Friday, July 25, 2008

so close....

here i am blogging at to really cherish this time to online as late as i want since there is no class tomorrow!!! whee....!! hehe..i do not have classes on fridays actually but been having extra classes for the past few fridays..but that doesn't mean i have no more extra's just been re-scheduled..

it's been really tiring for the past few days..was it really tiring or it's just that i've been on holiday for such a long period of time?it's a combination i guess..fallen asleep while watching television many times these days..anyway, that's not the main point here..

today, i had class from 9-11am..then 2 to i went home in between the long break cause i had to fetch my sis to's really scary on the road today..i encountered with SO many close accidents today till i don't know how and which to are some examples :

-some cars suddenly stopped or went really slow in the middle of the road till i had to make emergency brake..
- some cars come out from another lane all of a sudden without giving any signal till i had to turn the steering so hard to avoid the car..
- some cars stopped in the middle of the road and the door just fling open all of a dangerous..
- pedestrians i met were equally insane, crossing the road like nobody's business..
- a car flashed me with high beam light cause i was driving only 60km/h on the right lane..i really tried to change lane but couldn't yet..couldn't he have more patience???

guess that's all i can remember but that's more than enough to make my heart jump out of place or at least increase my heartbeat rate by so much more times..was is really them who are so reckless or was it just me who was day dreaming and got distracted?or was it a combination?i'm not sure but it's surely not all my fault..i really thank God each time i managed to avoid a mishap..i know it's by His grace that i'm safe..not that i have good driving skills or what..i can't imagine what would happen if it's not Him who was protecting me..

sometimes i wonder if it's a reminder from God to remind me about Him when i often forget to pray before i drive..until something bad happens then i'll remember i need His protection...i know i shouldn't be like that..remembering him only in times of trouble..i should rejoice in Him through good times and bad times..i really really thank God his protection..

my life's getting more tiring these days...subjects getting tougher..i squeezed so much brain juice out of my brain during tutorial today till i had headache..i'm getting worried about how to face the exams..yes..have faith and i can do it..i need God's strength to face each day...i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength..

that's all for now...

p/s. driving's fun but it's really scary to be on the road.and it's so fun to stay up late without the need to worry if i can wake up early tomorrow..if i'll have enough energy during lessons..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

irene tagged me...

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.

2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.

3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.

4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

1-> eunice is a super lazy person - i procrastinate a after day..month after month...and i start reading a book easily but too lazy to finish it so a storybook with average thickness takes me ages to finish..

2 -> eunice loves eating -
i crave a lot for food and enjoy snacking all day long..unless i'm too

3 -> eunice loves making new friends but have problem in really fitting herself in a new group of frens -
i love making new friends but have trouble taking the initiative to get to know a person and yeah, it takes time for me to fit into a group of totally new friends..

4 -> eunice misses school life A LOT -
nothing beats school life's still the best..i wish i could have more of school days with my friends but not exams..

5 -> eunice loves travelling and outing with friends -
coz that's when i get to get away with all the stress and burdens i carry..

6 -> eunice likes to drive but kinda has a fear of reversing -
the few times i banged something, it's definitely when i was reversing..

7 -> eunice gives people the first impression that she's an arrogant and very serious person -
i've got comments from several friends saying, "you know, when i first saw you, i tot u were very arrogant or serious"..what to do, i'm borned to look like that when i don't smile? lol...i can get really crazy and talkative after some time though..

8 -> eunice likes to sleep but dislikes sleeping early - that's why you see me online at late nights because onlining keeps me i can no longer sleep so late on weekdays..

so that's all about the 8 random facts about me...i'm bad at describing myself though.erm..i'm not gonna tag specifically anyone for now to prove my first point that i'm you're bored, you don't know what to update in your blog, you feel like doing this, just do it..hehe..

since my blog seems to be so full of are are a few random pictures of my school days...

my family of 5 orchid..missing those days..

sleepover in joyce's house..can you believe it? this picture was captured at 2am after watching 2 movies and waking up after falling asleep after the second

rangers camp 2006..the best camp ever throughout my 5 years in guiding...

our morning gathering we walked in sleepily every morning..that's wehre we'll sit..

and not forgetting this bunch of awesome friends i got to know after spm and spent a lot of time hanging out together during my 6 months spiritual family...

till then!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


YES!!! my computer's finally revived again..awaken from a deep comma after quite some time..i miss sitting down here so much..but it's not so a good news though...means i'm gonna start wasting my time gluing myself here again every day.. (hopefully not)

incase you don't know, my computer's been in a deep sleep for some time due to virus infection and malfunction of the's finally revived!!! thanks to my brother for saving much to say here..just an update since i haven't been updating for...a week?

guess that's all for now..

p/s. i seriously need to be extra hardworking to feed my brain with what i'm currently studying..gosh..tell to have good memory??

till then..!

Monday, July 07, 2008

not so my day....

well, i just came back from college just lost in the subject..after figuring and trying for so so long until the lecturer gave the answer on the board only i managed to get it..hehe..

anyway, the "not so my day" is actually for yesterday..woke up early but later than i supposed to, to get ready for international was so jam at the stadium roundabout..first, i searched for the registration counter then the starting line..i told myself not to start late this time like i did last year but still i started late cause there were too many people pushing their way to the starting line through an entrance..

okay la, cut the story short.supposed to start at 7.05 am and finish at 7.55..but by the time i reached the starting line, it was already 7.20am..(so i thought, ok, must run faster since i'm late) run run..walk walk walk.. ( i walked more than i ran ) the end, i reached the finishing line only at about 8.25 am..i was so so slow and late..i even exceed my own 50 minutes..what more the time set by i couldn't get my participation cert..haih..i really lost the stamina i used to have last year..i managed to complete the run within the given time LAST year..that was guess that's the difference between schooling and not least i had PJ lessons last year where my PJ teacher asked us to run around the school for 5 rounds and so on..

hmm...i must do something about it..exercise more!!! lol..but it's really disappointing not getting the certificate of participation cause i went there with quite a high confidence level of getting it but what to do...lack of exercise's the cause of it..

and then in the afternoon i went to ipoh parade to meet the casts of "heart of greed"..a hong kong tvb drama currently showing on astro wah lai toi..moses chan, lei see kei, linda chung and tavia yeung came..they were supposed to come at 3pm so i though if i reach there at 2, i'll be able to get a good spot with a good close up view..truly, i underestimated the event..the crowd was already so huge at 2pm..i stood at the side (where i can see them..kinda..but not so good view though )..they came really late..i waited till around 3.45pm but they were still not there..only many singers whom i'm not familiar with came out to perform..come on, i didn't go there to meet them.. and i couldn't stand it was so stuffy and my legs were seriously aching..irene was with me so we left the crowd and search for a place to have a drink with suk wai as well..everywhere was so full of people so we headed to the foodcourt instead..

after everything at about 4.40pm, we went back to the stafe area..the tvb artists were already on stage playing games..well, at least got to see them from far..really far..nevermind..i still saw them at

so that's about it..not so my day that i couldn't get a close up view of the artists...couldn't get a participation cert in international ( but at least i got a nice tshirt lar..)

got to go out for lunch class starting at that's all for now..

p/s. my legs are seriously aching...i have difficulty getting up each time i sit and difficulty sitting down after standing as well..LOL...i really need more exercise!!!

till then!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

the 2 hours test of patience..

i went through something this morning which really really tested my patience..i'll be taking part in the ipoh international run this coming sunday so my sis and i went to collect the goody bag this morning..the starting time of the distribution was at 8.30am..wanted to go at 8.30 but somehow, i woke up at 8.30 so by the time i reached there, it was already 9am and i thought, nevermind, i'm at advantage since it's working and schooling hours and i'm involved in neither..

to my surprise, as i stepped into the place..gosh..i see a LONG line..some long some short, depends on which category..i was supposed to collect from 3 categories..most of my coupons were for category J so i went for J first since it's only moderately long..though the line wasn't that long, those people were really getting on my nerves...the people at the counter as well as the public..the people managing the distribution..GOSH!!! how INEFFICIENT!!! they were so extremely slow..i was so near to the front line yet so far cause they were super slow..they're not even sure about alphetical orders..couldn't they search for the name faster? search for the numbers faster?get the tshirts faster? so big bunch of people behind the counter moving like snails..

as for the public, why can't they just wait in line?? they had all sorts of ways to just squeeze themselves into people's way, cut queue and start handing in as many as 10 receipts all at once..they take so slow to even get 1 bag of goody bag done..what more 10?? my sis started queueing up for the K and L line which was the longest cause they put both categories together and it has the most participants (aged 13 to 15 )..then i went to the D line ( open category 13 and above )..the line was so short yet so slow..nevermind, still bearable..

then it was already about 10am, i went back to the K line with my sis and guess what? the line didn't move at all!! people kept cutting in the line from the front..
slow workers in charge + immoral people + over helpful and inconsiderate people who helped their friends to collect SO many bags...and i was queueing there so long for just 1 miserable bag for my brother..

anyway, i finally managed to get my brother's bag at about 11.15am..2 hours plus there..gosh..really no joke..really testing my patience and it's REALLY limited..but i guess everyone's patience there was at maximum level already.. next time, go earlier, don't take things for granted..really didn't expect to see so many people there cause the last time i went to the star office to collect the starwalk goodies, there were seriously very few people..not a single student...just a few uncles and aunties who aren't working and the people there were so much more efficient and faster though the procedures were only a lil you know many students actually skipped school just to collect their stuffs for international run this morning?? unbelievable..

i've captured a few pictures just before i left cause i'm so not satisfied with how they manage things..

snails at work...

tortoises at work..

here's how the procedure goes.. They : -
1. take your receipt and tshirt coupon..
2. search for your name on the name list..(they're really slow at this )
3. see what's your running number..
4. copy it down on the receipt..
5. ask the assistant to help find the running tag with your number..
6. see your tshirt size from the name list (same row as your name )..
7. then ask the assistant to get it
8. put the running tag and tshirt into the paper bag
9. copy your number onto the registration card..
10. tear the registration card from a booklet and put into the bag..

then after getting your bag, squeeze your way out..

can you imagine how slow they can be??? well i know another reason why are they so much less efficient compared to starwalk...simply because....*i can't mention it here* me personally if you wanna know..

the crowd...the queue by the wall is the K's much time, they should just open more lines for categories with the most participants..or probably even limit how many bags a person can collect at a time then you won't see the same person standing in front for so damn long..

here are the bags...

bags without loops for me to's quite hard to carry all of them when there's no handle..

inside a yellow shirt..inside other bags are dark blue and red..i collected 2 dark blues, 2 reds and 1 yellow and mine is yellow..m i the special 1?lol..i rather have red though but grateful and accept what i got..match my running tag

oh well, after so much of critics, i admit there is an improvement compared to last year..they do have sufficient tshirts (i think) for people who registered early unlike last year when they had to reprint the tshirts so many times ( a few different designs and got uglier each time ) and hardly any of my friends got the size as ordered..3 cheers to the printing and distribution of tshirts this year !! lol..

can't believe that this post is much to express within that 2 hours for reading till the end if you did..

p/s. 1 advice, if you're joining international run, if you wanna help your friends collect their stuff, not too many and take only the same category ones..otherwise get more people to queue up in other lines at the same time if you have a few categories to collect from..

till then!!