Tuesday, January 26, 2010

missing mind and soul...

been so caught up with stuffs lately... mainly the business which i've mentioned in the previous post... i don't know what has gone wrong with me.. i think my mind not only went hay wire, cuckoo, and now i think it's missing..i think i lost my soul too..

just within these 2 days, i can actually list down what funny, silly and clumsy things i've done..

- cooked my dog's rice at 7pm but forgot to press the "cook" switch and caused her dog to starve till 9pm.. yeah, that's not the first time but this time's worse cause i actually on the switch but forgot to press "cook"

- in the midst of messaging a friend, i suddenly thought i was messaging someone else thus typed unrelated stuffs and only realised when my friend asked what was i talking about..

- and to top it all, i lost 25 bucks today.. may seem small but it's a huge amount to be lost for a person as broke as me right now.. went to buy some stuffs, paid rm50, got rm25 change, put into my pocket and later realised it was gone.. i really have no idea how careless and clumsy i could be to lose the money just like that.. what was i thinking??? maybe there is a hidden message for what has happened, i really don't know..

anyway, i'll be off to kl for 2 days and i hope, when i'm back, i'll be able to find myself back again..i've never felt so lost before.. and i feel extremely guilty for leaving everything behind and just go.. oh gosh..

that's all for now..till then !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


it's been..about 2 weeks since i last updated my blog.. nothing really inspired me to blog recently so i guess nothing interesting or extraordinary happened for the past 2 weeks, as far as i can remember.... besides the heartbreaking religious issue...

been kinda busy with various stuffs.. mainly group discussions - business plan for the business skill workshop which i'm participating.. moral group work.. some things may seem so small yet cause unnecessary stress, enough for my brain to go haywire.. my idea deficit brain often fails to come up with anything.. so much to do, yet so little time and brain juice available..

and i so don't wish for friday to come so soon... guess that's all for now.. enough to bore you here.. lol.. till then !

p/s. funny how my classes ain't really packed but i feel so busy and tired..

p/s/s. the world is turning upside down and often i ask myself, who on earth can we actually trust??

Monday, January 04, 2010

first class of the year...

the new semester has just begun...

had classes from 12.30 to 4pm.. supposed to be 12pm though so i had my lunch at 11am.. will be having lunch at odd hours on mondays from now on..

the aftermath of the 3.5 hours of classes felt like it was the whole day.. so tired and sleepy...

that's what happens after having a long break from classes...

hmm..guess that's all for now..till then !

Friday, January 01, 2010

a new year, a new decade, a new post...

there goes 2009 and here comes 2010.. yes, too soon to be true.. unlike the previous years, i'm not gonna recap on the events which took place throughout 2009 cause it was too brief and i'll have a really hard time trying to recall.. therefore, this post will probably be not so lengthy...

no new year resolutions as usual.. i don't really make any cause i won't usually follow as i've always said.. and i believe i need not be determined in doing something only when new year comes.. but i do have certain things which i wanna achieve this year..

God has really blessed me abundantly throughout 2009 be it in my studies, family, health, safety, friends and everything else and i believe He has more great things in store for me as i move on each day..

at the end of the watch night service in church last night, we wrote a letter to God.. with our weaker hand and only then i realised how weak my left hand is..that was the most i've ever written with my left hand.. i hope i'll be able to read what i wrote when i open the letter at the end of the year.. the reason why we wrote with our weaker hand was to humble ourselves before God and let Him take control of us rather than letting our selfish nature control our minds..

unlike many who were looking forward to this new year to leave behind certain memories and start over, i'd choose to carry as much as i can with me and move on with it.. and i'm turning 2 decades old soon =( been in college for 1 and a half years and i'm unbelievably getting my competence driving licence in about 2 to 3 months time..

classes are commencing next monday which marks the end of my temporary stress-free freedom.. holidays are never enough for me and it has so far been eventful for me..

before this post gets too lengthy, boring and crappy, i shall stop ranting and my brain's malfunctioning already..

it's a new year, a new decade and a new beginning.. live 2010 with enthusiasm, ernestness, expectance, endurance and enjoyment.. life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed..


God’s faithful care will extend to every day of the new year. We can count on that promise. - David C.McCasland

God holds the future in His hands
With grace sufficient day by day;
Through good or ill He gently leads,
If we but let Him have His way. —Rohrs