Thursday, March 13, 2008

What do I do if i fail a subject in school??

If you are having trouble, you should pray. And if you are feeling good, you should sing praises (James 5:13)

Did you know that grades in school are not very good indicators of how successful a person will be in life? Success comes to people who never quit trying. Failure may shake them up, but it doesn't stop them. You've got to jump right back in and try again when you fail. Don't let a falling grade beat you up. Failing a class doesn't make you a failure in life.

It's important to constantly pursue excellence in every area of your life. But the fact is, you will fall short somewhere along the way. Learn from your mistakes and take all your anxieties to the Lord. One of the cruel things about failure is that it can make you afraid. Some people get so afraid of failing again. So pray, pray, pray and ask the Lord for strength to face the challenge again. Ask him to provide a clear path for you to walk through- removing the obstacles that tripped you up before. Each time you think about your failure, talk to God about it. Give him the burden of it, thank him for the great success you are to him, and listen as he whispers to you, "Never, never give up!"

See for yourself : Dt 28:6 , Ps 103:5, Jn 14:16, He 4:16

Taken from : the Promise Bible for Students (Contemporary English Version)

i came across this last two years when i thought i failed several subjects during my first monthly test in form 4 but i passed by God's grace..before i knew i did not fail, this really helped me by giving me courage and confidence to face it..i wanted to post it here two years back but somehow i didn't..must be my lazy genes..

anyway, i got my results yesterday..the moment i stepped into the hall, people started asking me, "what you got?" i said, "huh?out already?i don't know, i don't wanna take"lol..i walked around the hall until my class teacher asked me to get no courage to face it but i still had to..well i didn't fail anything..i'm not gonna post what i got here but it was satisfying and i'm happy with it..the subjects which i didn't really get good grades were of my expectations, even better and i really thank God for it..

i came online last night and i should say, it's one of the most times people came and say "hi"..and the start of the conversations were almost the's how it's like:

A : hi
me: halo...
A : so what did you get? / how? / how's it? / how's your results?
me: ok lar..satisfying..happy with it..
A : oh, good lar / means how many A's
me : bla bla bla...( some i told some i didn't )
A : so what are you gonna do next?
me : lol..don't know..time to decide..maybe this maybe that..

some conversations ended before the purple font while some carried on to the purple font ones..
went something like that..people are like that..i'm not pointing at anyone but generally it is the wanna know your results only approach offence..just some of my thoughts..thanks for everyone's concern anyway..i really appreciate it =)

while some people who called my mum to ask, (so called concern)..went on asking my mum if she's happy with my results for a few times..gosh..what's the's my parents are happy with it and most importantly, i'm happy with it..none of anyone else's business..i excel in upsr and pmr doesn't mean spm would be the's so different..

so, congratulations to all who got good results !! as for those whose results are not up to expectations, don't feel bad about it, don't give up, it's not the end of the world..this is only the beginning..the journey of life has to go on..getting good grades doesn't mean you're smart while getting poor grades doesn't mean you're stupid so stop thinking about how well or how badly you did and move on.. what is done is done..what is over is over..nothing can change it..good or bad, it's God's blessing..there is a purpose and He has different plans for each and everyone of us..

results are out and it's time i have to decide what to do next..i have no excuses to delay it anymore..

coming up next : "What do i do when it's time to decide where to go to college?"

Monday, March 10, 2008

hope for the best...expect the worst...

as everyone knows, STPM results are going to be released tomorrow while SPM results are going to be released the day after tomorrow..frankly, i have no feelings towards it YET..not that i'm confident or what but i really don't know what to expect and i don't even wanna think about confidence level is really the best for me is don't think = no worries..i'm a last minute person so worries come last minute as well.i don't feel like going to school on wednesday..can i take it late evening? or maybe the following day? but i do wanna meet some of my teachers and friends...maybe i'll go say hi to all of them only get my results and run off..haha..i don't even remember how i did in the exam ( so many "i don't"s )..i just hope i'll excel in my favourite subjects..

oh yea, i don't even have plans for my future studies..guess my results shall force me to decide..

anyway, whatever the outcome is..i'll receive it as God's blessing for only He knows what's best for me..all the best to all who are getting your results tomorrow or the day after it gonna be doom's day? or a joyous day? well, always hope for the best, expect the worst and be prepared to receive the outcome..

i'm currently in love with this song "Someone's Watching Over Me" by Hilary Duff after watching the show, "Raise Your Voice" yesterday..i missed the beginning..will catch up with the's a really nice show with beautiful songs..quite an old show back in! i'm's a video of the song with lyrics in it..