Monday, August 31, 2009

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father...

nothing much to update about lately so i'll just post this really old song which caught my attention recently after watching x factor (i think it's my first time hearing it).. the guy sang it really well.. it's a pretty meaningful song..

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

and i really love the video below :

i'm not allowed to embed the x factor video so here's the link to it : Click Here

p/s. getting lazier by the day.. trying my best to kick of my laziness.. there goes another week.. another couple of hours of misery in pengajian malaysia for the next two days..oh, and i love the cold weather =)

p/s/s. oh yes ! and i'm into watching x factor all of a sudden.. hehe.. but i still prefer britain's got talent which of all ages and a wider variety of talents..

Monday, August 24, 2009

another first time, another achievement..

i finally drove an automatic car.. ALONE.. today.. hehe..feels like an achievement though cause i actually had to learn the functions of P,R,D and N harder than learning what's 1 to 5 and R on the manual gear.. sounds dumb, i know.. who needs to learn how to drive an automatic car right? i do, and i'm not ashamed of it cause i feel proud to be a manual driver.. not boasting.. just proud..

the auto car i drove has a power steering too and i so don't wish to be pampered by the gear and the's much wider, more spacious, narrower view of the back which means, more blind spots!! thus, more concentration needed which leads to increase in loss of energy..LOL.. anyway, it's fun but i still prefer driving the old junk which i've always driven..

guess that's all for now.. there goes another "first time" which i consider an achievement.. hehe..till then !!

Friday, August 21, 2009

wallence and isaac.. victims of the inhumane beings..

once, there lived two dogs at the other end of the road.. two really cute local breed dogs.. wallence which looked like a labrador retriever while another named isaac which looked like a polar bear..such cool names they had..

here's a picture of wallence :

that was when he was 2 to 3 months old i think? indeed far bigger than any other dogs his age..

i don't really know his owners so i only managed to capture his picture through the fence..

wallence loves my dog, crystle so he never barks at me but whines each time he sees me with crystle...

then came isaac into picture not long later..

as cute as polar bear.. too adorable for a mongrel but he won't stop barking at me and crystle..

as my sister was walking crystle today, the owner of wallence and isaac told her about something which happened to his dogs.. wallence and isaac were poisoned to death.. someone threw those poisons which are used to kill rats into the compound and they both ate it.. i've said it once and i'll say it again.. how can one be so heartless to such harmless dogs?? don't you know that dogs are men's best friends? they can be really noisy at times but i just don't get it.. must you kill?? such inhumane beings..

i really love watching them.. all their mischiefs.. i once saw them tearing and biting used sanitary towels..yes, i know that's really really gross... and another time, i saw them fighting over a sock, each took one end of it.. i think i haven't seen them in a while cause it's been a while since i last walked my dog..

i truly understand how the owner feels right now.. losing 2 dogs in a night.. i'm worried for my dog too.. dogs are just too curious to get a taste of everything..i'll surely miss the whinings and barkings of wallence and isaac each time i'm gonna pass their house again..

that's all for now.. may wallence and isaac rest in peace and i hope the inhumane murderer will soon regret of his/her act for taking away such innocent lives..

p/s. currently having stomach upset..sometimes felt like vomiting too.. since this morning.. hope it'll be ok tomorrow.. funny how class was suddenly cancelled today so i only had one class.. otherwise, i wouldn't be able to hang on for another 1 hour and 30 minutes in class..and when i think of it, it reminds me of how amazing God is.. He knew i wouldn't be able to stand the pain anymore even before the stomachache became really bad in class so He let me go home without missing any classes... so i had a good 3-hour sleep in the evening..hehe...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mixed feelings...

once again, the examination results for last june were out.. it was released at about 12pm, precisely yesterday since it's past midnight now..i only came online 12 hours after it was released (cause i didn't wanna spoil my day, incase it does) to check my results.. as i opened my email, i scrolled through the junks - notifications from facebook and friendster.. i don't see any of my results email and i'm surprised.. so i logged in to my account on the official website, unsure of my password but eventually it logged in..

the moment the page loaded, my heart "jumped" out.. the indescribable feeling.. like goose bumps but it's not.. and indeed, i passed all the papers and i'm amazed by the results i got.. i know i'm not smart.. i wasn't so hardworking either.. one of the 4 papers, i did really's really shocking.. i don't deserve such marks and i know it is by God's grace that i passed.. not just pass but passed with flying colours..that was the toughest semester i went through so far (more to come) and God truly brought me through despite how often i've failed him.. how often i didn't put my trust in Him and worry.. again, i've gotta have more faith in Him..

it's really a huge relief, now that i can officially set both feet on where i am now.. no worries about deferring classes.. yet, the feelings after i knew my results were indescribable either.. there were mixed feelings.. i don't know.. but i'm happy..all glory to God and not me..

LAN subject's commencing tomorrow.. oh gosh, i'm gonna meet my "worst enemy" again.. i've not touched history in ages and i dread to meet history again.. i thought i bid farewell with history in form 5.. it's called pengajian malaysia by the way..what a waste of time.. i should have got it done earlier but the timetables were clashing.. i don't even know who's taking it with me cause all my friends have already taken it..

guess that's all for now.. i'm late for bedtime, again.. till then !!

p/s. congrats to all who passed even if you didn't pass certain papers..celebrate the papers you've passed.. and i read this somewhere : don't get disappointed when God doesn't give you what you want..for He knows the best time for you to have it..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

my mouse "crush".....

i saw an egg mouse at the pc fair in penang a few months ago and it was SO cute but i didn't really need it so i didn't buy it.. then i saw it again in ikano last month.. so tempted to get it but again, i didn't really need it and i was afraid it wouldn't be practical..

2 days back, my mouse couldn't be clicked properly anymore.. and it's time to get a new one and pc fair's just around the corner.. so i went to the fair today to get one.. the cute egg mouse isn't in trend anymore so it was nowhere to be seen at first until i finally spotted it somewhere before i left..after debating if i should get a branded one which would last longer, or get the 20bucks egg mouse.. i finally got the egg mouse.. one i've been longing to get.... the branded one was too expensive so i'd rather get this...

cute isn't it?? and it's pink.. hehe.. yet to be tested if it actually works..

see how round it is? just like an egg...

and i later felt so cheated by the promoter.. i asked if the displayed pink one ( which was a brighter metallic pink ) was the same as this, and she said yes.. she convinced me by telling me that the casing made it look different.. indeed, it's totally different when i opened it in the car.. the displayed one looked classier though and the brand seems different too.. could have went back to change but nevermind.. i believe in fate and destiny.. probably i'm destined to have i just felt cheated because she told me it was the same..

guess that's all for now.. i've finally got my 'dream' mouse.. hehe.. till then!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

i feel good... again.. [one-day-nanny]

today marks another memorable day.. woke up early in the morning, fetched my brother to church and headed to mc donald's to meet up with my friends and then to lost world of tambun for a charity event organised by sunway club.. there were supposed to be 200 orphans - 100 from ipoh and 100 from penang but i wonder if the ipoh ones turned up..anyway, my friends and i volunteered ourselves to take care of a child each and some 2.. i got 1.. randomly picked a kid who looked good.. as in, not naughty and off we went..

it wasn't really easy to entertain a shy kid like her and i really felt i made her feel bored and lonely and i felt sad when she told me she wanted to play with her cousin who was taken care of by someone else whom i don't really know.. but i felt really happy each time she remembered to look for me rather than just stray away somewhere and make me look for her..thank God i didn't have to hunt for her.. oh yeah at one point she abandoned me because she wanted to join her friends but didn't in the end probably because she couldn't.. haha.. i felt like her servant sometimes but a delighted one.. i felt happy each time she requested me to do something for her..

the climax of the event for me was when i lost the rented tube.. i left it under my friend's care to 'escort' 2 lil kids up to take the slide and when i came down, it was gone.. 'my kid of the day' ran around with me searching high and low for it because it is numbered and after running one whole round around, we found it somewhere near where we lost it.. having to run around with me like that, she didn't mind at all.. i at first felt a lil bit regret choosing such a quiet and shy girl like her but later i'm grateful i got her.. we returned the tube and quickly went to change our clothes to prepare to go home.. as she walked towards the bus going back to penang, she looked back at me a few times and waved goodbye with a sincere smile.. so i guess, she liked me afterall? lol..

i came back feeling really good.. despite all the tiredness, body aches and minor scratches on my legs...i'm not crazy but i felt happy looking at the scratches because it brought back those memories..and not forgetting, sunburn! i didn't realise at all that i've got sunburn till i came home and saw my red face (not the whole face).. like one who's drunk..LOL..and i actually love it..and i don't think i've ever seen my face red like usually turns dark instantly .haha. it's been a while since i last got sunburn and that feels good too..

the stripe caused by the tube rental strap.. funny how i had a strap around each wrist but only striped on one wrist.. it must have been a tighter one according to my sis and indeed, it's true..the other one was looser so nothing happened..

guess that's all for now.. till then!

p/s. i again realised that God really assured me that when my prayers seemed to be unanswered, He indeed has an awesome plan behind it..

p/s/s. kai yi, i'm so gonna miss you !!! and all the great times we had together =)

p/s/s/s. warlord of terror (st michael's play this year) was nice.. like the costumes and the props..cekap!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

33 Miles =)

came across this song called Jesus Calling sung by 33 Miles.. a band i never knew existed.. a band which stands up for Christ.. sings for Him.. inspires and encourages others..
and the moment i heard this song, i loved why not spend a few minutes to listen to this beautiful song?

this is another beautiful and inspiring song by them.. Hold On..

Saturday, August 01, 2009

fun + nightmare = ?

we had another sleepover in kai yi's house last night since she will be leaving soon.. me, yan lin, hun fern and of course, kai yi.. wanna know where we landed in the midst of all those fun?? the police station... here's what happened..

my dad fetched me to kai yi's house at about 9pm and we had to meet alicia in yeolde english in ipoh garden east at around that time so kai yi's dad sent us there.. yan lin and hun fern came later..we ate, drank (juice, of course..) and talked and talked and talked till it was 12 something midnight and the place was about to close.. we all accompanied alicia to 7eleven in her car and she then fetched us to hun fern's car.. in we got and there we went.. at a T-junction, hun fern made a quite sudden break when she saw a motorbike with no lights on coming from the right.. it wasn't even close.. no close accident, not blocking their way, absolutely nothing.. 2 indian guys ( i don't think "guy" is the appropriate word to use on them, those, fella will do..) so the two indian fellas, as they passed out showed his ugly filthy middle finger at us but we weren't bothered anyway..

until we reached polo ground.. as we were turning into the housing areas, there were no other cars on the road except our car and a motorbike.. the bike overtook us a few times i think and i wondered why they were going so slow even after overtaking? a normal motorcyclist would overtake and speed fact all drivers would.. and i suddenly realised that the striped shirt worn by the fella was familiar and i was pretty sure they were tailing us.. kai yi then remembered they were the ones we saw in ipoh garden east.. the road was empty.. they were in front of us, we knew we shouldn't overtake them so hun fern drove on..i knew they turned according to our car signal and that's why they managed to tail us from the front without us realising..

suddenly, they stopped in front of us.. one of the fellas, took off his helmet (and later the other fella did as well), swung it (in the cowboy swinging his rope manner) and as we got nearer to them, they hit the helmet on the roof of our car so hard.. we all got panicked and hun fern sped on while kai yi directed her to her house.. it would be safe if we manage to reach the front gate of her house since there's a guard house there..they were chasing after us.. they continued hitting the car roof and windows with their helmets each time they got close enough..the impact was so strong.. kai yi called her dad for rescue..yan lin helped hun fern watch the way.. banged the curbs at a few turnings.. i was so worried that the car would crash and not be able to move..

we were all so scared and panicked... prayer wasn't the first thing that came to mind but after a while..i remembered.. and i prayed.. but i was too panicked, i didn't know what to pray for and i think i barely prayed for anything.. all i prayed in my mind was, "God, help us !! ".. and so, we didn't manage to turn into kai yi's house because they were blocking the way at the side and we went straight on till we saw the main road and went out there.. they were still chasing after us.. i asked hun fern to drive to the nearest police station but i had no idea where the nearest one was..thank God kai yi knew exactly where the nearest police station was in medan gopeng.. as we reached a traffic light, it turned red !!! we were so scared but the road was busy enough so they probably didn't dare to do anything.. i guess that's the busiest road at nite..where the bus station is.. we turned into the police station, quickly got down and ran into the police station.. by the way, it was past 12.30am..

we told the police what happened but we didn't and couldn't see their number plate at all so we couldn't lodge a report.. we just wanted to find a safe place to hide anyway.. kai yi's dad came to fetch us.. afraid those fellas would recognise hun fern's car if she was to drive back to kai yi's house, so she left her car at the police station overnight.. and that was it...

i strongly believe and know that it all happened for a didn't happen because we were unlucky neither were we safe because we were is definitely part of God's plans and i'm sure he's behind it.. as the event flashed back in my mind on the way back, i kept thinking, what if i wasn't in the car? what if kai yi wasn't in the car? what if i was the one driving?? i don't think i had the guts to keep driving and not crashing.. there was a reason why each of us was in the car... kai yi called for rescue, me who noticed they tailed us..hun fern the brave driver, yan lin watching the way sitting next to hun fern.. i can't imagine what would have happened if either one of us was not there.. and i thank God that there was only one bike and not 2 or more otherwise we wouldn't have escaped..

i really wonder what they wanted from us.. there's hardly anything that they could rob from us.. they followed all the way from ipoh garden east to polo ground which is quite far.. and how blur i was not to realise it earlier.. we never thought something like this would happen to us but i guess the four of us now really learned a lesson.. not to go out so late.. not to drive so late, it's not safe even if you're in a car.. thinking about going out now freaks me out.. alicia felt guilty for what has happened but we were all glad that it wasn't her who met those fellas because she was alone and we're really glad that she reached home safe and sound..

back in kai yi's house, we definitely couldn't sleep.. heart still pumping quite fast.. the incident just kept playing in our heads.. we played cards, chat, watch movie but each time my mind was idle, it just kept coming, the picture of the fella swinging the helmet in front of us.. the impact i felt in the car.. couldn't sleep even when it was already 5.30am.. kept thinking about it and i think i slept at about 6am.. it came to my mind again when i woke up at was just so terrifying..anyway, i shall jump to the fun part cause the nightmare part can go on and on..


had char siew pau for breakfast, tapao-ed by kai yi's dad.. and we went cycling! haven't cycled for the past 8 to 10 years i think and i was never good at it either.. eventually, i managed to cycle after having some difficulties to balance the myself on the bike and it was FUN! went to the swimming pool but too lazy to get wet so we just stepped into the wading pool.. then we watched a bit of big bang concert.. i'm not so into it though.. went home at about 12 something and then to church for practice at 2pm..

after youth, kai yi and i went to joyce's church for steamboat.. it was a family night so there were icebreaker, praise and worship, pot bless + steamboat and sharing.. it's really fun and they're all like one big happy family.. joyce does entertain her guests proud eh??

well, there goes another lengthy post but i hope u read it this time so you would take extra precautions too whenever you're outside..i only had 3 hours of sleep.. oh gosh.. i must not oversleep tomorrow.. the whole bad incident feels like a dream now.. a horrible nightmare which haunts me each time i think about it.. and it's the 6th time i'm repeating the nightmare story...

guess that's all for now.. till then !

p/s. thanks kai yi, hun fern, yan lin, alicia and joyce for the great times we had together =)