Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY 2012

Chinese new year seemed to come early this year. As usual, plenty of last minute house chores to be done but it's much better this year compared to the previous years.

Almost everyone who celebrates chinese new year had their reunion lunch/dinner yesterday. Facebook news feed was so full of reunion food pictures. My sister and I used to cook a few dishes for reunion dinner for a few years, then one year we had steamboat then it got even simpler to just domino's pizza last year. Since there are only 3 of us at home, we had the same again this year.

2 regular pizzas and garlic cheese onion rings.

Quick, simple and delicious. Haven't had pizza in a while so it tasted really good =)

Brother caught Elsa sleeping in the "useless-dog-post"

Which cny cookie/snack is the most addictive to you? I found mine and it is :

Deep fried crab stick !!! i love it in its form and i love it this way too. It's way too addictive than I thought it would be.

As usual, had lunch at my grandaunt and granduncle's place.

Rendang, chinese sausage, stewed pork with mushroom, cauliflower and fried turnip.

My first mandarin orange this year, I think. I'm not very fond of eating mandarin oranges actually but I was served.

This is like a must have in my grandaunt's place.

Pineapple jam tart.

Angpows collected so far. Not many, I know but satisfied =) We seem to be going to less and less houses every year but it's ok. I'm too lazy to go anywhere anyway.

Looking forward to my actual family reunion on wednesday.

That's all for now. Till then!