Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tong Yuen Feast

It's winter solstice today! Not much significance towards me actually but what's interesting today is that, we've received so much tong yuen (glutinous rice ball) !!! It has never happened before.

They were all given by 3 different neighbours. The soup containing the tong yuen were all of different recipes. The one on the left is just plain sugar water, on the right boiled with ginger and the other one with longan and red dates. Amazing! The plain one came first. The second neighbour still gave knowing I already had some. The third came without knowing I've already got two bowls!

Got some pao's from one of them too. You can imagine, my lunch was taken care of. My dad and I had a tong yuen feast for lunch. I guess my dinner's pretty much taken care of as well.

Ahh...I feel so blessed. Makes me wanna sing the song "So blessed, I can't contain it. So much I gotta give it away." Oops.. not in context of the song though. Hehe.

That's all for now. Till then !

p/s. bloated with glutinous rice flour..