Saturday, May 30, 2009

He is there just for you....

when we say negative things, God always has positive answers to them..

" It's impossible "
All things are possible ( Luke 18:27 )

" I'm too tired "
I will give you rest ( Matthew 11:28-30)

" Nobody really loves me "
I love you ( John 3:16 & John 3:34 )

" I can't go on "
My grace is sufficient ( 2 Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15 )

" I can't figure things out "
I will direct your steps ( Proverbs 3:5-6 )

" I can't do it "
You can do all things ( Philippians 4:13 )

"I'm not able "
I am able ( 2 Corinthians 9:8)

" It's not worth it "
It will be worth it ( Romans 8:28 )

" I can't forgive myself "
I forgive you ( 1 John 1:9 & Romans 8:1 )

" I can't manage "
I will supply all your needs ( Philippians 4:19 )

" I'm afraid "
I have not given you a spirit of fear ( 2 Timothy 1:7 )

" I'm always worried and frustrated "
Cast all your cares on ME ( 1 Peter 5:7 )

" i don't have enough faith "
I've given everyone a measure of faith ( Romans 12:3 )

" I'm not smart enough "
I give you wisdom ( 1 Corinthians 1:30 )

" I feel all alone "
I will never leave you nor forsake you ( Hebrews 13:5 )

Believe God is there just for you..

i got all these from a piece of paper i stumbled upon today and i find it really encouraging..i hope it encourages you too and if you want, you can copy and paste it wherever you want to..definitely no rights reserved =) these are the things most of us often say or feel..yet, God wants to assure us that He can and He will take away all our fears and anxieties..our low self esteem..if only we surrender our all to Him..i felt encouraged by the many encouraging verses i've read before..and when i read the same verses again, i feel so ashamed of myself..for not having enough faith in Him..for worrying so much over earthly things..i know i can depend and rely on Him..but i often feel i've not done enough to rely on Him..and as i searched and read the many verses i needed last night..i know that only God can comfort me and supply all my needs..once again, i wanna put my trust in Him and stop worrying so much..i know that if i do my part, God will do the rest..worry is a sin..but it's just so hard to stop worrying..

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes.... ( Revelation 21:4 )

Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a LOST kid came by...

i saw a kid outside my house this afternoon..i could sense that he was lost and he stopped by to stare at my dog..he was so cute..and left after a while..i managed to capture a picture of the cute little kid and here it is :


so what kid were you thinking?? if the picture is clear enough, i meant the young of a goat..hehe.i wish i snapped a clearer picture though..let me rephrase what i've said :

i saw a four legged creature outside my house today..i saw it from a distance and thought it was a dog..but i thought it looked like a mutated dog as i got closer to it and then realised it was a kid..a kid outside my house!! that's dog and the kid were staring at each other face to face..parted by the gate..i wonder what would happen if the gate wasn't there..some of my neighbours came out to watch the unusual event..i wonder what were both my dog and the kid thinking..could the kid be wondering if my dog could be its relative?? i didn't know what to do so i just watched too..after a while, the kid went *mek..mek..mek..* and dog waited for the kid to come back but too bad it didn't..i hope the kid found his way back...

on a last minute plan and decision, i went to watch night at the museum 2 today with kai yi, sue ean and joyce..all because joyce's sem break is ending so i went out..the show's really nice..but something really funny, dumb, silly and memorable happened as well..the show was at 4.10pm and we only got the tickets at about 4pm i think..and the ticket counter guy showed us the seatings..apparently, there were only available seats in the 1st and second row from the we got the second row..i got a glance at the ticket and gave it back to sue ean as i went to the washroom while she and kai yi entered the cinema 1st..

joyce and i went in searching for them and of course, we found them in the second row way in front..but it was really really weird that about half the seats behind us were completely empty..we seemed to be so isolated from everyone else..imagine half the seats were empty and we were seating in the second row? isn't that weird?? the feeling was, so dumb.. so nearly halfway through the show, we decided to move a few rows up to have a better view..

just all of a sudden towards the end of the movie..i suddenly remembered seeing the seat number with a 'H' on the just popped up in my mind that i saw a's impossible for H to be the second row and so i looked at the seats..we were seating at E..H was supposed to be few rows behind..we first sat at B thinking it's our place..then moved up to E like fugitives and only realised that our seats were supposed to be even better !! it's because we the guy showed us the screen as though our seats were supposed to be the 2nd row so we didn't really bother checking the blur..ticketing guy was blur first adn he made us blur too..

there goes another lengthy and wordy post..hehe.. exams are SO near yet i tend to feel more relax as the big day approaches..i don't know's not that i'm prepared either..somebody please wake me up and remind me more that exam is super near?? i guess this feeling is really dangerous..i really gotta put in EXTRA effort..

that's all for now..till then!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

marketing+sleepover+outing+church+bbq = AWESOME!!

i had so much fun for the last 24 hours..or to be exact, 29 hours probably?? i don't know if i did a right thing by giving myself a break from studying when i have so much more to study for the upcoming exam..but, totally no regrets cause i had so much fun!

now where do i start? we had a sleepover in kai yi's house (friday night- me, joyce, irene and definitely kai yi)..and so, adventurous irene wanted to prepare a meal we went to jusco supermarket to shop for the stuffs we needed at about expected, by the time we were done buying everything we needed, it was already 8 something at night..and when we started cooking in kai yi's house, it was 8.30pm..oh ya, we were supposed to prepare our own dinner..and cut it short, we managed to finish everything by 10.30pm and had our dinner then..oops.! i mean no..should be dupper (dinner + supper)..we prepared pasta, potato salad, vege and additonal baked drumstick by kai yi's mom..we ate while watching the american idol's result show.. eat, watch and talk..until about 12.30 or 1 am?? we cleaned everything up..sat around..and cut it short again..

guess what we did? have you ever baked a cake at 3 in the morning??? we did!!! after lazing and resting..we carried on with our next delayed activity, which was baking cheese cake!! somehow, i find it so cool and..unusual to bake a cake at 3.30am..and finished everything at was definitely 6am by the time we got ready to sleep..6 in the morning!! this is no doubt one thing i love about sleepovers where the sleep time would be really abnormal..but it's fun..and everything we cooked was successful including the cheese cake..though i don't eat cheese cakes..

we were supposed to meet up with some school friends in jusco at 11am today...but we only woke up at 11..consider good right? only 5 hours of sleep..oh yes, sue ean met up with us in kai yi's house in the morning..or afternoon? met up with many of my ex classmates whom i rarely get to meet up with at about 2pm..and at 4 something, we walked to church for youth service..then after youth at 7 something, headed to joyce's church for a fellowship event..namely "barbecue" but we ate no barbecued chicken wing..not destined to eat chicken wing i guess?? but at least we had barbecued was really fun..i felt so welcomed each time i went there..

and here i am now..back to "reality" = study mode..i truly cherish all those fun i had.. i miss my school friends so much !! and it's really difficult to get together like this since we're no longer schooling..i feel so myself and so free when i'm with them..i can say what i want and do what i want with little need of hesitation..if just felt so nice..words can't describe how much i enjoyed myself..

thanks kai yi, joyce, irene and sue ean for those great and memorable moments..

yet, when i reached sister told me about a really sad news..a dog somewhere in my neighbourhood was shot by some heartless dbi?? no idea.. but how could they be so heartless?? how could they shoot dogs??i really disliked that dog cause he used to come near my dog when i walked my dog and no matter how i tried to shoo him, he just came nearer..i saw him barking and chasing cats before and somehow, he gave me a very bad impression and i called him "song gao" meaning mad dog..i don't know he was shot to death..i don't know the owner of the dog either..neither do i know his name..but i feel so sad and thinking about it now makes me shed tears..there's s slight regret deep down for not liking that dog at can you be so mean??he's not a stray..he's actually harmless.i didn't like him only because he tried to come near my dog..i won't be able to see him anymore..sounds good because i won't have to be so afraid of seeing him when i walk my dog next time..but it doesn't feel good at all..i just feel so sad for him..i didn't know i actually have feelings for that seemed to be mad dog..

you know how much i hate the dog shooters or whatever you call them? don't you have at least a little heart for animals?? how could you shoot a dog??it seems that 3 dogs were already shot..what have they done?? someone must have made a complain or else they wouldn't have suddenly come into my neighbourhood.. and whoever made that complain ought to feel ashame of themselves for being so heartless..i better stop or i can go on and on...

i just wanna advise all dog owners,if possible, never let your dogs off leashed or go wander about on their own outside especially if they have no license..even if they do, the license may fall off and those, i hate to say, idiots will come and shoot could they be so mean and heartless...i really wish those heartless fools will read this..

that's all for now..till then!

p/s. sorry, it's another wordy and lengthy post with no pictures..

Thursday, May 21, 2009


and so the anticipated result of american idol season 8 was announced and indeed.. KRIS ALLEN won !!!!

i knew adam and kris stood a chance to win the title and it's no doubt that adam seemed to stand a higher chance of winning with his seemed to be more outstanding performance but not my cup of tea kind of performances so i definitely wanted kris allen to win...

woke up as early as 8 in the morning just to catch the results show live.. i really enjoyed the grand finale.. all the guest artistes and the way they introduced them.. the part i disliked most was that bikini girl part..gosh..enough said about that..

anyway, kris deserves to win...

i love the way he plays the guitar.. too bad i couldn't find a picture of him with the grand piano he usually plays..

i liked danny too fact i noticed danny first somehow..but slowly began to like kris and guess what? i thought he had the same birthday as mine..but now.. some said it's 3 days apart..and 5 years of course..haha..yet to be confirmed till i can find his right birthdate..

he's definitely got a great personality and one thing i like most about him is, he never talks back no matter what the judges said about him..even if he had something to defend himself..

and only today that i found out that he's married..cause i haven't really been following this season closely from the beginning until halfway through so i didn't know..i always wondered if the pretty blonde haired girl was his sister or girlfriend?

until i saw this part.. i started wondering again until my mom told me that she's his wife!! lol..
at the end of the grand finale after the results was announced...

kris and katy back in his hometown conway..

anyway, i'm so so so so HAPPY that KRIS ALLEN won the season 8 american idol!!

got this from the official web :

Kris' favourite quote :
"we would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible "
- vince lombardi -

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


omg....! how amazed i was when i saw this that i MUST post it here eventhough it's time to sleep impressive..the joy it brought when i saw it..

i wish my dog could do it too..of course with the understanding of what it means as well..

and here's a funny one.. : husky singing gwen stefani's song..

omg..i feel so happy watching it..LOL...!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

pour out my heart...

Here i am, once again
I pour out my heart for i know that you hear
Every cry, You are listening
No matter what state my heart is in

You are faithful to answer
With words that are true and a hope that is real
As i feel your touch
You bring a freedom to all that's within
I'm longing to...

Pour out my heart to say that i love You
Pour out my heart to say that i need You
Pour out my heart to say that i'm thankful
Pour out my heart to say that You're wonderful

i just love this song..God is really great and words could express how great He is..i fell sick yesterday..flu, sore throat, feverish and a lil cough..and as i played the guitar throughout the service, the flu was gone without me realising it..must have been He who healed me.. but it came back after i came

it's phenomenal that i slept before 11.30pm last night..and woke up at about 9.30.. 10 hours of felt really good..i felt better but i feel sick again now..and it's unusual that i skipped breakfast this morning.. ( i rarely miss breakfast unless i wake up late )..we were rushing to church and it's even more unusual that i didn't feel hungry at all though it was already lunch time..i can't be sick..i really need to study for exams..and it's internal exam not ready..i don't really expect myself to pass much more to read up..

i better get some sleep now before studying.. till then..!

and to all mothers as well..mothers are indeed one of the greatest gift from God...i'm so blessed to have you as my mum =)

Friday, May 01, 2009

the new system....

kinta city officially started their autopay station system to collect the parking fees today.. RM1 per entry but first two hours free for Jcard members and 1st hour free for non members..i knew they were starting it today..but it didn't cross my mind that it would be THAT jammed..

i was fetching my sister there this afternoon and i thought it would be quite okay to just drop her i reached the machine to collect the ticket...darn..! it's so troublesome..i've no intention to park my car so i stopped in front of coffee bean and asked my sister to enquire about it at the info counter..few minutes later, she came out, my car moved only a little bit..cause it was so jammed..but it's good that she didn't have to find me somewhere else then..

and they said if i leave the place within 30 minutes, i can just leave..i managed to leave in time..and i personally find this system really really silly..the main road was so busy that even after inserting the tickets back into the machine upon leaving, the cars needed some time to get out.while others who wanted to insert the tickets as well gotta wait till the car in front managed to get out..that's just so not a right place to have the machines..i got out fast after inserting the ticket and got honked by a car coming.. cause i didn't want the car behind to wait..anyway, i don't know why the car wasn't even close..

so jammed that i had the time to do this :

a picture of the NEW ticket...

the back..

after getting out of the jam..bad camera phone..can't picture the jam so clearly..

anyway, i think it was a good experience to join the crowd and jam unintentionally on the first day of the implementation of the new system..and it's my first time pressing the ticket out and inserting it back upon leaving..! lol..i've never done it before on the driver seat..but it's really troublesome that from now, it is not encouraged to drop nor pick anyone up right in front of the entrance..

p/s. i spent the whole day watching tv and reduced the guilt by studying for only 30minutes...

till then!


arghh... my ulser hurts.. i can't talk nor pronounce certain words properly now..

classes are officially over and resumes at the end of, it's not wah! so long nor wow! so not..official term break only starts on june 11th after exam..but i'm glad classes are over..

anyway, this ulser is bad..can't eat nor talk well..argh..go away

there goes april and here comes may..gosh..

that's all for now..till then!