick licking good..hehe
while waiting for the bus which was at 4pm..we went to the garden for a while for some pictures...

the sun + the wind + us = this picture..haha..need intro??ok..
from left, ben, sue jane, chee foo, eunice, edmund..

nice background but can't see much..haha...

there..the background..

view of the first world building..


taken from the bus terminal..

our bus...notice the number plate?click on it if you can't see..very spacious inside..not bad..we went back to ipoh directly from genting..
goodbye genting...

so i guess that's all about the trip..

indeed, God is a provider..we needed a room, we managed to get 1 at the very last minute..and thank God for the good weather and for bringing us there and home safely though the bus driver seemed quite reckless..

i really enjoyed my first trip to genting..thanks friends for the trip!! first time having fast food for 3 meals in a day..first time playing in the themepark from morning till midnight.screaming on a roller coaster..playing cards in the lobby on the floor..waiting for ktm till past many first times..that top up all the fun!! and to those who couldn't make it, could have been even more fun with you around..still got chance next time right?hehe..hopefully..

p/s. i'm finally done with this post..took me, i hate being forgetful so it's better i write down all the sweet memories here incase my forgetfulness strike me..surely..thanks for scrolling down to here..

till then!