Monday, June 29, 2009

i surrender all..

I Surrender All (Lost In Wonder Album Version) - Martyn Layzell

When words are not enough
To tell of all You've done
I bow the knee, let silence speak
And gaze upon your majesty

These songs could not convey
A picture of your love
And knowing this my life i give
To You an offering of praise

I surrender all
I surrender all
Unveil my heart to see
The wonders of Your worth
As i surrender all

he worship You require
Is brokenness of heart
So here i stand with open hands
Surrendered to Your love and power

a very beautiful song by martyn layzell..

i know i should surrender everything to Him..easier said than done..i'm still struggling through it.. in church yesterday, the pastor asked if anyone's in a situation where he/she needs God's wisdom to decide on something.. i thought i didn't need it for the time being..i thought i've already decided..i thought there's no need to get prayed for for the time being though i know i'm a super indecisive person..

and then a great dilemma struck me on the very first day of my new semester in college today..and i guess i shall stick to what i've decided after seeking some advices.. it truly reminded me of how much i need God every single moment..there's no such thing as, ' i don't need God for now, maybe later'

guess that's all for now..till then!

p/s. i'm still not ready to start studying again..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

something's bothering me..

each time i think about what happened at the cafe last just bothers me so's freaking me out more and more each time the picture of people sitting in island red cafe at every single table, talking about money.. i feel so uncomfortable thinking about it.. i don't think so i'll ever go there again..unless my friends really want to meet up there..i don't know..i just find it scary.. how people chase after money.. as the saying goes, money is the root of all evil..

and as i sang this song in church today :


i realised even more about how much the world needs Jesus in their lives.. how much we all need Jesus in our lives..

someone even tried to persuade my brother to join the scheme and he said, "one day, everyone will be doing it".. that's nonsense.. the chorus above is instead the truth..

we all need money to survive but money isn't is not just all about making or earning money..that shouldn't be the main aim or purpose in offence but it's pathetic if all you want is money..

"Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you". (Hebrews 13:5)

p/s. money is not created for men to fall in love shouldn't be.. (and "men" refers to everyone )

a tribute to MJ...

Michael Jackson, the all time pop king passed away due to cardiac arrest (cause of death yet to be confirmed)..hitz fm and mix fm's been playing his song all day long as a tribute to him.. i'm not a fan of him at all and in fact, he didn't give me a good impression.. it's no doubt his songs are really good but i didn't like his image.. i believed in those accusations about him in the beginning and later unsure..neither do i really care..

but somehow, i wanted to post this up as a tribute to him..i just felt, what a waste to lose a star like him..such iconic singer.. and i wonder if he has ever regretted undergoing plastic surgery..why did he hate being a black so much? if only everyone can accept himself/herself as he/she is.. my apology if i've offended any MJ fans out there..just a thought, not an insult or ctitic..

not a fan of his songs either but i kinda like this song :


it's another good day today.. spent almost the whole day in college doing the cf board with friends..looks simple but the effort it took was unbelievable! and there was no electricity at 3.30pm till we went back at 5.30..we knew about it but thought we could finish in time..working on the board with no lights, air cond and fan was an experience though..don't have a picture of it now..i may have one's finally complete..i'm looking forward to how we can reach out to others through that board..

had dinner with friends at island red cafe..the new kopitiam like cafe in ipoh.. surprised to hear its creative and interesting concept on how they make money.. google it up if you wanna know more about friend persuaded me to join, but i'm just not interested in this kinda easy money making matter how convincing it can get, i'm just not interested and i don't need a solid reason for that..

and it just suddenly came to mind that, if i were to find time to approach and convince others about it, why not tell them about God then?? people at every single table were talking about it.. if only they were all spreading about the truth..the gospel..just a thought..

anyway, i really enjoyed myself..never really expected to have two post birthday celebrations.. one with college friends at pizza hut yesterday and another just now..i feel so blessed to have friends like you all..thanks for the "mud cake" u "made"..haha..

there goes my holiday.. classes are commencing next won't hear me complaining about my packed timetables as the last semester which means good news.. hehe..

think that's all for now..till then !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the last "teen"-age of mine....

not just another year, but another year...wiser?? haha..i don't know.. it's my last -teenth birthday.. it's really unbelievable..just too fast..i've been on earth for almost 2decades already.. gotta cherish every moment of the year and it's the last year which i can boast about being a teenager of "teen"-age? haha..cause i consider 20 as still a teenager =p

just so hard to believe but at the same time, i'm really grateful for it's by God's grace that i am able to live on.. i've just read that, life on earth is just a preparation for eternity, like a dress rehearsal..

anyway, i really don't know what to write already.. i feel so happy and blessed to receive all the wonderful birthday wishes on facebook, msn, sms-es and know, it feels so great that once a year, each time your phone rings, it's from a different person.. sending you thoughtful wishes.. eventhough some rarely contact me or it's just a hi-bye conversation each time..i feel so glad that at least they remember or bother wishing me if they were just merely reminded by someone or something.. it's really the thought that counts..

no pictures of my presents cause i'm too lazy to snap one..

cute isn't it?? thanks sis !!!

and some beautiful cupcakes from my sister too..i love the box.. =)

they attracted a lot of ants in the fridge now..hehe

can you see what's this?? LOL..incase you can't, it's chocolate balls..

strawberries for the cake...

chocolate moist cake specially baked by ps jenny and beautifully decorated by my sister...

count the candles..this birthday cake has the most candles ever in my entire life.. lighting up every single candle was no joke!

oh yeah, any celebrations you asked?? i stayed home practically the whole day and went out for dinner with my family and that's actually good enough =) any birthday wish??well, i really couldn't think of any and blew off the candles wish-less..i don't really believe in birthday wishes anyway..

that's all for now..till then!

p/s. live every day to the fullest as if it's the last day of your life...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

God of peace will soon crush satan underneath your feet..

bit just came back about an hour ago from elim church..a korean band came.. IBIG BAND's their name..the songs they sang were so beautiful and it feels so great to see lots of people coming together together to worship God.. it touches me everytime i see a huge crowd singing, jumping, lifting up their hands to God..someday, i wish i could join a worship ministry like that too.. i wanna have as much passion for God too..

here's roughly what the message shared by the pastor was :

4 things when God visits His people are : -

1. COMPASSION - Jesus not only feel for us but He wanna switch places with us..

2. Jesus said, "DO NOT WEEP" - only in suffering where you can meet doesn't mean you can't cry.. but have faith in Him that he will take away your sufferings..

3. He touches you - He pours His blessings on you and take your curses away..

4. He raises us - because He took our condemnation away, we can stand up..

BE EXCELLENT IN WHAT IS GOOD, BE INNOCENT OF EVIL.. much more i wanted to post but can't remeber a thing now.and there goes another great that's all for now..till then!

Friday, June 19, 2009

the climb...

watched hannah montana the movie today and it's very nice..probably not everyone would find it that nice but i the songs and the special appearances of different artistes like tyra banks, taylor swift and rascal flats..i've never watched a single episode of hannah montana before ( i think ) ..somehow not interested..but i like the movie =)

it's such a joy to be able to meet a bunch of friends so dear mawas and my JAE partner, amirah..i've never thought i would be able to meet them today..i've not seen them since the very last day of spm about 1 and a half years ago..gosh i feel's no doubt that i really miss them..yeah, mira, i admit i really really miss you ( that's what you LONG to hear since forever rite?? ) haha..but i know, not as much as you miss me =p i really wish to go out with you all again soon..

there goes another good day..that's all for now..till then!

p/s. currently into boys over flowers ( yeah, everyone's talking about it, so i'm curious ) and playing sims 3..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

be EXTRA EXTRA careful..

becareful when you're dealing with your important documents such as your identity card, birth certificate and anything which has your personal details on it..
my mom received a letter from celcom which says she owes them RM1,000 plus for her phone bills...but the fact is, she never had a celcom number's it possible that she's owing them so much?? and it seems that the number was applied in the year 2003 under her name in petaling jaya..all the way there just to register a celcom number?!? i doubt my parents know exactly where that place was anyway.. thank God a particular detail was wrong so i guess it will be settled soon..

this is the case when outsiders managed to obtain your photostated ic or birth certificate.. and before going to the celcom office yesterday, my mom went to photostat our house's electricity bill for evidence the photostating shop, the paper coming out of the machine was crumpled when the bill was she photostated another one and below is the conversation between mom and that lady..

mom : eh, what happened to the first copy?
lady : oh, something's wrong with it, i need to show it to the technician..
( it's o
mom : can you tear it and throw it away?
lady : oh no, i gotta show it to the technician..
mom : can i have it back then?
lady : (in a very rude manner ) nah, take back la!

what else was her intention if it's not to sell it to someone else to commit another fraud?? my dad said that people actually sell or buy these at 10cents per document.. SO BE EXTRA CAREFUL AND ALERT ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE PHOTOSTATING IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS..

and if you're using atm cards of any banks besides CIMB to withdraw your money, never ever go to the CIMB atm machine..they'll charge you 9 bucks for the transaction..i don't know why but it's true..i've heard of cases like that so avoid CIMB atm machines unless you use a CIMB card..

hope this long post didn't bore you this time cause i really wanna warn others not to fall for it and it acts as a reminder for myself too..

that's all for now..till then!

Monday, June 15, 2009


back from kl and of course, i had lots of fun!! taking the ktm from subang to kl sentral was insane..the people there were different compared to the people we met at other stations..they were so much scarier and taking ktm with out bags was a hassle too..don't know what else to write about the was just so fun...

and you know how God really provides?? my mom was telling me she was a bit hungry in the train on the way back..and just a while later, a trolley appeared next to our seats..the one which they sell food on..we didn't even see it coming and it appeared right next to us..and oh yeah, it's funny how we stayed in midvalley for 3 days and 2 nights but only had a proper "dined in" meal twice!! once in oasis foodcourt in midvalley and another at nando's in subang parade..other than that we either bought food back to the hotel or we just sat on some benches and snack..that saved us a lot of money and time too..

Sims 3...i wanna play!!! and soon i will..

and so many movies and dramas in line to be watched too...

i love.... HOLIDAYS!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

FUN !! FUN !! FUN !!!!

it's been two days since my temporary freedom was officially declared..and those two days had been really great and awesome.. well utilised so far..enjoyed myself almost to the max..

was out from 2.45pm to 11.30pm yesterday.. fetch my siblings and off to ipoh parade for a task..then to polo ground- supposed to be playing captain ball but too few turned up so we flew kite first time..but i din really manage to also.. off to friend's house and then to see how the rangers' camp was organised..

and today, went out in the morning to town area for breakfast with caryn and ket en..since suk wai couldn't make it, so we killed some time in school (killing time IS NOT boring) and met suk wai for lunch at 12.30..and sue jane too..and next loiter around in ipoh parade for a while till it's time to fetch my sister back at 3pm..and 7pm off to barbecue outside college, on the streets..COOL eh..hehe..but it was hot..but not really..haha..i think sometimes my parents would prefer me to have exams cause i wouldn't be out so much

and i'll be off to kl tomorrow morning for 3 days and two nights.. oh gosh.. 2 weeks is definitely not enough! as i've said, i only get to enjoy a freedom like this once every 6 months when i really need not study ..

that's all for now!! till then!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i'm FReeeeeEEEEEeeeeEE...!!!

it's finally over.. yes! exams are over and i can finally enjoy temporary freedom once again.. i can finally let my hair down and just enjoy life to the fullest without guilt, burdenless-pictures of my notes and text books in my shall be removed for now..

it ended with a sigh though.. because the last paper today was seriously tough yet it was actually the thinnest set of question paper compared to the other 3.. and my confidence level to pass dropped the moment i flipped through the paper..i really hope i'll wouldn't be worth retaking..anyway, enough said.. i'm still glad it's over..

with a huge relief, i put aside all the notes and books back into the more lying around on the floor and table..they shall be collecting dust from now on..i hope none of it needs to refered to anymore..

i'm really really happy that it's finally's hard to believe that it's over though..after carrying this heavy burden for 2 months..(doesn't mean i've studied hard throughout the whole of 2 months )..and, never will i take 4 papers in a semester again...i hope so..cause it's really torturing by the time i reached the final paper which also happened to be the meanest paper..

and you know what? i'll be free until june 28th!! so ask me out anytime you long as nothing's up, i'll come =) no more study excuses from me..i know some of you have been hearing dat excuse from me for quite a number of times when you asked me out but it feels terrible to decline an outing be it, movie, jogging, pasar malam, lunch, dinner or just lepak-ing..gosh..if only the timing was right..

i hope i'll fully utilise this long awaited official break which occurs once in 6 months.. and i believe i will cause anything's better than studying for exam..

this is getting too till then !

Cast all you anxieties on Him because He cares for you
( 1 Peter 5:7 )

p/s. mission on the list : learn and master rubik cube =)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody ( Ukulele version )

this is a cover version..i'm not a fan of wonder girls..neither am i a fan of this song..and definitely not a fan of them in the video..

but i'm becoming a fan of ukulele !! i find it really cute and handy and it sounds really nice too.. i want one...but i think it's even more expensive than my current guitar..i'm yet to find out more about it..hehe.

till then!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

halfway through...

in the midst of exams..i can finally take a break for the night..after stuffing stuffs into my brain last minute for the past few nights..i don't care, i'm taking a break tonight..this sitting is really important because it determines whether i can proceed on to the next level next semester, or get stuck doing nothing but revising to resit for certain papers for the next 6 months..i really want to move on..

and so, 4 papers down to 2 papers..gosh, i can't believe i'm half done with exams..but so much more to study for the upcoming 2 papers next tuesday and wednesday cause i've kinda put aside those papers to concentrate more on the other 2 papers..i'm not sure how well i did, but it feels so good that it's over..when i smile after exam, it doesn't mean i did well but because it's over and i've tried my best..

someone sent me a message saying, what's important to me is important to Him too because He cares for me..i've read this before somewhere but have forgotten about it as well and that really reminded me and answered some doubts that i had..

God has really guided me through all these times..another friend also said, if He pulled you through all these while, why not this time as well?? and by His grace, i believe i can do it..

just two more papers...hang on!! and i'll be free for the rest of the month...