Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happening Monday

This is a backdated post. I've been wanting to blog this post since Monday but was really busy for the past many days since Thursday.

Monday was an extremely happening day for me. Quite a black Monday as well. You'll know why.

After settling the usual house chores, my sister and I went out to several places to settle some stuffs. First to the bank to withdraw some money. There, I took notice of a red kancil because it was blocking the way and somehow i remembered the number plate. Then we went to the bus station to buy my sister's bus ticket. On the way out, there was a roadblock, police checked my licence and of course I got through =p It's the second time my driving licence got checked since i started driving.

Next, we headed to sister's college to settle some convocation procedures and next to Ipoh Parade to watch Ah Beng: 3 wishes. Guess what? I managed to park at the free parking area outside starbucks for the first time, must be my day eh? and guess what again? we met the very same red kancil we saw at the bank !!! The car was entering the same parking area when we got off. What a coincidence!!!

Wanted to watch that movie in Kinta City with my friends last week but it was sold out and it's super expensive to watch a movie there now. It's so much cheaper in Ipoh Parade, only RM6!!! My sister claimed a free ticket cause it's her birthday month so it's like a 3bucks movie! Definitely worth it =) sound system ain't that good, but doesn't matter, it's so cheap anyway.

Dined in Kenny Rogers after movie. Sister's treat to celebrate her new job in a new department.

Vanilla and chocolate muffin.

We're quite health conscious and thrifty when it comes to ordering drinks so, sky juice =)

Quarter chicken with black pepper gravy with fresh fruits, mashed potato and garden pasta salad.

Sister's chicken with rice,macaroni and cheese and coleslaw.

Walked around after lunch looking for brown court shoes for sister's new job but couldn't find any and planned to hunt for it somewhere else. We decided to leave Ipoh Parade for the next place at about 4pm but couldn't unlock our car. We thought something must be wrong with the remote control so we called dad for help and he suggested us to get new battery from the watch shop. We went back in, all the way to the 1st floor but the guy said the battery was still strong and taught us how to unlock the car using the key and off the alarm when it's triggered but we changed the battery anyway, just in case. Got back to the car and nothing worked.

We loitered around until 5.45pm, dad came. He brought the spare remote control and it didn't work either. Anyway, long story short, tapped my dad's car battery in the end and realised the headlights were on!! That's why the battery went flat. I refused to admit I turned it on until i recalled i did turn it on at the bus station while crossing the dark carpark and totally forgot to off it. The funny thing was that, the police didn't tell me, the guard at the parking lot didn't tell me. They probably didn't notice either. It was about 7pm by the time everything was settled.

Lesson learnt: Always check that your car headlights are off before getting off your car and remind others whenever possible when you see their headlights on during the day or at any parking lots. It'll save them a whole lot of trouble.

Went to church for the valentine event preparation at night and finally had time to check my results at 11.30pm. It's just so happen that I'm always occupied on the exam results day. Didn't know what to expect and gathered my guts to check it. Failed one, passed another. Just 3 more marks to pass! argh.... but it's definitely much more than what I deserve based on how badly I answered the paper. It is already grace and I'm really thankful I didn't fail both. Least I don't have to defer the one I'm enrolled for now. I'll finish this year if all goes well.

Guess that's all about my happening Monday. Sorry I'm just so long winded cause it's for my record too =p

That's all for now. Till then!