Tuesday, January 29, 2008

who am i??

i am God's child ( John 1:12 )
i am Christ's friend ( John 15:15 )
i am united with the Lord ( 1 Cor. 6:17 )
i am bought with a price ( 1 Cor. 6:19-20 )
i am a saint ( set apart for God ) ( Eph. 1:1 )
i am a personal witness of Christ ( Acts 1:8 )
i am the salt & light of the earth ( Matt. 5:13-14 )
i am a member of the body of Christ ( 1 Cor. 12:27 )
i am free forever from condemnation ( Rom. 8:1- 2 )
i am a citizen of Heaven. i am significant ( Phil. 3:20 )
i am free from any charge against me ( Rom. 8:31-34 )
i am a minister of reconcillation for God ( 2 Cor. 5:17-21 )
i have access to God through the Holy Spirit ( Eph 2:18 )
i am seated with Christ in the heavenly realms ( Eph. 2:6 )
i cannot be separated from the love of God ( Rom. 8:35-39 )
i am established, anointed, sealed by God ( 2 Cor. 1:21-22 )
i am assured all things work together for good ( Rom 8:28 )
i have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit ( John 15:16 )
i may approach God with freedom and confidence ( Eph. 3: 12 )
i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ( Phil. 4:13 )
i am the branch of the true vine, a channel of His life ( John 15: 1-5 )
i am God's temple ( 1 Cor. 3:16 )
i am complete in Christ ( Col. 2:10 )
i am hidden with Christ in God ( Col. 3:3 )
i have been justified ( Romans 5:1 )
i am God's co-worker ( 1 Cor. 3:9; 2 Cor. 6:1 )
i am God's workmanship ( Eph. 2:10 )
i am confident that the good works God has begun in me will be perfected ( Phil. 1:5 )
i have been redeemed and forgiven ( Col. 1:14 )
i have been adopted as God's child ( Eph. 1:5 )
i belong to God.
(taken from a handout given on the last day of youth camp..)
youth camp theme song : Who Am I by Casting Crowns

presented by elmer, joel and blablabla (according to elmer..lol)
nice work !
till then..!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Astro Wah Lai Toi TVB Drama Awards 2007

after glueing my eyes to the tv for about 3 hours..i finally got the results for Astro Wah Lai Toi TVB Drama Awards..i just love watching tvb dramas..what more the actors and actresses..red carpet started at 7pm in sunway pyramid broadcasted live on astro channel 311..and so the results are as follow :

(my apology for any spelling errors as i do not know how to type chinese so i'll just type the "cantonese pinyin" if i don't know how to spell their names..sorry..)

Top 12 Favourite Characters/Roles :

1. Ting Seung Wong by Roger Kwok Chun Onn ( Life made Simple )
2. Pa Pa Ha Yu Gou Wa by Sonija Kwok ( Land Of Wealth )
3. Seung Chi by Steven Ma Chun Wai ( Safe Guards )
4. Man Ging Leung by Michael Tse Tin Wah ( La Femme Desperado )
5. Ku Ping Onn by Myolie Wu Hang Yi ( War And Destiny )
6. Ka Chun Fan by Charmaine Sheh ( Dance f Passion )
7. Chai Pak Chuin / Fan Chi Chai by Moses Chan Ho ( Land Of Wealth )
8. Kuin Lik by Bosco Wong Chung Chak ( Under The Canopy of Love )
9. Alan Sam Long by Kevin Cheng Kah Weng ( Under The Canopy Of Love )
10. Hilda Hoi Kiu by Tang Shui Man ( La Femme Desperado )
11. Gai Ming Fung by Gigi Lai Chi ( Dance Of Passion )
12. Chai Fun by Raymond Lam Fung ( La Femme Desperado )

Favourite Scene Stealer :

Wayne Lai Yew Cheung ( Seung Chung in Safe Guards )

Most Bizarre Character :

Lei Siu Hou by Tong Ying Ying in Life Made Simple

Most Unforgetable Moment :

Safe Guards

Favourite Couple :

Kevin Cheng Kah Weng and Nikki Chow Lai Kei

Favourite Theme Song :

Theme Song of Under The Canopy Of Love by Kevin Cheng

and the 3 BIG awards............

Favourite Lead Actress :

Gigi Lai Chi

Favourite Lead Actor :

Roger Kwok Chun Onn

Favourite Drama :

Forensic Heroes

colour codes : purple= my favourites..other than that are either i didn't watch the particular drama or i have no comments..too colourful?

well i actually hoped that myolie wu would win the best actress award but too bad..and she didn't even come..sad..and as for the favourite couple, i wanted roger kwok and jessica hester hsuan to get in life made simple..anyway, i didn't watch under the canopy of love..theme song as well i wanted war and destiny's theme song to win..lol..nothing can change the results now..at least the last 2 awards were what i really hoped for..

for more info for the nominees for each category, check out :

pictures?hmm..too lazy to search for them..well, SOME other day..lol..till then!

Friday, January 25, 2008

adorable plushies!!

few weeks ago..while walking in Jusco deparment stores at the soft toys section..guess what?i came across a bunch of cute and adorable plushies..and i looked at its tag..see the picture below if you wanna know what's written on the tag..

pink, my favourite colour..

do you see what i see??it's "eunice"!!lol..i couldn't believe my eyes till i had to look at it over and over again..hmm..since when i produced plushies??haha..is it new or is t just me who is outdated?anyway, the plushies were not bad but a lil too expensive..RM39.90 each..or i would have got one for myself..

doggy..my favourite animal..

quite romantic plushies they are though since valentine's just around the corner..

the whole row of "eunice" plushies on the shelf.my pride...there are a few other kinds of animals too..so hurry up! support my brand, get one for your loved ones.lol..

p/s.finally a short update..hehe

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

there goes another trip to KL...

it's been a week since the day i went to kl again for a trip..yes.another trip..but this time, with just my mum and my sis.yeah..another kinda self-organised trip like the one i had with friends in december where we had to take the cab and lrt wherever we went.the difference is, i don't have to pay for my every single meal like i did before..this trip was planned since about two months ago i guess??my mum did all the planning..hehe..ok, again i'll try to keep this short ;)

so we went to kl on wednesday(Jan 16th) early in the morning at 7.30 am..arrived at pudu raya bus station at around 11 something..well i kinda dislike the place..too crowded and those people will start pulling you and persuading you to go to places you don't want to..i was tempted to answer them, "why don't you pay for the tickets, then i'll go?"..then we took the LRT to go to SOGO since it was too early for us to check in the hotel.so we walked around with out heavy bags..not too heavy though..just bulky..quite inconvenient..shoulder aching..

as soon as we put our foot at the entrance of the supermarket,

we quickly grabbed a trolley and dumped our bags in..lol

when it was about time, we checked in the hotel..some problems occurred during the check in procedure but somehow it was settled as we met a kind room division manager and so we got our room no.606..

we were looking for extra pillows and couldn't find them and guess what?

it's kept under the tv..it's kinda rare to me for keeping pillows in the tv cupboard..

the toilet..

the shower place..

the bathroom's not too bad, just that hardly anything's provided in the toilet except...

a soap dispenser with soap which smelled like rotten mango to me..lol..my sis finds it refreshing though..

do you see what i see?DUST!!on the plastic of the lamp..

at least there's something incase we were hungry..

no ironing board??

the outside view from our room..

well i kinda like this switch board...

i just love this picture..click on it to see what it says.."this window is locked for your safety"..can you see?it's opened!! lol...

however, the hotel's not too bad...cheap and good enough for a good night sleep..and buffet breakfast's provided too..

went to one utama next..

some new year mood...

the acrobatic performance in 1 utama..

nice..they're from china..

next day, we went to central market in pasar seni to get some personalised souvenirs and headed to klcc..

fascinated by how that thingy works in petrosains..

a sheep clock..hehe

say no to smoking..!

cny deco in klcc..

hmm..i wonder how special can this premier paid toilet be?


headed back to pasar seni to collect our stuffs and then back to hotel..wrong timing..the lrt was so crowded cause it was at about 5something in the evening..we almost took the wrong lrt too..lol..had some rest and went for dinner at the nearby shoplots opposite the hotel..bak kut teh..not bad..then we bought back some dessert..

soya bean for breakfast and tau fu fa for supper..yummy..

next morning, we packed our stuffs and got ready to check out..gosh..our bags were of course heavier than the time we came..we checked out and went to SOGO again as we knew it was the first day of their sales and only members were allowed to enter so my mum applied for the membership for 2 years at only RM12 whereas the usual price is RM24..great deal..

look at the crowd!!you know, i felt so fat walking in the crowd with such big and heavy bag behind my back..lol..

hmm..where shall i walk so i won't bang into things??quite a number of sales girls followed us at certain departments since we were carrying such big bags in a shopping complex..the sales were great..the highest discount offered was 70%+25%..gosh..we couldn't buy much things though cause we already had too much to carry..headed back to the bus station and back to ipoh..

there goes another trip..it's not the same as going with my whole family..somehow we experience more freedom and less pressure cause it's just the 3 of us..hehe..on my usual trips..i usually get a call from my dad asking, "where are you all?"(cause we walk our own ways due to different interest)..and the next question would be, "wanna go back already?"..well window shopping will never be enough for me till i finish walking round the whole complex..well almost..lol..

looking forward to go for another trip on our own before i continue studying again..hehe..for more pictures and reviews about the trip..check this out ---> Click Here

picture credits to sapphire blu...till then!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

a memorable day..

December 28th, 2007...supposingly my plan was going to ipoh parade to meet karen kong at 2pm and after that meet my friends in jusco at about 3 something to 4..but everything was messed up the moment i arrived at ipoh parade at 1pm with my sis and saw karen's poster stating that she'll come at 5.30pm...what??!??another 4 hours plus?karen did update on friendster the day before, just that i didn't realise there was a change of time.. some of my friends were already going to jusco..my plan was ruined...friends are more important but my plan wasn't like that..if i knew karen kong was coming at 5.30..i should have gone to jusco first..anyway..since my friends were on their way out..i changed venue instead..meet in ipoh parade..not jusco..so sue jane and irene came..hehe..but i seriously felt so bad for changing venue all of a sudden and joyce couldn't turn up because of that..sorry...!!

since irene was hungry..so we headed to kopitiam junction to kill some time and spend time together as irene's leaving ipoh for further studies..

and then we had a picture...

just the lost sheep..the queen and the prisoner aka lost shepherd..

oh yeah..met adeline there so she hopped into the picture too..hehe

we loitered around after that while waiting for 5.30pm to come..there was not a single banner or poster on stage and it seemed that hardly anyone knew karen was coming nor who karen was..hmm..i wonder why..irene left at about 5.30 so she couldn't see karen..left sue jane and me..
past 5.30 and not a sign at all that she was coming..just a few people and the emcee were at the stage waiting..met some friends and even they didn't know who karen was..they even thought she was my friend..lol..how nice if it's true.. if you don't know, her chinese name is Gong Ke Yun..

we loitered around the stage area while waiting and ate sushi..treated by sue jane =)

the empty stage awaiting karen..

the banner was finally hung at about 6 i think..and then only they started playing her songs..i was glad that more and more people started coming..

the crews hanging up the banner


aiks..what happen?why this way?maybe due to the word "launch press conference" on the banner as it's supposed to be promo tour..

since karen's not here yet so napped a picture of doraemon 1st..hehe

finally karen has arrived at 6.30pm..wonder why it was delayed..that's the emcee..

at last!! she's here!

first song she sang was Biao Yen..also the title of her album
here's the video..sorry for the other voices in the video..hehe

if you notice..she waved at me and said "hello" somewhere towards the ending.. =)

cute isn't she?

pretty isn't she?

Then she sang "Li Dao"...here's the video..she gave me a poster too..hehe..

the short clip below is when karen advised the crowd to support original cds..

next was the game session..well i simply volunteered to play..hmm..not goanna say anything about it..haha..embarrassing..i'm just bad at it...anyway i got a goody bag with a poster, a packet of wafer cubes, a bottle of sunsilk conditioner and a note pad..

then she sang another song titled, "Chen Mo Mi Mi"..a very nice song..

and then one of my favourite songs, "Zhen Zhen Tiao", originally in malay titled "Akan" in her malay album..

when almost everything was over..i had thoughts if i should support and buy her album?for your info..karen's album cannot be found in any cd shop but only during her promo tour where you can buy below the stage so it's like now or never..although my mum already bought her album when she saw her in sabah during her vacation, i felt i should buy 1 on my own too to support karen though i was really broke already..anyway, rm30 for her album is worth for the nice and soothing songs and a nice poster..so i headed to the table and bought the album right before the autograph session..i influenced sue jane to buy 1 too..hehe..i was too excited to get into the queue fo autograph that i almost forgot to get my change of money back..lol..managed to queue up 2nd while sue jane was 1st to go up the stage..

my mum bought her malay album too so i had 3 albums in hand..got her autograph on my mum's behalf for the malay album and an extra autograph on the already signed chinese album..karen signed on my poster too =)

yay!a picture together...so sweet of her..notice any similarities int he picture?her left hand and my right hand..we both wore bangles!!lol..pure coincidence..i love bangles too..

after getting her autograph and a picture with her..we wondered around and realised that the line wasn't that long and decided to go up for another round since i had another 2 unsigned posters (one given by her while she was singing,another for playing the game on stage) and sue jane had another 1 given by her too..so there we went..i asked the emcee if we could go up again and she allowed us to..this time, we let her sign on our cd instead and another poster with my name on it this time..

and there..another picture together..karen gave a cuter pose this time while i hold her album up..hehe..felt a lil guilty too for bothering her..lol..i could actually see that the manager didn't really like it..well who cares anyway..karen herself didn't mind..

after everything was over..i hung around there as my parents were not there yet..look..she even signed after going down the stage for a few who didn't manage to get her autograph in tim..wanted to have another picture with her (greedy..lol)..but very guilty already for disturbing her..so i didn't and the manager was already kinda ignoring me on purpose..i'm not obsessed but it's not an everyday chance right?

ever smiling karen kong..

stage cleared..saw her walking out of ipoh parade and she waved at me =)

she's indeed a very sweet, friendly, loving and humble celebrity..she talked to me just like a friend..

posters..cds..and the goody bag i got for participating in the game..

yeah!with my name on the album cover and poster..

really had a great time that day..thanks irene for the outing and sue jane for accompanying me till the end..and to karen, for all your autographs and pictures...karen's performance was great..you wouldn't realise it's a live singing cause it sounded just as good as in the cd..not all artiste can sing as nice during live performance compared to cd so she's one..if everyou have a chance to meet her..don't hesitate to purchase her original album..it's not in the market to ban piracy..it may not be able to ban piracy but they hope people will get the message of the importance of supporting original..

and guess what?i went home and posted a comment on karen's fan profile..to my surprise, she replied me and sent me a friendster message personally!!she sort of remembered me that time..wonder if she still does..and guess what again?i'm going to mid valley this sunday and karen is going there for her promo tour..wow!!hopefully i can make it there to see her at 2pm if there is no change of time..

that's all for now..