Monday, November 26, 2007


finally an update!!, nov 26th, 3.30 pm marks the date and time of freedom for all science stream students with no extra subject..22 papers over...Biology 3 was the last paper..oh well, don't ask how was long as it's over..i don't put too high hope in all my subjects either..practically all were bad..*sigh*.. oops..this is supposed to be a happy post..

so back to the good news..seriously can't believe i went through's like all a dream..still can't believe it's's longer get to spend time with friends before school start, during recess, during dismissal and so on..5 years have passed just like that..all those memories..both good and bad..this year passed the fastest..i don't know why..every month just passed like only realised that it's officially my last schooling day..

anyway, i'm so glad spm's over..goodbye to fellow invigilators, blue stairs, exam sleep, my table and chair, goodbye to the shaky and examination hall..never will i step into that hall again..seriously, throughout the exam, i seriously hate ppl who shake their legs on the floor..i can actually feel the vibration and have difficulty concentrating cause the floor's made of wood..and i kept wondering, does shaking your legs help you release tension??maybe it does, but does it make you think and answer better? and then, what's wrong with sleeping in the examination hall? i tried sleeping after history paper 1 on the first day and the invigilator woke me up..come rules said i can't sleep in the hall after i'm done..that's roughly what i experienced throughout exam..

after exam today, people screamed like.........i don't know what to say..haha..obviously i'm not one of them but it's true everyone can't help it but to laugh and smile the whole time right after 3.30..went to ipoh parade with my friends..just loitered around then came home..legs kinda ache..too long didn't walk so much in shopping complex i think..haha..finally, don't have to isolate myself in my room stuffing stuffs into my so much to do after, online, clean up, trips and so are some pictures..

the stairs which we go up reluctantly every examination day..

the hall of day mares...before..


yup..that's my place..i'm not missing it..

main gallery and the form 5 block..taken during the centenary celebration

top view of the whole of main convent...back gate and orphanage side..

it's daily routine for 5 time flies.feel so odd to be out of school..guess it's time i should really think about my future..can't hide anymore..guess that's all for now..more updates