Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meet The Models..

i'm finally here again for another post..guess everyone's bored of seeing the previous definitely not to me..anyway..supposed to blog about what i'm gonna blog long time ago..remember the earthquake that happened in Indonesia about 12th to 13th september??and guessed what?we actually had a plan of going to penang on the 15th but newsreaders and radio djs were warning people to stay away from should we go?are we seeking tsunami if we go??thanks God the warning was called off on friday but still it wasn't that safe but we still carried on with our really praying hard for God's protection...

started our journey early in the morning..we arrived at penang hill at about 10 something in the morning but the weather didn't support our plan at all..the moment we got down the car, it started to drizzle..gosh!!!what a time to we headed to kek lok si know, if you wanna shop there, bargain as much as you can..those people are real smart at making money..guess they really make lots of money from foreigners..we had our lunch there..penang food!!yummy!! just love penang's laksa and fried kuey we headed to botanical garden as my brother wanted to "visit" the monekys mum, sis and i were quite afraid that those monkeys would grab anything they could from us so we left all our belongings in the ever mess with monkeys..they're super sensitive creatures..

and so..we entered the botanical way to go but we took the shortcut..lo

look at the tree (before)forgot its name..

look at the tree (after) the monkeys did it..who else could have done it??but of coz this is a different tree but of the same kind..

two roads diverged into two..which 1 should i take?lol..familiar?reminds me of the poem "The Road not Taken" many monkeys!!

wow!!even more monkeys!!
"aiks..keep a distance away from me unless you have bananas in your hands" (holding a stick)
a baby monkey holding unto its parent..soooooooo cute!!!!hmm..wat was that older monkey waiting for??a bus to take them to the nursery??lol..
next we went to gurney plaza since we couldn't check in the hotel so early..

then we spotted a pensonic roadshow before it even started..but took not much concern about it at first till we saw Amber Chia from 2 floors higher when the roadshow started..we brought our camera so were wondering if we should approach her for a picture..then my mum said "aiya, Amber Chia only ma..don't need la.."since no one supported my suggestion, so ok lor..continue walking..then my brother asked, "eh wanna go snap picture?".."ok lar, we go together, you help me, i'll help you" the end all of us went down..well the moment we were at that area..they were asking for contestants for don't know what contest..and my sis just went up spontaneously not knowing what the task was..

this was the atmosphere on stage at that time..but i couldn't care much..just looked for Amber Chia..

there i spotted's really conscious about her picture..after snapping the picture..she asked to see if she blinked her leh..cincai snap also pretty 1 ler..

then i notice there's a bright flash behind that picture so i asked if we could snapped again and she was like "sure!"..there goes another picture..she was a really friendly person..never expected her to be that friendly.. (notice she likes facing her right side to the camera?)

guess what??that was the "game" which they were seeking contestants for which my sis went up..assemble the parts of the table fan together..scratch head having a tough time while my mum and i were having some snacks down there with amber told us to eat more as she paid for the food there..then she told us that there'll be a game with her later..see the guy in beige coat??he seemed so familiar so i asked amber who was that and she told me that was Steve Yap..i asked if he acted in Trio in A Bed..she answered me like this, "yeah..he was my the scene"..for a moment i thought she wanted to say he's her a young girl defeated everyone on stage, my dad, my sis and another man..very amazing how she could do it so fast..

and yes i waited for steve yap to come down from stage and manage to have a picture with him..ish..who's shadow was that??didn't realise..should have gotten another shot..

here's the next game..ironing competition..iron a tshirt within a minute and see who can do the, my mum and a lil boy took part..yes a small boy that they dared not even let him join but managed to join after convincing amber and other djs..
oh yes, before i could join the game..i had to answer a question and they were out of they asked me Amber Chia's full name..oops!!i forgot..then she asked if the question was easy for me..i said no..then she changed question..after thinking for quite some time..finally she asked me what is pensonic's colour?red..ok i'm's so kind..

Amber Chia in action(demonstrating how to iron and proving to us that she could iron..)the dj said "this is how Amber irons her clothes when she's late for fashion show"'s it??the indian guy who was the dj said "eh no difference lah!!" kinda agree with him actually..really not much offence..maybe she was trying to be fast..that's why..or ironing board too low for her..oh yeah..she's super tall!! feel so short beside her..

now it's our turn..know what the dj said?"hey looks like the boy's doing better than the girl" can i lose to a kiddo??must gambateh!! and of coz my mum beside me was doing perfectly well by ironing the shirt inside out..

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 time's up!!oh no! the sleeves!!couldn't iron in time..haha..nevermind..whoever gets the loudest clap from the audience will be the winner(smoothest shirt)..they asked about the boy's first..only a few girls clapped...(guess they think he was cute)

then my turn..ah..mine was louder than the boy's..luckily or not i'll have to dig a hole in the ground to hide my face..haha..and guess what?Steve Yap supported me and clapped for mum got even louder clap from the audience..of can i iron better than my "si fu"??lol..

and so the winner goes to my mum!! no difference to me anyway..the iron's still in my house can actually see this picture on pensonic website too.(

i spotted someone who looked kinda familiar..don't know where i've seen him before..not knowing his name, i had a picture with him..hehe..then we found out he was Alan Yun who acted in Gubra..the sequel of Sepet..good looking huh?see Steve Yap in the background? wonder what he was looking at..
really had a great time there..we headed to Sandy Bay Paradise after that..should have stayed longer as Gary Yap actually went to that roadshow later..too bad..couldn't see him..saw him before actually but no picture taken the last time i saw him..
went to Queensbay Mall the following day

we saw the world's second tallest man..a pakistanist..i forgot his name but he's really really tall..i actually sympathised him..he surely have a lot of difficulties in this and i told myself, "be happy with your height even if you're short as long as you're normal.." i wouldn't wanna be that tall..oh yeah..those people were there to snap a picture with him by paying RM15 as a donation(can't remember the donation goes to where..not to him)..
there was also a 988 musical party held at the open carpark there the night before..too bad i couldn't go..requires i went to check out the carpark that residues of the concert were left behind..not even the stage..
not to forget, the photos taken at botanical garden and pensonic roadshow were mostly by my brother while the tall man photo was "quietly" captured by my sis with her phone..
so that's all for now ...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Dreams Come True...

i said i won't blog till after trials but guess what?this i must really post before i forget every single detail of

sacrificing some last minute revision last night, i left my books for the night and went to tambun for the hot spring carnival.right outside Sunway College hoping to see my favourite singer, Nick Chung (Zhong Shen Zhong)..if you do not know him, i've mentioned about him in one of the february posts.anyway..i arrived there at 7.30pm and it started off with a singer name "Ai Wen" ..haven't heard of him before..that's not what's important..then came those fashion show, speeches, questionaires, prize givings, performances by other artists and all the boring stuff..i got so frust waiting for Nick and it was raining..let's fast forward and jump to the point

i've been observing the route to the backstage but wondered if i could badly wanted to go..suddenly, someone came out from the backstage wearing long sleeve striped shirt with a vest and jeans escorted by one or two friends towards sunway college and yes! that was Nick!!i was like , Zhong Shen Zhong!! then i quickly asked my dad to go to the entrance with me..he must have gone to the toilet so i waited for him.i got ready a silver marker and his latest album..the moment he came out i approached him with the pen and cd and asked for his autograph..i was so stunned that i don't know what to feel and what to say..after he signed the 1st cd..i took another 2 of his older albums had the chance to get his autograph though i have almost all his albums..after signing, he said "xiao xing bu yao cha dao" (worried that the ink may smear)..then my next plan, can snap picture together?he said blurly..there it goes..we thanked each other and he left..indeed his friend who escorted him spoke more than him and reminded me bout the vcd Nick filmed in..i totally forgot about bringing it..what a waste..and i forgot to shake hands with waste..but i have 3 valuable albums plus a pic with him now..hehe..definitely worth waiting for so long..

Nick's performance was the last..oh well, save the best for last right?those organisers were really smart people..trying to keep audiences till the end..his voice was awesome..just as good as in his recorded albums and probably even better..great and powerful voice he's got.the 3 songs he sang were "Peng You Chu Qu Zhou Zhou, Feng Ling and LeeHom's Ai Ni Jiu Deng Yu Ai Zhi Ji).oh yeah, he kept looking at my direction while singing..wonder if he remembered one who "stalked" him going to the gents..

for this great opportunity and experience, i must definitely thank God for answering my prayers, suk wai for asking me to join Ipoh International Run in July(where i got to know bout the carnival), my mum for asking my dad to go to sunway college last wednesday and my dad for accompanying me there last night through all the boring stuff and of course nature's call which led Nick to the gents till i spotted him!!

guess this post really bore all of just wanna keep this memory in words..below are pictures of him and 3 it if you're interested =) too bad the pics were blur..too far..and the videos..only the 3rd 1 was a good one..didn't know i can zoom so near..

yay..3 autographed albums..supposed to be 4..too bad..

Peng You Chu Qu Zhou Zhou

Feng Ling

Ai Ni Jiu Deng Yu Ai Zhi Ji

last but not least..this is the most memorable and valuable picture of all..nice?not